Spain · 11 Days · 7 Moments · June 2017

8 days in Spain that started with rain.

6 July 2017

Last day in Barca was spent hungover, feeling better as I'm sitting waiting to board for Toronto!!

3 July 2017

Pizza at the famous macba then out of the city to a diy spot (spotter). Rad day shralping pool coping!!

30 June 2017

Spent the day being a massive tourist. That is all.

29 June 2017

Morning stroll round the Olympic stadium and the 'big tapas house' before smashing some sun by the gusty city beach. Not the best beach I've been to but the women were ore than easy on the eye. 😉

28 June 2017

Picked kim up from the airport then a quick sight seeing whip round after a much needed siesta.

27 June 2017

First night in Barca discussing recent events most of which we would care to forget. Friendship being the most welcomed gain from said trip.

26 June 2017

First morning in Spain and the view was enough to ignore the rain. The group divided into two that day, the drinkers had sledge hammered the final nail or the skate or dies' coffin.