Costa Rica, Canada · 9 Days · 58 Moments · March 2016

The CCHS adventure in Costa Rica

8 April 2016

Toronto airport. Tim Hortons feels like home.
Today is the day we leave Costa Rica. We need to be on the bus by 7:30 to get to the airport for our long trip home.

7 April 2016

We had an excellent day at the beach. We can even overlook some of the items lost when the tide came in and we weren't quite ready for that big wave. There are a few sunburns (myself included) but everyone has a smile on their face.
The bag stealing thief monkeys are pretty cute. The beach where they live is amazing as well. We had been a little disappointed we hadn't seen many sloths on our trip but we saw three today! I don't have any photos on my phone but some students had cameras that could zoom in enough to get excellent shots.
From the hotel restaurant.
We are spending our last full day in Costa Rica at Manuel Antonio National Park. We'll be on the beach and in the forest. Hopefully we'll have a relaxing end to our trip. "Pura vida!"

6 April 2016

Campfire dancing and singing.
Kids are getting dance lessons from our guide.
Our amazing guide Daniel who is staring.
Sunset on the beach.
A happy birthday girl at our last hotel in Jaco Beach.
Ever more river photos. Sorry if there are repeats!
More river tour pics.
Crocodile river boat trip. Too many birds to list ranging from frigatebirds to ospreys. Plus a few crocodiles and other reptiles thrown in for good measure! What a great day!
Today we head towards the west coast. On our way we shall have a crocodile safari. Good times.

5 April 2016

We had an amazing time at Baldi hot springs. We have had the best meals I have ever seen on an International Travel trip.
On our hike we saw Mot Mot birds, white necked trogon bird, eyelash Pitviper, Central American whip tail lizard, and the Jonson yellow crested Fullapoo.
Some photos from our hike. The poisonous tree frog wasn't as close as it looks in the photo.
Our first adventure today will be the hanging bridges at Arenal.
Hotel Mont Real.
More Hotel Mont Real. Our backyard has a river.

4 April 2016

Today was a pretty low key day. We moved to a new hotel, did a bit of shopping and lounged by the pool. I appreciated the break because tomorrow will be hectic!
Checking in at the Hotel Mont Real.
Iguanas are a tourist goldmine!
Poison dart frog in the backyard of the hotel.
Saying goodbye to the hotel in Sarapiqui.
This morning we head for La Fortuna and hopefully we shall stop and see some iguanas along the way. La Fortuna is a small town that has a volcano in the background. Sounds like another good day.

3 April 2016

Costa Rican guava. You eat the white stuff around the seed. Tasty!
After the chocolate we went on a rainforest tour. Scary suspension bridge to start and finish.
Mixing the chocolate drink and picking flavours.
Grinding the nibs.
Fermenting and drying.
Cacao seeds
We arrived at the hotel and had an excellent lunch.
Pineapple field
Rio Sucio (Dirty River). Two rivers converge. One is clean and the other is loaded with volcanic sediment.
Today we head to Sarapiqui for a chocolate and rainforest tour and then we check in to a new hotel.

2 April 2016

Ghost stories.
A rhinoceros beetle.
A bonfire to end the day.
Our froggy friend.
Coffee plantation!
In the morning we traveled to a national park- "Volcan Poas". We saw a huge crater and a crater lake. We also took a hike through a cloud forest and saw hummingbirds. A great start to our day.
This is the Canadian gauntlet. We let people through and apologize as they pass.
Crater and hike
Today, after an excellent breakfast,we headed out on our first real tour of Costa Rica. A bus took us through some urban areas heading to a volcano and a coffee plantation.

1 April 2016

Our first day will be pretty laid back. After 5.5 hours on the plane it sure looks welcoming and comfy.
At the first hotel.
The line for customs in Costa Rica. Took a while.
There was a decidedly disc theme to breakfast.
1 am and we're at an airport hotel in Toronto. Going to be an early morning too.

31 March 2016

Heading to the airport.
Today we leave Camrose and head to Toronto. 39 kids and 4 teachers.