United Kingdom, Sweden · 75 Days · 21 Moments · October 2017

Back in the UK. A journi to Christmas.

20 December 2017

A family weekend in London celebrate Winnie's 24th birthday at Clapham Christmas fair.

16 December 2017

Meryl and Graeme had a great time

15 December 2017

British Museum's China and Asia exhibits

14 December 2017

Basquiat in Barnicot, brilliant
Tea 80p, coffee £1, Merry Christmas. Basquiat and a polaroid of Madonna bestir she was signed.

6 December 2017

And, show rides, more Chrissy crafts, the tree, AND the highlight, gourmet hot dogs, yumm.
Bridport Christmas festival Dec 6. Tree decoration at St. Catherine's, and school choir, craft market at the Electric Palace, Salvation Army Band in Buckydoo Square, and South St.
Christmas is coming and so is the cold weather. Running out of exciting material for our journi. But here is a walk towards Shipton Gorge with another ordinary selfie. Some art from the Marshwood Vale Art group, one stone from Stanton Drew Stone circle, England third largest but much neglected and the Bearcat Cafe in Lyric Theatre (just down the road.

1 December 2017

And finally, the Christmas fair in Sigtuna and the making of St.Lucia saffron buns. With Parastou (Iranian future mother in law) Adrian, Alex's brother and cousin Rose. Husband Matias not making buns.

25 November 2017

And to the Vasa (or Wasa) Museum. Salvaged from Stockholm Harbour after 333 years. Not a great moment in Swedish nautical history (google it)
Our journi to Sollentuna near Stockholm to meet with Winnie's future in-laws. It was warm in Storkyrkan Church (officially St. Nikolai Kyrka, unofficially Stockholm Cathedral)

17 November 2017

Neil and Janette kindly lent us their Heritage cards and we went to Stonehenge, again. This time we arrived at the new exhibition centre and car park, caught a noisy diesel bus (need electric ones) to the henge and had an incredibly good time. Chilly but not crowded. We came back, had a coffee and saw the exhibition. Then a spectacular sunset which we wished we'd stayed at Stonehenge for. C'est la guarde. Then on to London.

9 November 2017

Just some random photos I've collected recently. Including the golf ball I hit a hole in one with yesterday.

5 November 2017

Winnie and Alex visit again and we venture to West Bay and Lyme Regis. Plus the oldest house in Bridport.

22 October 2017

The last of the Onion Jack Tour, and the cliffs at West Bay showing the latest rock fall, one of which buried a young sunbather in 2012.

20 October 2017

More from the Onion Jack Tour, East St again and Winnie and Alex in Vienna
More culture in Buckydoo Square. The Onion Jack Tour #2 2017. A benevolent association comprising onion growers (the Johnnies), artists and seafarers, whose aim is to foster cross channel entente cordial and recognise this unique Breton profession. "Onion and Rock n Roll sailing circus"

18 October 2017

Three girls plus us together in Cobham for a wedding, a rare occurrence. Plus a family afternoon in Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon.

16 October 2017

Autumn lunch in Ghandi Park, London. Eerie skies from Hurricane Ophelia at the British Museum.

7 October 2017

Karla Grainier, blues rocker from Balmain rocks the Electric Palace, the Electric Palace in South St, Colmers Hill from East St, Aroma Cafe and the famous Leaker's Bakery and the cultural centre of Bridport, Buckydoo Square.
Journi to Cowper's Hill, an iconic Bridport landmark. Views over Symonsbury town and estate (most of what you can see), the English Channel and Bridport. Plus a few photos celebrating marriage equality.