New Zealand, Fiji · 15 Days · 43 Moments · May 2017

Grace's journi to Fiji

5 June 2017

Overall Fiji was definitely up there as one of my favourite countries!! Absolutely loved their culture and visiting only a few of the 333 Islands they have. The Yasawa Flyer II we travelled around on was so organised and on time that it worked so well. One of my top Islands has to be Wayalailai the ladies that ran it made everyone feel so welcoming and Aku and Noa made it a great atmosphere and fun! Fiji was very unexpected and it lived up to everything I hoped for. It was the bit of paradise that I hoped for from Thailand and Bali. I loved the way they wear the flowers with pride in their hair and that they greet and wave goodbye to you with song. I learnt that if a male has a flower in his right ear he is taken and for him to purpose to his girlfriend he must collect a sharks tooth as a token of appreciation. Such a unique and lovely culture! I may go home saying Vinaka Vakalevu (thank you for very much) out of habit as I couldn't of said it more during my time in Fiji. πŸ’›
Early flight this morning up at 5 am to check in for 6.30am. Taxi from the Sheraton to the Airport was $45, very cheap as splitting between 3. Approx Β£15. Arrived at the airport to find that their was an error with loading the baggage at checkin! Lauren didn't have a problem at all to check in to he Sydney flight but it was just mine and Jade's luck hat we was delayed for an hour!! In the end they checked us in but piled up everyone's bag on the broken down escalator. Don't know why they didn't do that in the first place!! The rest was pretty quick and straightforward luckily and we managed to grab something for breakfast from Gloria Jeans. Sitting on the flight easy to board and the captain tell us there will be another delay as they are having problems getting ours bags on.. 2 hrs! Not a great start for Fiji Airways. That aside it was our last flight without Loz as she flies off to do a weeks work in the YW Sydney office. Not sure how I feel about going home mixed emotions

4 June 2017

Cont... As it was raining early morning and the sky filled with clouds. Popped into a couple of the shops and left with a bag of sweets and chocolate for us to take back to the room and devour whilst watching a movie. Didn't fancy going out for a meal in the end as we was all a little bit to tired for 2 weeks on the islands.
Our last night travelling 😭 Decided to treat ourselves to a stay at the Sheraton as you know how we love to book ourselves in to these posh hotels haha we got it on a deal that Jade found for Β£62 each for a night. I'll take that! The room was self contained and had to Queen size beds in for us to share and a large telly! The bathroom was just as nice with the best shower we have had in a long time. The shower head was bigger than my head and the water was warm! Go Sheraton πŸ˜‚ Feeling abit lazy this afternoon so ended up sorting out our bags and then ordering room service πŸ€— Club sandwich was delish and so much better than the one we had in the 5* in Thailand, especially after I had taken out the friend egg haha The bill came to $133 between us and that's including 3 drinks, chips and tax. After Loz had a quick nap we got showered a went for a walk around. Whilst walking around we noticed that the hotel had so much to do and the pools were so lovely. We hadn't set round the poo
Used this morning as a great photo opportunity! lol Cecelia a friend we met the night before hung out with us on the beach before we sped off to Cloud 9.

3 June 2017

After Cloud 9 managed to grab dinner...even though we had pizza not so long ago. Ended the night with a couple of the guys we met that night from Stockholm, Japan and the Netherlands. Above is photo evidence of Lauren not so gracefully getting under the limbo stick πŸ˜‚
Cloud 9 - booked through Beach Comber Tour desk and costed us $109 FJD. This included the speed boat to the platform and back but nothing else. We had seen online that if you paid $209 you would get 1 woodfire pizza and a drink but this wasn't offered at the tour desk on the island.Booked us ourselves onto the afternoon slot as we thought this would be the busiest time to go. The boat picked us up at 2.30pm and took half an hr to get there. Was a little cloudy on arrival which was a bit of a shame as the sun would of made it look even more beautiful. There was already a lot of ppl on the platform that stood in the middle of the ocean. Their were ppl snorkelling and jumping off of the top as we pulled up. We saw Anna and Lucie in passing as we got on but because they had booked themselves the morning slot we only had to time to say hi before they got the boat back to Nadi. The place reminded me of somewhere in Marbella as it had a cool, edgy vibe with music that had no words πŸ˜‚

