Jamaica · 22 Days · 34 Moments · February 2015

Greg's & Janice's adventure in Jamaica

24 February 2015

Here's the whole crew, ourselves with the staff
Travel day today, heading home, this is the morning sunrise today, until we return again to Jamaica man!

23 February 2015

More morning glory
Early mornings by the Caribbean sea... beautiful. Pelicans are fishing at the crack of Dawn, the solitude of quiet waves is broken by a longer fisherman, slowly making too start his morning his way out

21 February 2015

2nd last day, exploring

20 February 2015

A day at YS Falls and Black River

19 February 2015

Rough sea today

18 February 2015

Party at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville
Morning at Llitissarant, Caribbean mornings, I love it!

17 February 2015

Great day in the water, snorkeling, lobster cooked over fire and an exciting ride back, as cold front moved in.
Calm waters today, beautifully calm, great day for snorkeling and boating

16 February 2015

Morning photos, snorkeling, sea kayaking and calm waters today

15 February 2015

My birthday party was epic
The only thing nicer than a Caribbean sunset is a Caribbean sunrise...

14 February 2015

Our new digs for the next 10 days, Llitissarant in Negril, Jamaica, 5 acres on the beach.

13 February 2015

Day at the beach with the family

12 February 2015

We moved to Beach House Villas, Janices family arrived late... for, Beach, top ties in the Caribbean Seas

10 February 2015

Great day at Half Moon Bay

9 February 2015

Beach day today

8 February 2015

Pretty quiet day yesterday, Janice not feeling so good. I went you the Donkey races today, once a year event put on by the rotary club, fun to watch. I was hot, no natural shade, came back home early

7 February 2015

Quiet day today, beach, pool, homemade lunch with rice, beans and jerk chicken, plus a little onion and pineapple.

6 February 2015

Pretty quiet day by the pool, then Ricks Cafe, then Bob Marley Birthday bash...
Ricks Cafe then Bob Marley concert, almost... Janice was wiped... Took a cab ride home in the most rickety cab, different color doors, should have been a bit of a clue
Reflecting on yesterday's adventure, we really enjoyed Toby the weaver, he was very polite and generous. He took us over to a bar a few doors down. They were very aggressive and in our face trying to get us to pay $15 for a meal of catfish. I looked over to Toby and had this look of real concern and worry. I knew I best take my exit add gracefully as possible. Janice had already walked away. When I said no, that's when they really got aggressive. I was surrounded by two large fellows blocking my exit to the scooter which they invited me to park inside their compound. Won't make that mistake again. Good news is we left with all our goods send a lesson learned. Earlier that day we meet a Jamaican lady named Hyacinth, nickname Hi, who owned a local grocery store and a Canadian born in Jamaica, four girls living in Toronto. Ego recently returned to Jamaica. We also stopped in Sheffield, at a local bar for a cool drink. Very polite and respectful.

5 February 2015

Spent the day searching for Blue Hole, then onto Little Bay where we meet Toby, a weaver who was very polite and hospitable fellow.
Breakfast Jamaican style, creamed rum instead of Bailey's
Morning coffee delivered, yes the good life!
On the walk in the Bananas Garden, looking for coffee

4 February 2015

First full day in Jamaica and a scooter to zip around too
Morning walk, two Jamaicans, two offers for ganga ... our to support a local centre for the ganga cause
First morning and coffee in Jamaica, ya man!

3 February 2015

At the airport, getting some breakfast and then on to Jamaica!

2 February 2015

Fly out tomorrow, finishing packing