Europe, Asia · 36 Days · 72 Moments · December 2016

Grace's tour through Thailand

30 January 2017

Bangkok airways lounge before our 1st flight. Don't mind if I do... Cheese sandwiches and butter cakes galore. So my last thoughts on has been eventful to say the least lol From Ping Pong shows to Beer Pong tournaments. From freak storms to the hottest sunshine my skin has seen in years. From wooden mattresses to 5 star double beds. It's been fun Thailand but let's see what Bali has in store for us girls... ✈️
Visited the central Plaza shopping Mall this morning and bought myself a pair of sliders that will be handy in Bali and Oz! Girls bought a few clothes and a bit of makeup. Caught a taxi bus back to Deejai pool to relax abit before catching our 1 of 3 flights to Bali. Meet a brummie couple, Vicky and Sean around the pool today. Been going out 4 years and decided to come away travelling for a year.

29 January 2017

After our lovely morning we waited around until 4.30pm before catching our minibus back down to Chiang Mai for our last night 😭 We looked around the shops and stalls and grab a bite for lunch. I had chicken sandwich with salad and then a blueberry muffin (to die for!!) Staying in Deejai again as cheap cheap cheap! Again the ride was fine but the driver was a little strange πŸ€” Note: Always carry toilet paper whenever you can in Thailand
Lusi Tribe
The Long Neck Tribe (Karen)
On the way back to the strip to drop us off our guide was explaining to us about the different tribes they have in the hills in Pai. As we were driving through back down we were showed several camping sites which was so interesting. The main ones I remember are the Long Neck Tribe and Lisu Tribe. Traditionally, most of the hill tribes pursue animist beliefs: everything in the "real" world has its spiritual counterpart in the ghost world. Mostly, a ghost isn't good or bad by its nature, but can be one or the other depending on human action. Interestingly, some of the tribes also believe in a spirit superior to the others
3rd place was the Pai Grand Cayon Quiet a few steps to take but worth it. Great view once up the top. Was very hot at this point and Jade felt very tired and a little faint (she gets this when she hasn't eaten a lot of sugar) so she sat down in the shade for abit whilst Lauren, George and I took a couple of well thought out photographs lol
2nd place was the Mo Paeng Waterfall. Slightly off the beaten track and situated in the middle of the hills. The Waterfall was very dry and not as it should be but was still nice to see. Not a must see but was our first of many. I learnt that the water is being used for the crops as they are struggling to grow. As the water is scarce they need to be taken it from where ever possible.
Day trip around Pai 1st stop this morning was Sai Ngam the secret hot springs. The water was hot like a bath and just what we needed after a very cold night in the bungalow! There was several questions thrown around as to how the water is hot? We discovered that it is due to the the water from hot springs in non-volcanic areas is heated in this manner. In active volcanic zones such as Yellowstone National Park, water may be heated by coming into contact with magma (molten rock). The high temperature gradient near magma may cause water to be heated enough that it boils or becomes superheated.
Woke up bloody freezing this morning with icicles hanging off my nose!! The room was so unbelievable cold I struggle to get out of bed. Obviously there was no heating and there wasn't any extra blankets to use. No one told us that Pai is this cold in the mornings and evenings!!! Anyone thinking abut going here take your jumpers, socks and any extra blankets/clothing you have πŸ˜‚ The 'free' breakfast was very basic (like really basic). I just about had a bit of toast and a coffee. There was no milk just powdered cream and no proper tea either to Lauren's disappointment. The Thai seem to like their toast more like bread so had to ask the lady to keep putting it down again until it looked more like toast. The butter is very sweet and literally more like margarine to wasn't the easiest to eat. Lauren had a blueberry muffin to eat which she bought the night before so was super jealous when she whipped that out!

