Spain · 12 Days · 17 Moments · December 2016

Gran Canaria Surf Camp

25 December 2016

With the instructors ❤️

17 December 2016

Double rainbow to crown a perfect day spent with friends living in Gran Canaria (panorama pic)
Anfi del Mar - Xmas, shorts

16 December 2016

Spending 1 night out of the hostel at friends' house - being creative with her 🌴🏄😊🎄
Hibiscus in December ❤️🌴🌺
Rooftop of the surf hostel

15 December 2016

Beach art at Las Palmas - Betlehem
Been there done that- huge wind a waves today. Was more about suffering than enjoying the ride, but learned a lot today about surfing, about the water as the King on the top of everything and about myself as well. Love this journey, grateful to be a part of it.

14 December 2016

The best full Moon of 2016
Room mates- guess no additional words needed, they are real idiots 😂
Buenos Dias Las Palmas- nice morning walk, nice people, everybody is doing exercises by the shore- I could easily feel Home 👍🏻😜

13 December 2016

Challenging myself- middle bed with 2 guys on my sides plus another one next room. After the 1st minute scared face I know the good thing having guys mates is you do bot need to line up for the bathroom besides they are very polite with you. This is actually fun!
Surf Camp- can't believe I sent myself to a hostel and share an apartment with 3 guys, even more my bed is in between 2 guys' beds. My comfort zone is wide enough by now I gotta say.
Christmas is right in the corner - good to have the southern spirit again and wish to have it just more and more
Beach Art
Landing at Las Palmas AirPort while having a gorgeous sunset - with the best full Moon of 2016. What else could be needed?!
Budapest- Las Palmas flight self entertaining