2 June 2017

Island number 6: Beach Comber Island Welcome to Beach Conner you will be staying in a 100 bed dorm 😱😱... Checked in and paid up front for the food $80 for the next two days. Was showed to our beds which is was number 98 lol jade 97 and Lauren number 99. Left our passports and other valuables with the front desk as they locked them away to keep them safe. Can't be chasing them going missing right at the end of our trip! We've come so far lol The beds in the room was pretty crammed and the mattress was pretty much non existent. Felt like I was laying on the concrete πŸ˜‚Beach Comber is known for being the party island so I took it for what it is. It did the trick for the 2 nights we was there! The food was basic but still good. It included Fiji dishes such as rice, meat, fruit, potatoes etc With same pasta thrown in too!

1 June 2017

Dinner 🍴 Last night on Octopus Island was an interesting one. This photo says it all... πŸ˜‚ Love these girls!
The plan for today is sunbathing...

31 May 2017

Dinner last night πŸ€— For starters I had cabbage wrap with ratatouille inside and a small Indian dish that came out complimentary. Main was lamb shank with mash and root vegetables in a red wine jus. Lauren had the same and Jade went for the pork with vegetables and basil & cumin potatoes. Dessert was lemon custard tart, peanut brittle and vanilla ice cream. I wasn't sure about the tart which was disappointing as I love lemon but it was very strong and tasted of nothing. For drinks we had Alesllinie which is champagne and passionfruit puree. Not as good as pornstar martinis but was the cheapest on the cocktail menu at $17 Fijian dollars.
Island number 5: Octopus Island πŸ™ In a 8 bed dorm on this resort for the next 2 nights as we aren't on the same plan as last week. Last week we pre booked before we left and upgraded to 2 coconuts which meant we got our own private lodges and rooms but for this week we booked on the boat last week and to save money only chose 1 coconut which means dorm rooms and we have to pay for our food as we go. Last week it was really nice as Jade & I had already pre paid for our meals too so we didn't have to worry about that part. At this resort it is $109 per day which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. That equates to roughly Β£39 per day each person. The dorms are well equipped with plugs by ours beds and lights too. The sheets and pillows are clean also. The staff are very friendly which makes it a nice atmosphere.
2 hours to get to Octopus from Nanuya Saw Ida, Maya, Anton, Anna and Lucie on the boat. They were heading for a night in beachcomber. It was Maya and Anton's 2 year anniversary so we got to congratulate them which was nice. We might be seeing Anna and Lucie at Cloud Nine on Saturday so we spoke to them about that too!
Breakfast again this morning and Lauren got cooked breakfast off of the menu. I was good and had the free food but was just as nice. I knew my bill at the end would be higher than normally so i thought best not spend any more πŸ˜‚ My tab came to $296 Fijian dollars in total. Not bad when converted into English. I don't mind seeing as I had such a lovely time! Left for the Yaswa Flyer ll at around 1.30pm ready for Octopus Island! Hugged Jowie and Charlotte goodbye and thanked the owner for a personable and comfortable stay.