28 January 2017

Got to The Pai Hotel Resort pretty late and the owner greeted us and quickly showed us to our rooms. Jade and I in one and George and Lauren in another. The rooms we pretty large especially for a bungalow that fitted to 2 single bed which they had pushed together to make a double. The bedsheets were hilarious with pink teddy pattern all over them. The bathroom was a bit of a nightmare as it was half enclosed and half open top so all the mozzies could get in and bite us!! Luckily there was a door we could close and try to keep them out. The room was basic and pretty chilly but still had a mozzie net around the bed, toilet paper and charging points so can't complain too much! Let's see how this nights sleep goes...
Arrived into the main strip in Pai around 8 o'clock and had to ask around for where and how far our accommodation was. The locals were helpful so didn't take us long. Trip advisor said 10 minutes but the taxi man explained it was 30 minutes. To much difference but something to always watch out for. Before heading off we booked up our day trip for tomorrow from 9-1pm costing 340 baht. The extra 40 baht was for the National Park fee to get into the hot springs the rest included a guide who was going to drive us and wait for us in each place and entry into the Canyon and the Waterfall. Note: make sure you always ask around to see the different prices as one stall wanted to charge us 300 baht to get into the secret Hot Springs which is a lot more money than the 40 we paid!! Just before we jumped into the taxi the guy noticed we hadn't eaten yet and suggested we left our big bags with him at his shop & quickly run off to grab food while he waited for us. Very kind of him.
After Grand Canyon.. Travelled by mini bus up through the mountains to Pai at 4pm. Took just under 3 hours to get there. The 1st hour is through the city a little busy but fine. Then the 2nd part was a little rougher. The roads going up the mountains are very bendy and there was a lot of strained necks but to be honest it wasn't as bad as a lot of other travellers as mentioned. jade and George get motion sickness and they were absolutely fine! I would say if you get car sick still go and take the minibus but maybe take a sickness tablet. Don't take the Mopeds as the locals say if you haven't driven one before it's not a great idea to take on Pai roads as it's very dangerous. We have seen a lot of injured people from coming off of the bikes so best to take advice and only do it when the roads are safer to learn on.
The aftermath of today's activities!! 😳
Scary photo of Lauren and I just before we face planted the water off of the trampoline πŸ˜‘ After getting slightly concussed we treated ourselves to a hotdog and a slice of Oreo cake...
Grand Cayon day!! Ok so we didn't except the Grand Canon to be quite like it was! I had no clue it was a water park 😬we caught a ride across town to the park where we found the biggest inflatable park in the middle of a canon! The day started so well and then it stayed going Pete Tong πŸ˜‚ George gave it a good go but got to nervous about falling in so sat out and was our little photographer. We all got a bit brave and have the tall inflatable a go. Jade went first and got to the top no problem. I tried several times but Chicken out until accidentally I sucked it up and got to the top. Lauren shortly followed also scared of heights! At the top I didn't stand just crawled making sure I didn't go near the edge πŸ˜‚ Finally I managed to jump down even after watching Jade nearly dislocate her shoulder!

27 January 2017

Lazy day by the pool recovering from the night before πŸ’ƒπŸ» After the cooking class Jade, Lauren and I popped out to Zoe in Yellow to meet Lauren's friends Sam and Jake who she met in Phi Phi. We ended up going into Spiceys afterwards for a boogie.

