Brazil · 6 Days · 6 Moments · July 2018

Grace's voyage in Brazil

18 July 2018

Today we explored the Historical District of São Luís! So many colors and smells, and just so much culture. I would love to live here.

15 July 2018

Today was a relaxing day. I ran with Nilton and did calisthenics on the boardwalk...I am feeling it. Then I hung out at the hotel for a few hours, and ate peanut m&ms. We met Nilton’s family and ate a late lunch there. Rachel, grandma, and I observed a choir practice that Nilton accompanies for! After practice we went to seven p.m.! The service ended and we attended a party to celebrate a member of the church for having been accepted into an electrical engineering program. Then it was back to the hotel to hang out until the rest of the group got back from Andrew’s church. Now it is time for bed!

14 July 2018

Today was mostly a travel day. We took a trip to a camp two hours outside of the city. Nilton got a flat tire on the highway...quite an adventure. We finally arrived at the campsite, and Andrew described his vision for us. On our way back to Sãn Louis we stopped at a river for a quick dip to cool off. We ended our adventure at Andrew’s home and tried Brazilian Pizza. It was a long day, but a good one.

13 July 2018

The sunrise over Brazil on our second to last flight. Absolutely beautiful! However, sitting next to an emergency exit is extremely cold in overnight flights.
Gorgeous sunset taken by Nilton (native Brazilian friend). I did not have the pleasure of seeing this particular wonder in person, but I hope to see many during my stay.

12 July 2018

Met up at the Buffalo International Airport, and began the first day of our journey. We made it through check in and security with time to spare! Great way to start off our travels.