30 May 2017

This evening it was just us for dinner and Jowie had set up a table on the beachfront overlooking the sea. It had little candlit jars and the comfy restaurant chairs. For dinner I had chicken curry but with a twist. The chicken was Cajun style and it was on a bed of homemade chips and a pumpkin/spinach curry. The girls had a lobster dish. This was again down to the owner who had personally asked what we liked to eat. I was in the spa having my treatment when he came over to Jade & Lauren. Jade had mentioned that I didn't like fish so he made other arrangements! Another bonus point for Nunuya!!
After our foot massage I wanted to get another treatment! Seeing as I'm only in Fiji for another 5 days so why not 😏 I booked in for the Nunuya Fijian Scalp treatment at 4.30pm. The spa itself was was very nicely done and something out of a hotel. I was really quite impressed with the place. Compared to the other islands it has been decorated to a high standard like that of a posh holiday resort. I can imagine couples would love this sort of island. I didn't catch the lady's name that took my treatment but she used a cold and warm coconut press on my scalp to revive hair growth and moisture the hair. My hair falls out quite a lot so thought it was a good idea to try something like this. Soooo relaxing πŸ’›
Breakfast this morning consisted of fruit, homemade bread, cereal and homemade pancakes just for us. We had introduced ourselves to the owner the night before and I had joked and mentioned that I loved pancakes! It was so kind of him to go out of his way to tell the chefs to make them! Bonus points for Nunuya 🌴 After brekkie Beth left us this morning to go to Beachcomber so us girls decided to have a chill day pretty much sunbathing all day. I then remembered that we had been given a complimentary 10 min foot massage from the Spa so we decided to book ourselves in for the afternoon. It was so lovely and the ladies that did the treatments were so welcoming and very professional. Was impressed. They used oil and moisturiser which I loved as my feet has been through it the last 6 months! You

29 May 2017

Dinner was a little quieter than normal tonight as it was just us 4 πŸ˜‚but you know what it was nice to have a little quiet time without lots of other people around you all the time. Dinner was to die for! Lamb sliders with homemade chips! Everything about the dish was done so well. The lamb had aioli sauce on and we had an extra side of BBQ sauce too (except Lauren who can't stand the stuff lol)The buns the lamb came in was again homemade. It's not surprising that other islands come to Nunuya to buy their bread for their resorts as it is the best we have tasted in Fiji so far. Was a nice evening chatting to Beth who we met in NZ on the Kiwi. She wasn't in our group of girls hat we spent most of the time with but we always made the effort to speak to each other. She's from Liverpool and has been travelling for just under a year her next stops are Hong Kong, Singapore & Thailand then home! Which iam slightly jealous of! I'm sure if I am ever in Liverpool I will let her know.
Island number 4: Nanuya Boat House The small speed boat took us over to the resort where we were greeted by Jowie the BoatHouse manager. Beth was there on arrival to on her lonesome as the resort we quiet and hadn't had many guests. So Beth was excited to see us! We checked in and showed them our passports which was the first resort that had asked to see them. Jowie showed us to our room (number 12) where Beth was staying too. The room was more like a hotel than a dorm!! The beds were made up nicely and the toilet was so lavish compared to the other islands. They even supplied us with hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and airwick spray which we soon found out that we needed more than once πŸ˜‚. Must be the cooking oils... Once settled in us 4 headed down to the sunbeds over looking the sea for a spot on tanning.
Left Nabua Island this morning for our fourth stop. Saw Jimmy, Jacob and Josephine on the boat to say goodbye before they fly back to Auckland to pack up their belongings and then fly home to Sweden.
Blue Lagoon this morning for a spot of snorkelling 🐠🐟 Lauren, Jade, Lucie, Anna and I went off this morning to the Blue Lagoon beach to see what it had to offer. There was a lot of fish and I found 2 blue starfish! We had learnt that they weren't poisonous to Me and Lauren dove down and picked them up. Obviously me going first... The first one had a very hard texture compared to the second which was a lot softer! We wasn't sure why? The owner of the beach was sitting at the side under the shade watching us search for shells and gems of the sea. She was a older lady and later we learnt that it was her mother in law that had inherited the plot of land and she lived on it to keep watch.