26 January 2017

We alternated from preparing food at the dinner table and then cooking on the woks at the cooking Station. I thought the quickest dish to make was Pad Thai we literally chucked it in the wok for max 2 mins adding all the ingredients and hey presto dinner is served!! Springs rolls was also very quick to make once prepared. You dipped them into the sizzling oil for seconds until golden and then their good to go. Overall, I (and I think the other girls too) really enjoyed this evening, we meet some lovely Chinese people, a Swedish couple and made some nice dishes! Money well spent.
We Cook Thai cooking Class. 900 baht 4pm till 9pm The taxi collected us from our hostel at 4pm and took us to Si Phum in China Mai where the cooking class was being held. The other cookers jumped on and off we went to the local market to pick out the ingredients we needed. The market was in Chang Phueak and it's where all the restaurant owners gather their ingredients fresh every morning for the day ahead. The market was full of freshly caught fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, cakes and lots more. Our guide Mam talked us through why Thai use certain ingredients and what health benefits hey had. We were allowed to stroll around the market for 10 mins before heading back to the cooking school. On arrival we were greeted by the lovely owner who talked us through what we will be doing. The school was her home and kitted out with everything we needed. We had to choose 5 dishes to cook and I chose; Springs rolls Pad Thai Panang Curry Hot n Sour Soup with prawns Sticky rice & mango
πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈπŸš²πŸš΄β€β™€οΈ Hiring a bike is officially the best way to see Chiang Mai. Seeing as I haven't riden a bike in donkeys I did quiet well and loved it! 50 baht to hire them for the day. We rode around the city gates passing by the local temples and gardens. The roads were busy but there were bike lanes which helped so we didn't have to weave in and out of the cars too much. It was such a hot day but so worth it.
Ate at the night market again tonight. Tried out the chicken bao and pancake for dessert! Had a couple glasses of wine too after dinner at the market and then headed off to Zoe in Yellow and Spicey's after that.

25 January 2017

Cont... We massaged the mud into the elephant who was pregnant and she loved it! I could feel the baby moving around inside which was so weird! The guides made sure we all had fun and was chucking mud around at everyone which stuck so bad to our bikinis! Next we walked across into the river to wash the elephants off. We had to be a little more careful in here because the water was cold so occasionally the would make a quick move to get out. The elephants are free to do what they want so if they wanted to get out they can but we just had to make sure we weren't in their way! We washed off the mud and dried off whilst eating lunch made my the locals. The trip was only half a day so after lunch it was pretty much time to head back up to catch the taxi. It was an amazing day and I'm pleased we decided to go to this sanctuary. They are fighting to stop elephant riding in Thailand and it seems to be going well. Defo worth the 1700 baht we spent. Highly recommend!!
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary 🐘 Taxi came to pick us up at half 6 and took us on an hour ride to the sanctuary which was outside of town. Arrived around 8 o'clock and was taken down into the forrest by a 4x4 which was so much fun. The guide walked us through to an opening where the elephants were and a small camp where we sat and left our belongings. We all got changed into local attire and walked up the hill to meet the elephants. There was 7 of hem altogether and a range of ages. One of the being a female who was 55 years of age and pregnant. I learnt that elephants are pregnant from 18 to 24 months at a time. There was also a baby elephant called Peter who was her son and was aged 3. He was very energetic and was the naughty one of the bunch. We fed them grass, bananas and sugar cane. After that we changed into our bikinis to play in the mud bath and river with them. The water was cold and they didn't want to go in at first but after a while the older ones took a dip.

24 January 2017

Had THE best meal last night. Went to the Night market/Bizarre down the road from us. Located on Chang Klan road about 10 minute walk. The food market was unreal, had lovely little fairy lights everywhere, a band playing Bruno Mars and so many stalls that you are spoilt for choice!! I had Chicken gyozas and Chicken satay for dinner. For 12 gyozas it was 100 baht and for chicken satay, potato and salad it was 85 baht! Cheap as chips. I had strawberries and bananas covered in chocolate for dessert which was 50 baht. The girls all had different meals and all enjoyed every bit of it! Ventured to the night market further on afterwards and again was so good. Too many stalls to count and their was an amazing underground art market which we spent ages in. Didn't get back until about 12pm. Could of spent longer there but had to get up early in the morning. Chiang Mai didn't disappoint today. I totally recommend the night market and it's free so you can't go wrong!
5 am start to catch flight to Chiang Mai this morning. 100% still asleep whilst packing my bag. Nearly died on the way as the driver was a complete nutter but got there in the end. Arrived at D Well Hostel and couldn't check in until 2pm so went for a wonder. Cost is Β£30 for 3 nights here. Rooms are clean, beds are big but mattress a little hard. Lounge downstairs, conference room incase you need to work, small garden area for smoking and full use of kitchen when needed.

