United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · February 2017

16 February 2017

Side note- school district is gatewsy unified Declared that all would be unity and blessing because of it. To gather, empower, equip and release
Jim Harrell- for him and the leaders to be guided by his light Saw optimistic Things broken being minded together-saw transitions Has authority to clean up messes that arnt his Saw favor,optimism and wisdom over Jim Blessed him in making decisions Saw him close to God He impacts people bc of what he carries and has great authority
Effa- effort he has put in the school and in the kids in building charicter in the kids He is a man of charicter and dignity Tradition- good in his value system, but also to step out and progress Saw a flower blooming, he will have more freedom in who he is and by him being who he is impacts those around him. He will grow in more freedom
Lightness about this place Creating grand Oaks out of the kids Faith hope and love over the school, the banner of love is the highest regard See sparks of fire, but as it grows momentum there will be great faith in the school Saw a lamp being turned in-prayed God would shine a light on things needing to be highlighted. He is a lamp to our feet Saw flowers and see growth. Prayed God would plant good soil in their lives For leaders-wisdom in msking decisions Prayed blessing and protection over families