28 May 2017

Fijian night again tonight... this will be our 3rd in a row. The staff put on a little show for us and performed traditional dances. We played a couple of games including the dancing conga line which meant whoever was at the front had to make up some dance moves and everyone else copied whilst going along. It then flipped so the person at the other end was leading and had to make up the dances. The other was a dance where we had to get into pairs and cross over our hands behind our backs and move along and then flip ours arms to change direction. It's very hard to explain but was funny with Jade. The rest of the night consisted of Ida, Maya and Anton teaching me Norwegian and German. They was laughing as they taught me a couple of 'bad words' and told me to use them if I ever visit Germany or Norway. πŸ˜‚ Joe and I had a quick game of pool which unfortunately he won but wasn't a bad game we were both on the black! Headed bed not long after...
We walked for miles this morning to get to Blue Lagoon resort where our Swedish friends are staying! Woke up this morning and all of us wanted to visit the other it's over on the other resort. We wasn't sure how to get there but as a team we figured it out! The sun was so hot today and hardly any breeze so the walk was hard. We was told that it would take us approx 40 mins but instead it took us 1 1/2 hrs haha it was only because the guys told me to start heading down the hill which I did and then changed their minds so I had to try and make way back up the side of the mountain! Which was harder than it looked. After a few cracks and slips I made it up and we carried on. Jade didn't come with us as she knew if she would end up hurting herself. She doesn't have the best of luck on these types of walks. Eventually we arrived at our destination! The gossip was true the resort was lovely and so much better than Nabua 😫 we walked onto the beach where Josephine and jimmy were taking a di

27 May 2017

Walked up what they called sunset hill to take a peek.. not as good as the one at Wayalailai and the hill getting up was basically vertical.
Island number 3: Nabua Island I hadn't heard much talk about this resort so was really unsure what to expect. Luckily since travelling I have learnt to to expect anything that why you won't be disappointed. The room was nice with interesting decor. The ceiling was painted beautifully in tribal patterns and the size of he room was huge! It had a double bed and a bunk bed too. When we first walked into the room I hadn't noticed that there wasn't a ensuite until Jade mentioned it. The guy that bought our bags over told us where's what and then opened what we thought was the wardrobe door but turnt out to the bathroom! It was clever and amused us for a while. We got the girls over and showed them too haha On our porch we even had a hammock to relax in which was a nice touch! Unfortunately the room was the only nice part about the resort. There was a lack of anostphere and the staff wasn't very friendly at all!! Even pulling faces when you asked them a question. Wasn't our fav island...

26 May 2017

Honeymoon beach walk with the group today. Walked to the other side of he island where his gem was kept. Costed $2 to get onto it. Dinner this evening was a sombre one as all the Americans had out don't themselves the night before and basically drunk the bar dry. There was some Fijian entertainment instead. Their were fire dancers (not as good as the ones i saw in South Africa though) and a few of the ladies perform some traditional dances. Played a few card games and Jack the Ripper (not sure why the name?) showed us some card tricks which was actually quite impressive!

25 May 2017

Tonight entertainment was a bunch of American volunteers πŸ˜‚ They were over in Fiji for 2 weeks to help in local schools. They got so drunk and made our evening very entertaining. We ended up joining in with the fun and I met a lovely guy called Justice. Nearer the end of the night us girls and Jill jumped in the pool where the Americans already were! It was an eventful night and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Our bar tab was so desirable though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«
Today activity was swimming with Manta Rays. The guides took us out on their speed boat to a cover around on the next bay. The water was really cloudy which was unusual for that time of day. It was a struggle to see the bottom and after awhile of swimming around we got back into the boat and had to sit and wait for the tide to fully go out. Eventually the captain spotted a ray and we all jumped into the water to take a look. I managed to see a late black one but missed the white one that was in front of it. The captain was so glad that we got to see one. The sunset came down not long after that so we headed back for dinner.
Island number 2: Korovou island! One of the largest islands with 3 high schools. Checked into mine & Jade's honeymoon room πŸ˜‚ Anton and Maya had a lodge next door to us and Lauren had been upgraded with Ida, Lucie and Anna to the lodge the other side. There were little steps leading down to the beach just outside our balcony and we had a small little front garden too. The shower wasn't great though and only trickled out but was definitely bette than the one Lauren had! Most of the time she didn't even have electricity in her room πŸ˜‚ Lauren gets the hottest out of all of us so without the fan in her room she wasn't a happy bunny haha
Moving islands this morning and heading to Korovou! Sad to be leaving Waya Lailia as it was nice and homely and very personable! Noa took us over to the main boat that waits for you close by to take you to your next destination.