23 January 2017

Dinner @ The Wok tonight. Hoping to get in No 6 but was fully booked. Shrimp parcels and pork gyoza for starters and a nice pad Thai for mains. Came to 375 baht for dinner. Back to roof tops for a couple more drinks with the others then bed.
I have been travelling a month today 😬 Gone so quick! Had lunch at the hostel today and had the smallest cheese and ham sandwich ever πŸ˜‚ Ended up hungrier than before I ate it. 80 baht for lunch so can't complain too much. Took a walk the beach to check it out but decided to rain as soon as we got there. I swear we are cursed as every time we step outside it rains! Ended up market shopping and bought a dress for 450 baht. Nice floaty number, good for Bali πŸ’ƒπŸ» Back at the dorm we meet a girl called Mika from Surrey who was lovely and staying in our room. She'd back travelling for 2 weeks and we were comparing how much money we had both spent. Luckily she has spent just as much as us in less time so didn't feel as worried lol Chilled with a couple of bottles of Spy up on the roof top with Marcus, Mike and two girls Jade knows from home before going out for food.
This picture says it all. Banglea Road @ 23.30pm White Room Club = awful Illuzion = overpriced didn't go in Seduction = loosing faith in the club scene in Patong

22 January 2017

Lovely meal at Wine Collection near Banglea Road opposite the beach. Highly recommend. Ordered 2 pizzas, Caesar salad and chorizo pasta and shared between all of us. One of the best meals we have had here, shame we came all this way and Italian is what has impressed us.
Arrived at Bear Packers Hostel at 12 today but check in wasn't until 2pm so we headed off out for a bite to eat at McDonalds. The hostel was surprisingly good really pleased with it. Very clean and a good location. The receptionist wasn't overly friendly might of got out of bed on the wrong side but other than that fine. Roof top pool and a decent little cafe area selling cooked food. Our room is spacious and the beds were bed bugs! Yay!! Cost for 2 nights was 1100 baht each.
On the ferry again this morning. Patong time. This will be our 7th Island visited! Looking forward to Patong and then flight up to Chang Mai on Tuesday for sun and a lot of culture!! 😬

21 January 2017

Booked ourselves into a 4* tonight to refresh and treat ourselves πŸ™ˆ The beds in Sabidee were so hard we needed a good nights sleep. The hotel was only 10 mins down the road so we jumped into a Tuk Tuk to get there. On arrival they greeted us with juice and checked us in. We were shown to our bungalow which was so spacious, clean and well equipped. We even had a bath!! Very exciting seeing as we haven't had a bath since we left for travelling. The hotel had a private pool were we chilled out and sunbathed for a short while. Lunch was a sandwich and then back out to the pool. George and I completed our daily lengths and the other girls listened to their music. The hotel wasn't too expensive and costed 1400 baht each. To finish off the day room serviced was ordered were we ate it on the terrace, bath, Jade and I did each other's hair then bed.

20 January 2017

Ended going back to Klong Khong last night to the Irish Embassy bar for their 10th anniversary. Live band played. Couple of ciders then home for bed.
When bored crack out the cards 😎
Got woken up by the mosque next door to the hostel and the sound of rain this morning!! No beach today just chill day in the hostel :(

19 January 2017

Long beach today for a spot of sunbathing. Very similar to Klong Dao beach and just as lovely. Tried out Klong Khong this evening for dinner. Ended up getting a Tuk Tuk for 200 baht after bartering with the driver who then quickly became our choeffer friend lol We stopped out and had THE best tapas in The Red Snapper which was one of my favs meal since I've been in Thailand!! Once again their were cats in the restaurant which scared The shit out of Georgia. I reckon the cats are bred to keep the rats away! Wasn't much else to do so out driver friend picked us up and took us back to long beach for drinks. We had a few in Ozone bar. (140 baht for Vodka, lemonade and lime).

