Africa, Europe · 9 Days · 120 Moments · June 2017

Graham's cycle in Germany, Austria, & Italy

10 June 2017

T R E V I S O - stop correcting my spelling you stupid phone😫
Sunset over the hotel tonight!!
The group has finally arrived in Venice Mestre. Ride through the central square quickly stopped by the Polizei! Could go back there!!
The church of motorbikes
Finally turning off the river near Quarto d'Altino. Running out of water and extremely hot 😫finally found a little village - all shops closed, but a drinking fountain saved us
Heaven is a place that includes bicycles!
And boy was it worth it !! A beautiful path along the river that must have gone on for about 30km!!
Was enjoying the winding streets and markets so much - we went off course a bit! Bit of a schlep to get back, but eventually found our little brown cycling signs
More Trevino!!
Trevino Market. So bustling and busy. Definitely would like to go back!
On the approach to Trevino
This place seemed to have a big show of bicycles at every shop! Nice!
Kiwi vines
Combine harvesters- small little farms
Mulberry snack along the way .... would have eaten more - but had to rush - other two on a mission!!!
Lots of canals on the roadside - interesting screw contraption - not sure how it worked?!
Bavaria? Thought that is where we were about 7 days ago?!
Saturday 10th June. So our day began riding through great wine country. Apparently it is the 'strada do prosseco' - i.e. The prosecco route' ( no comments about the numbers of s's and o's!!! Mike and I keen to string it out to make it last.... Joy on a mission to keep moving!!!

9 June 2017

And into wine country as we get close to Connegliano. Quite an easy riding day with all the downhills. Beautiful scenery as always. The thing that strikes me is the elevated autostradas. They are amazing , and they seem to leave the nature on the ground fairly natural and in-touched!
Lunch in Veneto
A cappuccino stop near the lake
Lots and lots of amazing winding downhills!! So exhilarating!!
And so we start another ride
A beautiful morning to wake up to in Pieve
Early morning view from our hotel balcony in Pieve

8 June 2017

Best view from the toilet window of all hotels so far!
Our Hotel Giardino
More of the quaint little town
A nice little walk around Pieve - where the famous artist Titian lived in the 16th century
Chance for a shower and at last a balcony with a washing line to dry clothes
And almost at Pieve
On downhill towards Pieve
And so to lunch at this wonderful ristorante!
And on down the valley past all these quaint old railway station buildings
Cortina - and the cycle path just keeps on downwards
Over the top and onto the downhill towards Cortina
On and up to the top, where we stopped at a funny little cabin for a cappuccino to reward ourselves for the work!
Heading up the pass out if Toblach this morning

7 June 2017

And the moon is up😁
A walk to have supper - incredible light!
Beautiful building next to our hotel
Hotel Germania - our hotel
The grand hotel, Toblach
View from our hotel bedroom at Toblach
And almost at Toblach
Towards Toblach
Bruneck to Valda oro - beautiful natural reserve
On the way from Muhlbach - Rio di Pusteria towards the east

6 June 2017

The obligatory cherries!!
Vipiteno Sterzing - nice little Medieval street
And so we set off down the hill. It is an old railway route - absolutely spectacular!
Rainy and windy at Brenner - waiting outside the supermarket while Joy and Mike buy waterproof jackets.
Up to Brenner -SO glad I took the train to the top and didn't ride - strong winds blowing against you!!
Innsbruck, and then onto the 40 minute train ride up to Brenner pass
And so to Innsbruck- an amazingly pretty place
This is what happens when you have toomuch McDonalds!!
The home of chrystals ...Schwarovski. No time to do the tour etc. but a few sneaks!
Wheat and poppies along the way!
Strawberries along the way - so sweet and juicy! Hopefully the farmer didn't mind .... I only had about twenty .... in one mouthful!
On the ride from Jenbach to Innsbruck. Always close to the Raging river. Beautiful fertile fields. Such imposing mountains getting closer and closer

5 June 2017

And of course the food - delicious!!
Our lovely hotel near to Jenbach
Up to the end if Aachensee before the steep drop down to Jenbach
Beautiful Aachensee
And on to Aachensee
Through the derelict border post into Austria
A beautiful ride through farmland then forest
Leaving Bad Wiessee
View from hotel window in the morning

4 June 2017

Bad Wiessensee's best shpatzle ... sorry Beer!
Bad Wiessee - end of first day - walk around this beautiful place!
En route from Munich to Tegernsee. THE most beautiful countryside!
Lunch at O ....?
First day of amazing!

3 June 2017

Back through the city - after 9pm
Marvelous Munich
Cycling and swimming heaven
Think our bike order got a bit mixed up!
Okay - so I'm going to have to take a firm grip on the situation.... started on Joy's beer now.
Nay bad - the aryian race - definitely superior ... jokes jokes jokes - I take it all back( if I could) REALLY looking forward to the black sausage.., - OMG - so looking forward to all that Germany has to offer in the culinary department!!! Sh*t - maybe this Journi is a bad idea?!! LIKE - if you agree?!
What was that they said about black men?
At least I have some company!
.... errr..... and this is what I got....... Reminds me a little of those foetuses in formalin the used to grace the windows of the biology lab at Oriel! Here goes nothing!!
Ummm .... so this is what I ordered....
And so - a salute to the country that knows its beer!! Waiting for my sissie to join me!!
Nice shading devices at Munchen Airport. I wonder if there is budget for these at Melrose Arch ... I'm... you know the answer!!
Aaah - Munich Airport from the air!! How often did I study that plan when we were designing ORTIA Midfield !!!
Watched the movie last night in the plane about the beginning of MacDonalds - 'the Founder' - brilliant! Didn't sleep much though!
If this is their idea of 'scattered thunderstorms' - then maybe we are going to be lucky!!!
Check the tattoo!
Bye bye Barragas
Aaah - found something for Emz
Mmmmm what to buy for 'the children'
Barragas Airport and the Camino Girls. Now on the way to the check in for Munich

2 June 2017

Some last minute language practice for Myrtle
On the plane! They booked us in different seats and different aisles...... but thanks to our high-up Greek connections- we are re-united!
This is going to be a good good journi!!
So exciting! 4:23 pm on the Gautrain. We're finally on the slippery slope! NO going back now!