United Kingdom, Japan · 10 Days · 26 Moments · October 2017

Grave's journi to Japan

21 October 2017

Hard to say goodbye to them knowing I’d never see them again
Was very sad leaving and I cried a bit
I liked this photo that I took

20 October 2017

Karin cried at the farewell party so I hugged her tight and didn’t want to let go
At our last lunch me, Jenny, Olivia and our exchanges went out on to the roof and had a mini picnic and the views were spectacular

19 October 2017

We did karaoke with Adele and her exchange, we came back and played it the wii
Tonight we had cheese fondue and salad and something which I think was a bit like ratatouille, it was all delicious and I enjoyed it very much and I Finnished it
In the newspaper! A journalist came in and they needed two volunteers, I was picked! We were asked about what we thought of Yamanashi and where we’d been. It was very exciting

18 October 2017

We’re on the wall on hikawa! It’s the pic we took at the old village, exciting to know that there’s a pic of you on the wall of a school I’m JAPAN

17 October 2017

Today we did flower arranging and tea ceremonies, we had to do a speech on front of the whole school (about 700 people) and Then watched the merchant of Venice preformed by himawan students, it was about two hours long so I got very bored as it was all on Japanese

16 October 2017

Went bowling, it was really fun and I managed not to come last! The bowling place was MASSIVE and there was a whole floor of it just for the arcade which we went in afterwards. We went to an Italian across the road after where I had a salami pizza which was tasty 😋

15 October 2017

Traditional restaurant, sat on floor , low table , tasty
From yesterday but Karin took me out to eat with the rugby team, it was really fun and we cooked our own meat which was tasty. Afterwards we walked around the city for a bit which would usually scare me in the dark with no adults with us but being surrounded by muscular rugby players seems to make it less scary because no ones going to kidnap me when I’m by them. We walked around for maybe 1 hour and a half , going into a mall for a bit. Then at about half 8 we got a train back to Yamanashi where Karina dad picked us up from the station and drove us home. Really great experience!
A massive fish of ramen noodles but I managed to eat all of it excluding the leek and seaweed
famous dog but I can’t remember the name of you ask Isaac he may know
Japanese photo boxes, very extravagant but cute
The view from the top of Tokyo tower = stunning

14 October 2017

‘Views of Mount Fuji’ well at least that’s what we were supposed to have except the Jain and fog meant it was more like ‘views of blank and grey sky’ oh well, enjoyed it anyway!

13 October 2017

Saw lots of people in kimonos about in Tokyo
Some shrines, we donated some money then shook a pot of chopsticks and pulled out one, each had a number on; the number lead to a drawer which in turn held your fortune. If it was bad you had to tie it to some strings
We had lunch with sumo wrestlers and they gave us each a self constructable trading dojo. The food was very nice but I was to tired to eat most of it so ended up leaving a lot😐

12 October 2017

This was our flight food which I actually really enjoyed. The flight went very fast and I didn’t get bored the whole time!
Our flight is on the board!!