18 January 2017

Cont... At the Island Bar to watch the sunset. Lauren, Jade and I went out to dinner at the Greek Tavern tonight and George stay back to sleep as she was very tired. We shared a started and all had a main meal which came to roughly 350 baht Finished off the evening with a Vodka, lemonade and Lime on the beach where all the OAPs seemed to congregate haha and then bed. Overall, a nice evening.
Island hoping today. Koh Lanta here we come. Caught the ferry at Ton Sai Pier costing 300 baht. Hot day today so ferry was a little stuffy. The photo is the view from the ferry just before leaving. Got a Tuk Tuk from the Pier to our hostel for 200 baht. Sabidee hostel is situated about 20 minutes from the Pier and on the main road near Klong Dao beach. On arrival the hostel didn't look very much like the photos but we were hopeful. The owner is nice and welcoming and it's costed us just over 800 baht for 3 nights here so very cheap! The rooms are shipping containers so small and the beds are extremely hard but the facilities available are handy. There is free tea, coffee, bread, bananas and biscuits for us to use whenever we would like. It is also quiet around here which is good for a good nights sleep. After settling in we ventured over to Klong beach for lunch and a wonder. The beach is gorgeous and quiet and family orientated. After a spot of sunbathing we had a lovely drink

17 January 2017

Day Trip No 2. Hired a long boat for 3 hours today just for ourselves. Driver took us past the Viking caves first of all which was unreal and had Thai locals living there. Phi-Leh was next and was amazing with the most beautiful water. Had a dip here and then moved on to a deserted bay where we all got out and snorkelled (even George yay). The fish came up so close to us and looked exactly like the ones off of Finding Nemo! The finished off with visiting the monkey beach where we saw little baby monkey's and their families. The sun was hot today but luckily didn't burn! Overall the cost was 500 baht. Lovely day. On way back to the bungalows George and Lauren decided to get their nails done whilst Jade and I made the rookie mistake of climbing the 200 stairs up to The Viewpoint where it decided to piss it down. Weather was so bad so couldn't take any pictures! Not so lovely.

16 January 2017

Chill day today. Moved hostels up to the Tree House Bungalows (1000 baht a night). Went round by the pool meet a couple of lads from welling and Eltham. Walked to Banana Boat restaurant for dinner and then home for sleep. Not a bad night sleep apart from someone banging on the bungalow next to us because he was locked out!

15 January 2017

Sundays can mean only one thing= Pool Partays. Was our hostels pool party today started at 1pm and went on till late. Was an entrance fee but we didn't need to pay as we were staying there. Starts off real slow but picked up and ended up being really busy! Shannon and Steve was there so talked to them for but before we played beer pong (of course). By about 6 we got a little hungry so grabbed so good and headed up to the room for a nap and freshen up. However, after a little while Jade and Georgia started to feel unwell and was sick. Not sure what it was as we had all eaten the same and Lauren and I felt ok. Poor them not nice when your ill as all you want is home comforts. We moved to a different dorm (B5) that morning as we added on an extra night. We had 4 other boys in the room who nice but smelt typically like boys!! 😩

14 January 2017

Chill day by the pool today and quiet dinner tonight. We visited a restaurant down near the Pier which was truly awful. So not worth the money. I can't remember the name but will find out tomorrow! The food was watery and service was slack. Definitely worth a comment on trip advisor. Photo attached is of the shrimp tempura we ordered which was deep fried and filled with hardly any prawn at all. Phi Phi has got to be my fav island so far but sadly signing off disappointed tonight.

13 January 2017

7am start off to Phi Phi 😍 Taxi over was super dusty as it had a open back but now on the ferry sailing trip seas. Bags were hurting this morning due to a little too much sun and a lack of sun cream yesterday 😩 Arrived at the hostel today and was immediately worried what we had booked and spent £15 a night on. The lady on reception was English and advised us that we could upgrade our stay for an extra 150 baht each per night. We quickly agreed and was showed the 'nicer' rooms for 800 baht each per night. The dorm was 8 bed mixed and very small. Hardly any plug sockets and no bed lights like we have been spoilt too in our other hostels. The bathroom were super weird as the shower was in the same cubicle as the toilet but on the bright side handy if you needed a wee during washing lol on the plus side we met a lovely couple in our room who was on their honeymoon called Shannon and Steve from Bognor Regis. Very down to earth which was nice.

