North America · 12 Days · 37 Moments · November 2017

Guy's tour through Grenada

20 November 2017

Saint George harbour.
Dragon Bay rainbow over some cruise ship.

19 November 2017

Back to Dragon Bay. Settled in for lunch and for the night.
Steve hitting 9.6 as we approach Grenada with good wind and following seas.
Between the sisters.
Coming to Lickem. Jenny rock.

18 November 2017

Sandy Island, home of perfect snorkeling, apparently. We’ll see after a nap.
Bob helps out on Schrodinger who appear to Have have something wrapped in their rudder. The crew were the German couple beside us at dinner.

17 November 2017

Leaving Mayreau heading south to customs passing Silversea pop, 480, anchored for the day. Snorkel sights included a ray, s sea urchin that looks like a porcupine, and some of those squiddy things.

16 November 2017

Windstar and Mandalay taken from the beach at saline Bay on Mayreau Island. We are all geared up for BBQ chicken and potato salad. Perhaps banana bread for dessert.
Here’s the necklace I bought from Vanessa last night, made from Job’s Tears, bamboo, and conch I think ingrid will like it. Dinner at Seckie and Vanessa, BBQ on the beach was excellent although lobster was a bit spicy. A few couples were also there, one from London & Australia, one from Toulouse, and one from London & Wales. We had a jolly time singing Hen Wlad with them. I acted for a while as simultaneous translation for French couple. The French husband sailed his boat with a small crew from France in January. He had a problem with the boom that made it impossible to use his mainsail. The London Australia couple have a problem that prevents them from using their engine, so they are waiting for a mechanic.

15 November 2017

So we changed our mind and are anchored in Chatham Bay. Very protected and also much quieter than the one we were considering. Now, do we eat on board or at Seckie and Vanessa’s Sun, Beach, and Eat. Or Charlie Brown suggested one of the other places farther up the beach.
Dock on Petite Martinique. Boys ashore shopping, Guy practicing.
Bob towing some boat boys back to the beach at mayreau.

14 November 2017

View looking out over Tobago Cay from the top of Mayreau.

13 November 2017

We’re anchored in a Bay with the most beautiful beach ever while dinner is preparing. Bob and I walked the almost deserted beach past a swim suit modelling shoot and Nob struck up a conversation with John Roache. A most interesting man, among other than NGOs the local JP, member of some honour society like Order of Canada, and generally well informed man. I’ll add a beach photo tomorrow. Cameron and Sweety Man will deliver ice and bread at 7:30 tomorrow. The we are off probably south again, but maybe back to the turtles at Tobago Cay.
Shopping in Charlestown, sitting in Digicell office waiting for power restore so Zonelle can recharge our router. We’ve got the basics except bread which also needs to wait for current. De Pan Yard is an abandoned school for steel drummers. Note the rusted out car in the yard. De man on de pole says less than 5 minutes, but who knows. They are down from the pole now and signs are promising. Had a beer, Hairoun I think, pride of Saint Vincent, across the street and talked politics with the locals. They are very knowledgeable and well informed. Current is back on. We should be in action soon. Man, life is different here; I’m glad I’m not in a hurry to get somewhere.
Morning in Charlestown, Bob and Steve have taken the dinghy to town to find the Digicell outlet and grocery store. We have decided against beating north to Mustique - too far, against the wind, and the target does not sound inviting. Instead we will go a round Canouan on the north side and then turn south towards saline Bay on Mayreau or Tobago Cays again.

12 November 2017

We are at anchor in Charlestown. The Gem Star just left again after being hailed to return for some late passengers. Anchor passed visual inspection. John and Bob have gone ashore for water and anything else they can find from the list.
Just passing the Club Med 2 at anchor.
There’s the beach where we had the BBQ last night.
Moorings staff here to repair mast. We’re down to our last water bottle, wifi router no longer working, ereader now failing. At least Bob’s light fixture is working. We intend to sail to Canouan for supplies today. Sunday, so ships may not all be open. Update: went snorkelling again and saw the same limited wildlife, only sea urchins to add to list, and also a trail left by a conch. Saw long silver fish back it the boat whose resemblance to a barracuda startled me. I even thought I could distinguish the markings on the large turtles: O’Neil called Splashy and the other Splotchy.

11 November 2017

Here we are at the beach bbq. Quite an operation, bring your own wine, taken to a new level, bring your own glasses, and even bring your own cutlery. Teddy ferried us over in his new red boat and we jumped off into the waves. Teddy taxied us back to Edith, and we slept just fine.
We are on a mooring ball in Tobago Cays, just outside a turtle sanctuary. Went for a snorkel and saw only a very few turtles. Also a bunch of starfish, some angel fish, and one sand dollar. Quite disappointing. Teddy the boat boy helped us onto a ball here when we arrived. We’ve made a reservation through him for lobster on the beach. He will pick us up at 6:30.
Just leaving from Clifton.

10 November 2017

We just bought fish from these guys. Probably got ripped off since he said he take $96 for fish and we bought them for $85. Five red snappers. Casbert says that we got ripped off by the boat boy, mr platte because the resort in the harbour owns the yellow bouys. The resort people will probably come later to collect again. Charlie Brown invited us to his steel band bar tonight. Bob did a great job on the snappers; BBQ in foil with lime and garlic. A bit bony, but tasty and perfectly cooked. My fears of Mr Platte were unfounded; he returned with the $10 in change, and nobody showed up to boot us from the mooring ball. I still think he’s a crook.
We’ve just moored onto a yellow ball in Clifton harbour, charmed by this guy who we paid $70EC. He claims to have paid the govt fee for the ball, and says he will be back with change, but there no receipt for anything yet. The rest of the crew is clearing customs & immigration, and then shopping. I’ve stayed aboard to tidy up and practice my music a bit.
Checked out of Grenada on the way to union island.
Here we are approaching Hillsborough, Bob investigating the guide to find the customs office.

9 November 2017

Here’s the crew getting ready to going shopping at Terrel harbour. I’m going to stay behind and practice my music.
Here we are passing Kickem Jenny rock or mountain. Her name is related to the disturbing patterns caused by competing currents.
Here we are looking back from Corn Store Bay to the Two Sisters. And here are a couple of other boats that shared a lovely anchorage for lunch. Plan to hoist anchor and sail a couple of hours to our last stop of the day.
Here we are approaching Ile Ronde just in the exclusion zone from kick em Jennie. Somewhere on the way we lost a cushion overboard.
Passage from Grenada to Ile Ronde. KickEm Jenny is just west of ile Ronde.
Motoring north on the east side of Grenada into wind from NE. Just furled the jib. Ile Ronde in view. It seems I can’t add videos to a post.

8 November 2017

Anchored in Halifax Harbour, quite far from shore, tough to get an anchor bite. Nap time.
Moored in Dragon Bay. Snorkelled over the underwater statues just south. Mighty impressive, but many are toppled by a recent hurricane.