North America · 13 Days · 28 Moments · August 2016

2016 Gustafson Great Alaskan Adventure

25 August 2016

We finally made it back to after 12 days, 5,961 miles of travel, 4 different beds, 11 buses, 1 limo, 1 dog sled, 1 duck ride, 1 covered wagon ride, 4 boats, 1 tram and 1 train. We were gone such a longtime but it went by so quickly. Thank you to my wonderful parents for planning and including us on their trip.

24 August 2016

We finally made it back to MSP!
Just moosin' around at the Anchorage airport.

21 August 2016

The bus ride from Seward to Denali

19 August 2016

Exploring Glacier Bay

18 August 2016

Musher's Camp in Skagway.

17 August 2016

Whale watching in Juneau!
Exploring Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.

16 August 2016

Enjoying the sunset from the Crow's Nest on the Zaandam.
Ketchikan Alaska. We went to a Lumberjack Show and rode the ducks.

15 August 2016

Super Mom playing table tennis with Ben...and Hayden.

14 August 2016

Sunset as we left Vancouver from the ship.
Ben hanging out by the window.
Panoramic view of the Port in Vancouver.

13 August 2016

Hayden has the best view of Vancouver from her crib 10 floors up.
Avery making her goofy face.
Vancouver -- Granville island
Katie and Hayden on the Aquabus to Granville Island

12 August 2016

Well we made it to Vancouver. It was quite the day. Our flight was perfect Hayden did great. Didn't sleep much but she was well behaved. Ben had an emergency bathroom run while we were landing that nearly got me thrown in airplane jail. We landed in Vancouver and got through customs around Noon. The Taxi line was super long so we opted for a town car to the hotel. While we were waiting for the car I ran and got us some water and I come back out and Ben and Katie were getting in a limo. It was Ben's first limo ride. Once we got to the hotel we got settled and headed out. We walked down to Canada place along the water. It was gorgeous. It was cool to see all the float planes and a cruise ship in dock. We had a fantastic lunch at a brewery where we had some poutine a Canadian staple. Tomorrow Jackie, Drew, Avery and Mom and Dad arrive and then we are heading to The Capilano Suspension Bridge. In the morning Katie, Ben Hayden and I are headed to Granville Island.
This is how Ben rode around town when he got tired.
Ben and Katie in front of the Olympic cauldron at Canada Place.
Katie and Hayden hanging out.
Hayden enjoying the sites.
Ben, Katie and Hayden at Canada Place
Ben, clearing customs in Canada.
Hayden napping on the plane.
Hayden just hanging in the airport waiting to board the plane!