12 January 2017

Cont... We couldn't see much except a few yellow fishies 🐠 so I decided to get a bit brace a jump off the top of the boat πŸ˜‹and managed to convince Lauren to jump in the 2nd time with me. We had Thai lunch and a couple of beers and then headed off back home. We got to AoNang around half 2 and decided to laze it out on the beach until dinner time. After a hard busy day on the boat we fell straight asleep in the sunshine! Lol Finished the day off with a Indian dinner and bed ready for an early start to Phi Phi in the morning πŸ’•
Day trip No 1. We booked up a day trip today with out hostel to several islands near AoNang (400 baht each). It started off a little rocky after being forgotten about this morning but the hostel made it up to us by getting a free taxi down to the Pier and onto a longboat across to the 1st island which was Railey beach. The island was small and you could walk to either side within 20 minutes. There was a east and west Pier. It was very hot today so we spent 2 hr there and jetted off on a large boat for lunch and a trip to view the other islands. We was in a group of about 20 lots of different ppl from areas of the world. We meet 2 girls from Aberdeen who were nice and we're travelling to NZ after this for 2 years. On the boat we passed Poda Island and stopped off near Chicken Island where we was able to jump into the sea. Jade & I jumped straight in and went off on a little snorkel. (Luckily Auntie Sue bought me a snorkel for Xmas so I took my own which was so handy).

11 January 2017

Sun is shining and the weather is sweet 🎧 Lapping up the sun again today with the girls. Jade and I also went for a nice stroll down the beach to see what and who was about 😊 Had a meal in the Last Fisherman tonight before strolling back to the hostel for sleep as getting up early in the morning. Annnnnnd relax.
Hi Lauren πŸ‘‹

10 January 2017

Arrived safely to our destination and had a fab 1st day in Krabi. The sun was out, lunch was lovely and the beach was even better 😍 Pop in Hostel is a 10 minute walk from the beach but it's our first night in a mixed dorm. 8 of us in here altogether...let's see how this night goes. Free kebab sticks tonight at the hostel (wish they would have warned me about the 🌢though mouth was on πŸ”₯ !!) and then out for a nice drink out tonight at the Reggae, Rock Bar and back to the hostel for sleep.
Early bird catches the worm. On the 6am ferry to Donsak to head over to Krabi. Our booked taxi didn't arrive so was a bit of a panic to catch another taxi but were on and ready to sail the sea.

9 January 2017

So today we had sun...yes sun!!! Went for a stroll along the beach for the first time and then some lunch in the Fishbowl bar which was really nice and filling! Not too bad price wise. Sun didn't last long and it started raining again (not a shock) so headed back to the hostel to get washed and ready for our early start tomorrow.

8 January 2017

Vodka, lemonade and Lime out on the balcony before the rain starts again ✌🏻️ Tonight we went to The Fishbowl bar and had a lot of giggles and fun! Live singer on tonight which played some decent songs and then ended up playing beer pong afterwards. (This slowly becoming a regular occurrence for us). Very funny night with the girls. πŸ˜‚

7 January 2017

Arrived at Taco Shack 2 today after fighting through the rain! Not bad so much better than The Loft back down near the Pier. Larger rooms and a lot cleaner! 395 baht each for 3 nights which is Β£8 a night. Still raining though so only thing to do is...EAT.
Today is another horrible weather day on Ko Tao but we decided to try and walk along the beach before getting our bags and heading up to Sairee Beach for our next place and hostel. The taxi getting up to Sairee hostel stopped half way and refused to take us due to the floods πŸ™ We had to trek the rest with our heavy bags.
Quick stop at Coconut Monkey for breakfast after checking out of The loft at 10am.

