Greece · 12 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Athens here we come!

28 September 2017

We joined a bus tour to Delphi and had a tour of the museum. Along the way we learned that central Greece does not have much flat lands. They used an old lake bed for agriculture. Their main industries are shipping, cotton and olives, tourism. 10 million visitors come to Greece every year, which is double the amount of people who live in Athens. As we were leaving Delphi, our bus broke down! The driver couldn't shift. A bit scary as we were headed towards a cliff and the bus sputtered to a stop near the edge. We had to wait for another bus to come get us.

27 September 2017

Ancient Corinth was a huge fortress that u had to hike up to. They kept expanding the fortress over time. It had three walls and spectacular views. Because there was a natural water source, that came through a rock, inhabitants could live there for a long time. If an enemy was attacking.
Back on the mainland we headed to Corinth by train. We hired a taxi at the train station to drive us to the tourist spots. Just getting there was an experience. I had to use the bathroom but it was 1.5 hours. A nice elderly Greek passenger motioned that bit bathrooms were locked. He had a mother younger passenger translate for me and told me to ask the conductor to unlock one. It was quite moving to see the Bema where Paul in the Bible's trial was held. It is the photo right after the BEMA plaque. The photo is of the Corinth canal. One of the surprising things is that on this trip, not flushing toilet paper in the trash can seemed to be a common theme. We are not convinced on the air bnb . Some places were nice and others weren't. The Greeks gave models of body parts to show thanks for the doctors who helped heal them.

17 September 2017

Catholics have the Vatican and Greek Orthodox have this church.
Europeans are so fashion forward, lie the shoe cake! Souvlaki was entirely delicious and the street vendors sold roasted chestnuts dried fruit and nuts.
Archeological sites at the Acropolis!

16 September 2017

Rooftop hotel photo with the Parthenon in the background.