United Kingdom, France · 21 Days · 6 Moments · June 2017

London to Barcelona (via France.)

23 June 2017

Misty morning followed by a dangerous hill bomb. Walked for a few km before hitching a ride to Limoges to catch the bus to Toulouse.

22 June 2017

Despite the new wheels and bearings today was an absolute shit show, got lost and went round in a huge circle for 2 hours. Only saving grace was matts dad, Stuart to save the day by driving us to the next camp spot. Words were had over the camp fire addressing the issues between certain people in the group. Heading to Toulouse tomorrow for a couple of days skating, should be a good few days, 🤞🏼

21 June 2017

Another 30 miles in 30+ heat!! The views make it worthwhile. Pitched up with nothing but the babble of the brook to sooth me to my bumpy nights sleep.

20 June 2017

Rest day on the lake with a pool, only problem being budgies were smuggled to gain access.

17 June 2017

Half way through France, we decided to set up camp in the bowl at the Chateauroux skatepark. First night was spent in an abandoned house but the police moved us on if only to the bowl of the park!

3 June 2017

First two weeks of London to Barcelona by skateboards! Tempers were flared, boards were snapped and blisters were popped! Two weeks to go, more photos to come.