United Kingdom · 3 Days · 19 Moments · April 2017

Our trip to Wiltshire/Dorset & Safari Park

12 April 2017

Back home in Teddington! All done!
Last bit of Lacock
Harry's church
Lacock, Harry potter's village!

11 April 2017

...and everything is ready! Dinner and film!
A bit more driving...
Driving back
Safari part 4
Safari part 3
Safari part 2
Safari part 1
Driving to the safari park!
Full breakfast :p cooked and ready to disappear

10 April 2017

Playtime before bed. Who won??
Amazing place & food!!
We have arrived at our house for the next 3 days!! It's really nice!
That was a short stop for coffee (we did not get one at the end), but we had to drive this car...
We found something interesting on our way so we had to stop!
And we're ready to go!