Guatemala · 7 Days · 19 Moments · July 2015

Guatemala Mission Trip

17 July 2015

In Antigua - Took Madi to her first hostel (hopefully not her last)
View of the market in Chimaltenango

16 July 2015

Madi playing her second soccer game of the day; this time she's the only gringo ok the field.
Visiting the sick of San Andreas Itzapa. This woman is 86 years old and still goes to the market each morning and still prepares all of the family's meals

15 July 2015

Madi entertaining the kids while we finish our second stove of the week

14 July 2015

Rigging up the TV to watch 6 Royals play in the All Star Game
The church sticks out like a sore thumb
Painting the church
View from the schoolyard. I assume they have no idea how lucky they are
Madi (and the rest of the bus) singing the YMCA

13 July 2015

Building a pig pen
Another great morning hike and extraordinary vista
Morning commute passing by the convent's gate

12 July 2015

Madi being attacked by the children, Alejandro and Maria, while we built their family a stove
Maynor, the heart of gold translator for our trip. It's been 7 years since I've seen him.
6 AM walk through the San Andreas Valley

11 July 2015

The soccer field; two local teams playing an evening game
Group tour of the town of San Andreas Itzapa
3 AM wake up calls