6 January 2017

Headed to Bro & Sis last night for dinner. Had a lovely burger and chips..small portions than normal but was nice. There was a Thai band playing called 'what Animals do' as well which was different and they played English songs that we knew so we could sing along πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
Drinks have been ok so far they pretty much have everything we do over in the UK except my favourite fruity cider! I have been on a search for a Kopperberg since we got here and still no luck. All fingers and toes are crossed for Koh Toa... hopefully over on that island they love it just as much as I do. Chang beer is properly the cheapest at 80 baht with San Miguel coming in 2nd costing 100 baht. Now I don't like beer but Im starting to train myself to drink it as it would save me and few pounds here and there. For us British a cuppa tea is not just a luxury but a necessity. Wherever I travel to I go I always panic that the milk just isn't up to scratch but surprisingly it's not been too bad here. You can pop into your local Family Mart or 7/11 for a small carton costing 60 baht.
The moral of today is to never ever come to Thailand when it rains. The day started with thunder & lightening (no change from the last 5 days) but we were meant to be leaving for Koh Toa today so weren't happy. We had our tickets at the ready but when we arrived at the Pier the taxi man had taken us to wrong bloody one! We had to trek over to the over Pier in the pissing rain to be told the ferry will not be leaving due to the storms! We went to a local cafe to figure out what to do as no taxi would take us back to Koh Samui as all the roads were flooded. In the end Jade suggested we treat ourselves to a 5 star hotel as we had such a bad day and hostels were very slim on the ground! We bit the bullet & booked in. So glad she did as it made us all feel so much better!! I can safely say this has been the most unsuccessful day of the trip so far πŸ˜‘but the hotel did make up for it! The room was lovely & sea view was a bonus. We got room service & settled down for the night.
Today started a lot better than yesterday! Thank god. We woke around half 8 and headed down to breakfast feeling clean & fresh. The breakfast area was situated a couple of floors down from our penthouse. There was a mixture of different foods to choose from, the usual cooked breakfast, croissants, yoghurt, cereal and there was some Thai delicates thrown in too. I went for the pancakes which were American style and delish! The hotel managed to book us a transfer to Bangrak Pier (life savers!) where we were leaving the island to get over to Koh Toa. The rain was still pouring but we were all so determined to go somewhere new. We checked in at the Pier & managed to get our tickets that we had originally paid for with Joe in Bangkok. We waited about an 1 1/2 hrs for the boat to arrive. As we were passing through the exit getting our tickets checked we were stopped & asked for another 600 baht for the boat as Joe from V&V had refused to send our money across to them.
The last week on Koh Samui has been not what we expected. The weather has been so extreme we haven't been able to move off of the island. We have managed to keep our selves occupied as best as we can but it has been testing. We all discovered that twister was not our fortay! Haha

4 January 2017

Israel restaurant in Chaweng is delish. After adventuring out in the rain we managed to find this little treat. The service was good with little buzzers we could press to get the attention of the workers. Food not too expensive and decent portions. Tonight was movie night watching Bridesmaids (one of my favourites) All of us, the lads and another couple sat on the bean bags and chilled out. Ended up making a cuppa for everyone before bed. Nice to stay in and save a little money.

2 January 2017

This evening we headed out to Chaweng again tonight with the Newcastle lads. Started in Henry's Bar and then went over to Ark Bar for a couple of drinks. Very hot on the beach but all round good night πŸ’ƒπŸ»

31 December 2016

NYE cont.. Into the crowd and burnt us. Everyone ran backwards away from this and trampled Lauren and I to the ground where was 3 people deep. luckily the boys pulled us out and took us up where it was clear. It was such a good night but I recommend standing well clear of any signs at these parties!!
NYE in Koh Pangnan. Us and the Newcastle lads got the transfer taxi over to the Pier in Chaweng where we got on a speed boat over to the other side. The boat was super fast and very wet, Georgia and Jade weren't too impressed but I really enjoyed it especially in the pitch black! On arrival we all got painted with UV paint 🎨 which costed approx 150 baht but everyone's prices differed depending on what they had. We walked down through the streets which was jammed pack and found a 7 11 where we picked up our buckets and drink before reaching the beach. Each bar on the beach had their own music going own and even little fire shows for us to watch and participate in. Jamie was the only one brave enough to jump the limbo stick that was on fire. Come 12 there was a massive 2017 sign that was set alight with fireworks to start off the New year! The wind was so bad that the sparks from this flew..
We visited the Fishmans Market while we were in Bhuphut and absolutely loved the Art shops. This was an original painting costing Β£1500. George wanted it for home but couldn't afford that type of money especially not on out budget! Haha

