Greece · 16 Days · 34 Moments · July 2014

Greece: 16 days - 6 islands

2 August 2014

Beautiful Place!
Kalispera Santorini!
On our way to Santorini..

1 August 2014

I think I don't have anything to say..
Last beach day in Greece.. I'm totally sad about it!

31 July 2014

Best fish food at Naxos (meze meze)!
Finally tanned!

30 July 2014

Ready for our ship to Naxos.
Frappé with cute kitties..
My aunt showed me the bar where my dad had his first ouzo (he was 14)..
Great morning with a watermelon and frappé.
Finally arrived at Paros! We were exactly 6h 30min on this stupid ship (with no air-condition)..

29 July 2014

I love the sea and sunsets..
On our (hopefully only 6h) way to Paros..

28 July 2014

Playing with my favorite blind kitty. She's too cute!
Tanning with a cutie..
Great morning!

27 July 2014

Just relaxed in the sun with cats and a dog..
Love this place!!!!!

26 July 2014

Beach-Time after driving around at Milos. Favorite beach until now! Tomorrow we will move to a new hotel..

25 July 2014

Panajiri at Milos in Pollonia..
Waiting for the ship to Milos at 20.05..
We went to the Chora at Sifnos (Serifos' Chora is more beautiful) and this is the view.. - highlight: a cute mule! :D (I love these animals!)

23 July 2014

Just a snack in the afternoon with a beautiful view!
Platis Gialos - place were we live at Sifnos
Beautiful and windy morning at Serifos! Perfect start for this day: breakfast in my bed :)

22 July 2014

Arrived in the evening at Sifnos and went out to eat at this beautiful side of Sifnos.

21 July 2014

Last evening at Serifos.. My aunt and I took a walk to Serifos' chora, the mountain village and it's so beautiful!
First morning at Serifos with sunshine and a frappé - everything's perfect!

20 July 2014

Relaxing at the beach and talking about life :) (My 13-year old cousin gives me tips for relationships, I don't know what I should think about it..)
Just arrived at Serifos after five hours on the ship. What a small and beautiful island! Cutest thing I saw: a mule, but I only took a photo of his ass, unfortunately..
It's about half past five, I'm sitting on my balcony and drinking a frappé - ready for our ship to Serifos at 7.25..

19 July 2014

Sight seeing at Athens old city and shopping mall. And it rains in July in Greece. It doesn't look like it will stop. What the hell!

18 July 2014

Trip started with a delayed flight.. Time for shopping at the airport - perfect start for my holidays! :)