Australia · 13 Days · 16 Moments · December 2018

Graeme 's road trip to Brisbane

10 January 2019

Made it to Albury for our overnight stop ,a good run from Forster except for the google maps directions through Sydney ,tests ones patients but al done next time I will use a melways.Albury is very humid at the moment as they are having a bad heat wave 40–45 degrees Celsius nasty fan will definitely be on tonight next stop home yay woo hoo

9 January 2019

A nice shady spot /caravan park it has an onsite cafe,pizzas can be brought on Friday,Saturday night I like it because it of the main road for me as I’m only here overnight perfect.If you’re staying here it’s right on the waterfront so there is a lot of boats here and some beautiful placed cabins

8 January 2019

This is Minion Falls look out which although it had no water the skinny road leading to it was worth it just for the view absolutely spectacular 100 foot drop to the bottom love the views to the rain forest,and just to to it off I got some good photos of two Kookaburras

6 January 2019

A visit to Nimbin is a must on your bucket list to see the interesting people and sights Never boring a different way of life

5 January 2019

We have always wanted to visit Brisbane I love the Southbank area with all the shade from the garden,which stretch for a long way. The water features,the pool which is free to use and has a lifeguard.We brought some lunch and a drink before the cruise up the Richmond river , the cruise went for one and a half ours with commentary Explaining all the passing buildings and sights.We parked under the building near Southbank which for $17 removed all stress about where to park

30 December 2018

Our trip from Circular Key on the Manly Ferry 1000 passengers they said but it was a good trip and a great day I love that Manly you can go to the open beach or the protected beach on the bay.Plenty of shops to visit and no shortage of cafes for a lovely cuppacino

29 December 2018

A day trip to Taronga Zoo love it great day plenty of places to sit in the shade the bird show was fantastic a great display.They had a Condor with its three metres wing span.its a great day out ,my favourite is the Gorilla there animal display or the areas the animals live in are fantastic they all look very relaxed