30 December 2016

Day 1 in Koh Samui: My Cafe in Bhuphut is my fav. Chic little cafe situated in Bhuphut just a road over from our hostel. It was too exapensive and the food was lovely. We visited this place twice and both times enjoyed the food. It overlooked a little lake and was always busy which in Thailand is always a good sign.

29 December 2016

Cont... for a good 2 hours! Noone told us we would have to wait this long so Thai time again!! Ok so I say ferry we got on but it wasn't really more of a speed boat. The weather had started to heat up abit and we had eaten but something at the Cafe only a little sandwich. On the move Jade started to feel unwell so George tried making her feel better. The boat was going super fast and the waves weren't exactly smooth. Jades belly couldn't handle it anymore and she was violently sick everywhere πŸ˜‚even over the other customers on the boat! I jumped into action and took her down the back of the boat to sort her out. She can safely say that was a low point in her life πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Travelling down from Bangkok to Koh Samui. Altogether took 20 hours! As a collective we decided that the over night bus we the best bet for us. Our transfer from the hotel to the bus took a while and was late as always (Thai time). There wasn't any bus we had to walk the way with our bags and collect other customers on the way. Even though it was evening it was still humid and trekking through Bangkok streets wasn't easy. Lauren's bag is super heavy and killing her back. Finally our bus arrived after waiting for ages and dreading that no one was going to arrive!! We requested front seats and we knew we would get more leg room. The ride down was a little rocky as the driving on knew one speed...FAST! Managed to sleep a little way which was good. We stopped off at a market type place for food half way. Didn't really get anything except Pringles as didn't trust it that much. At the other end a ferry awaited ready to take us over to Koh Samui but we had to wait at a small cafe for a..

28 December 2016

BEWARE: Bangkok Thai Massage may cause bruises and hilarious giggling fits. This photo was taken in one of the Thai Massage shops on the Rambrutti strip we was staying on. George wasn't keen but we managed to persuade her to come with us. It was a funny experience with lots of weird hand movements and stretches.
First full day in Bangkok....Tuk Tuks. Now I know a lot of people say not to go on these crazy inventions but we just had to try them out for ourselves. Lauren and Georgia got in one and Jade and I in another. The drivers took us round to several places including The temple, Grand Palace and Floating market. This may of been our first mistake but definitely a lesson we have learnt from! The Tuk Tuk drove us to a nearby travel agency as they get free petrol tokens if they take their customers there. It was called V&V travel and apparently government run. The guy we spoke to was called Joe and very sure of himself. He managed to sell us tickets from Bangkok to Koh Samui for 1100 baht each. At the time we thought this was legit and decent price. Looking back now we had been right ripped off. After that who ha we was taken to

26 December 2016

Our Bangkok adventure started on Boxing Day 2016. We arrived safely after our 15 hour journey from Gatwick. Jade and I got the taxi from Bangkok airport to the Rambrutti Hotel where we were staying. Georgia and Lauren wasn't far behind as they got on a separate flight to us from Dubai. The taxi fare was 700 baht. The drive was ok but we were both super tired. The city coming in looked similar to London in a way with its tall skyscrapers and busy roads. Rambrutti hotel was located very near to Koh San Road. The strip we was on was lovely and full of restaurants to try out. The room was very basic but clean. No cockroaches or funny Smells. Thank goodness. Me and Jade spent the evening sorting out our bags/freshening up and then took ourselves off to a cocktail bar to wait for the other girls. Cocktails weren't bad at Β£3.
Drinks before we fly. Jade and I on the plane πŸ’›
Leaving day here we come! πŸ’• Lauren, Georgia, Jade and I ready to go πŸ˜±πŸ‘‹