United Kingdom · 96 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Graeme and Meryl's adventure in UK

15 July 2017

Jurassic Fields Festival, Bridport's own Glastonbury. Great bands, great food, great atmosphere. Plus Winnie, Alex and Leanne in London

14 July 2017

Excellent, it's stopped raining for a bit.
Up at 3am Wednesday , after driving to London Tuesday. Queueing in the rain at 3.30am to get tickets to Court 1 at Wimbledon at 8am. Saw Cillic beat Muller in five sets and Djokovic retire injured after two sets against Berdych. That was followed by a doubles match, hamburgers at the Dog n Fox at Wimbledon then home to Jessamie and Habib's by 7.30pm. They live in Wimbledon, how lucky we are.

15 May 2017

Just to let my many followers know that life in Bridport is still full of culture and excitement.

13 May 2017

The Spirit of Bridport parade.

4 May 2017

Dorset Coast around Branscombe and Beer.

3 May 2017

Around Bridport and Branscombe, including flowers, the oldest operating thatched foundry in Britain (400 years), St.Winifred's (also old) and St.Winnabread.

11 April 2017

Getting around London and having a ball.