Spain · 12 Days · 44 Moments · February 2017

G.'s voyage in Spain

9 March 2017

We couldn't quite make it to the Reina Sophia to view Picasso most famous painting from the Spanish Civil War, "Guernica". This is the exterior of the building.
A storefront clothing display showing the celebratory wardrobe available on major events in Spain.
Our last full day in Madrid with went to the Prado museum and spent about 3.5 hours trying to walk through and see most of the exhibits. Stunning works by: Rubens, El Greco, Goya, Velasquez, and others. We took lunch there as I had a soup with chickpeas and tripe which I promptly removed the tripe and got something else. I believe it's one of the country's mainstays of culinary delights. No photos are allowed in the museum.

8 March 2017

Cooking up some basmati rice in the kitchen with no salt pepper or butter. Dinner for the night. HORRIBLE!
Jackie enjoying our spot in Madrid after arriving.
We left Barcelona on the train at noon for Madrid took three hours with 4 stops along the way. The train had a top speed of 302 kmp that I noticed which is 188 mph in USA. I love the trains with the room, movies, bathrooms and just plain enjoyment of watching the elements pass by. We arrived at Atocha train station and walked with luggage to our airbnb about 10 minutes away. Antonio was here to receive us and so us our space for two days. We walked toward the Prado and then towards a very large Park behind. A very lovely and amazing day with temps in the 70s. We enjoyed some refreshments and walked back to our spot around 6:00.

7 March 2017

A view from Cadaques where Dali and Gali lived. This is a wonderful tour to do if you get the opportunity.
We spent the next day Tuesday on an all day tour of Salvatore Dali's museum, hometown and home.
This is stage area of the museum where Dali is laid to rest and carries some of his most important works through his history. It really is an incredible place to visit and feel his imagination on: death, sex, fear, and time.

6 March 2017

Another perspective of Casa Mila.
Walked to Casa Mila from Gaudi which wasn't to far from our airbnb once we knew how to walk the diagonal roads. This was after our third visit to the train station to buy tickets back to Madrid. Someone could have told us that you can't buy tickets on the weekends!

5 March 2017

This is what happened to us yesterday after walking to the Gaudi Familia.
Here we our enjoying a late lunch while walking the Ramblas. We finished our walk near the statue of Christopher Columbus and walked along the Barcelonata by the ocean. Back to our airbnb on Diagonal Ave. to finish out a long walk.
H&M store on our walk around Barcelona heading to the Las Ramblas where we had a bite to eat and drink. So many people from everywhere and quite the fashionable town of all different types of ethnicity.
We started the day by taking the metro to the Sant stop to purchase return train ticket to Madrid only to find out that you could not purchase the ticket on the weekend. Back to our flat we regrouped for the next mission of the day. This was our day of walking 9 miles to many locations throughout Barcelona including this spot called the block of discord of Gaudi.

4 March 2017

Beware of this neighbor! Pickpockets are getting rich from playing their tactics of being nice to you only to steal you blind. I won't be back to Barcelona.
We realized the Gaudi cathedral was just a few blocks away and promptly walked towards this famous landmark before getting bombed by some large bird that decided that we were a good mark. A very nice Barcelonan gentleman invited into the lobby of a loft to help clean our selves off some before continuing onward.
We arrive to our airbnb on Diagonal Ave. in the heart of Example district of Barcelona. Went for a walk around the areas to see what was nearby and to plan our strategies for the next 4 days. We stopped at a sandwich shoppe to have a bocadillo with iberico Jamon and a couple glasses of wine.
The Zambrano train station in Malaga next 5 hours to Barcelona, Spain. Spain knows how to do rails very well but there can be a language barrier.
The morning as we leave Malaga for the cab ride to the Zambrano train station.

3 March 2017

A warm goat cheese and pomegranate salad with nuts and a mango foam. Our last evening in Malaga at Li Pimpi in the heart of the city.
House salad with tuna and heirloom tomatoes, and white asparagus at Li Pimpi.
Lunch ridiculously cheap for two with drinks $16.00.
We took this walk up to the Gibralfaro fortress from the 14th century and then walked down around the marina area looking for a Tropicana restaurant which was closed when we got there.

2 March 2017

This dish was chicken from Kenya was marinated and cooked in a port reduction with raisins and pasta on top and was translated as "fake" lasagna. We both thought the dish was amazing! We strolled through the Calle Granada area observing the many facets of frivolity enjoyed but the guests to this area. Lots of young people alas well as tourists from everywhere make Malaga a place you might love to visit.
A starter from last night at la comspolitia. One scallop thinly sliced and marinated in a wine reduction. It was tasted very good and the ambience near the restaurant was exciting.
Lunch at a tapa bar after touring the Picasso museum and childhood home.

1 March 2017

Our arrival to Malaga via coach bus from Seville. We picked up our tickets at the train station for Barcelona for Saturday before embarking on a taxi to our airbnb. Beautiful view from our balcony and a lovely location with stores and bakeries nearby. We headed out to get a number of things for dinners. We're excited to see how our time in Malaga goes.
The street below our hosts home away from home for six weeks.
Flamenco dance performance in the center square of Seville, Spain.
Rajen and Mary taking the walk with us. One of their many walks each day.
Guadalquivir River in Seville Spain on our last day before boarding bus to Malaga

28 February 2017

Our gracious hosts whilst in Seville, Spain. Wonderful meals and great city for walking and sightseeing.
We spent the day in Seville touring the cathedral as well as the Alcazar.
Alcazar wall and room detail image. Very lovely open garden spaces as well.
Christopher Columbus's tomb at the Seville cathedral.

27 February 2017

A narrow street in Córdoba near the Mezquita.
At the Mezquita action shot!
Some of the details of the Mezquita

26 February 2017

Our in-house chef Rajen cooking up some curry items for dinner.
Lunch in Seville. Seafood soup, endive salad, Roquefort, gulas (baby glass eels), mixed cheese plate.
City of Seville in Spain. Seville Federal Building with friends Rajen and Mary who reside there in February and March.
Some of the detail and architecture of the Seville Federal building.
We landed in Madrid at 8:00 AM and caught the bus to the Atocha train station. We purchased our train tickets to Seville for 12:00. We arrived about 2:15. Caught a taxi to Rajen and Mary's condo in the heart of town. We had banderilleros for a snack before venturing out for a stroll through town. Beautiful and historical this town has a lot to offer the tourist from anywhere. Rajen cooked many courses of fine food for all of us including: olives, French fries, calamari, salad, fresh clams in pasta with many glasses of wine. We retired to our room to catch so much needed sleep. We sleep until 9:30 on Sunday morning.