Thailand · 17 Days · 8 Moments · November 2014

Thailand trekking and teeth fixing

6 December 2014

Last 7 days in Asia and of my trip consisted entirely of laying on the beach, eating, drinking and doing nothing. Time to return to the uk and save the pennies for my next adventure:- CANADA!

27 November 2014

Half way to Cambodia. Belly fully, two beers down and visa acquired. Happy daze.
Chilling with some cats early in the morning. Waiting for the bus to take us to the boarder, and when it arrived my heart sank. 12 seater mini bus all the way to the boarder of Thailand.!

26 November 2014

Nothing much to report from Bangkok. Same same. Had a cinema all to myself which was lovely! Tickets booked to Cambodia so excited to be moving on again...... Oh and got my neck pierced!? 😏💉

23 November 2014

Second day of the trek was much better. Waist deep through running rivers, neck deep in water deep inside a cave, tarential rain on the boat ride to the harbour. Then a warm mini bus ride home whilst watching WWE! Random but entertaining.

22 November 2014

The first jungle trek today and was a bit disappointed with the length and time it took us complete the track. The boat ride was too long and the night safari was a royal waste of time AND we got soaked as it started to rain heavy on the way back. Just hope the rest if my stay in Thailand is better.

21 November 2014

So after a 16 hour journey, we still haven't arrived in Phuket. We decided to jump off at koh sok national park where we took a bike ride through the jungle. Preparations for the two day trek started shortly after arriving back at the 'jungalows'

19 November 2014

Arrived in Bangkok at 5am, left Bangkok 7pm. 12 hour train journey, headed for Phuket then on to koh phi phi. Studio Ghibli being the only silver lining.......While it lasted 😕