24 May 2017

In the evening we made it back just in one for dinner which was Fijian night (every Wednesday!) a couple of the guys went back and had a shower for dinner but I was too hungry so went straight away sill pretty sweaty πŸ˜‚ As it was Fijian night we had traditional food such as Yams and lots of meat cooked on a fire. We also had to eat without cutlery which was very interesting so needed up using a piece of chicken as a fork lol After dinner music played a the staff taught us the traditional Bula dance πŸ’ƒπŸ» Ended the night staying at till 1 playing card games (president) with Aku, Noa, Dooms, Norman, Mash and Eda.
Relaxed on the beach for the rest of the afternoon and then got ready for a mountain hike to the top of Waya LaiLai at 4pm! The hike we have been told was pretty hard so when it came to our trip we was ready for a difficult climb! Norman was our guide who does the hike 3 times a day 😱 he was extremely fit and did even flinch at all when try to climb the rocks to get to the highest view point! It was a little cloudy at the top but we could still see a little sunset! We trekked through rainforest to et the viewpoint too and I was so worried we would all get bitten to shreds but wasn't actually too bad at all! On the way down it was very slippery and shade fell on her bum a couple of times to her disgust πŸ˜‚ we haven't been lucky enough to see a perfect sunset yet but we are hopefully that in Fiji we will!!
Snorkelling with sharks was amazing!! Noa and Aku dived down to the bottom of the ocean to feed the sharks which gave us a brilliant opportunity to see and touch them. They felt very hard and little muscley! We were advised if they were to swim toward you not to touch them face one but to put you arms across your chest. When we first got into the water we felt a little stinging all over our bodies my initial thought was that it was a jelly fish and got really worried! However, luckily it wasn't but was very meniscal crabs in that part of the ocean! They were swimming away from us in the opposite direction which was good at least they weren't going to be where we was heading otherwise don't think I could of stayed in the water for long! After snorkelling it was lunch time and we had definitely built up a appetite! Lol
Also moved rooms on the resort today to our 2 coconut cabin! Cute 😍
Up at 7 this morning ready for breakfast! Then off to snorkel with sharks!! Aku and Noa is taking us out on a small boat to the middle of the reef where there is a large pool filled with Reef sharks!! Can't wait πŸ˜ƒ The view this morning is lovely and is hot already! Going to be a good day!

23 May 2017

Dinner last night was at 7pm and they bang a drum to let everyone know on the haven that it is ready. We had rice, chicken, beef, potatoes and salad. Afterwards we played some cards with Ida a Norwegian girl we met during the day and 2 staff called Noah and Ali. Went to bed around 11. The rooms are nice and quite comfortable compared to what we have had. Lauren is on the lower garden near the main area and we are up higher in our our cabin. This is because she joined our tour late as her and George were meant to staying on in Aus longer which put their trip back later than ours. We had 3 single beds to choose from in our room and Jade and I decided to share the 2 right next to each other lol when you have been travelling with someone for 6 months day in day out you get used to sleeping in close proximity lol we did offer the other bed to Lauren but having to keep moving around 23kg bag gets tiring!! The pillows were comfortable and bedding clean so good night sleep all round.
Activity of the day!! Bracelet making 🌸don't worry mum I made you one :) The shells are collected from the beach and dried off being we can braid them on to our string. $7 dollars each bracelet! Lovely start to the island.
Island number 1: Waya LaiLai Eco Haven. A beautiful island with a small village of around 90 occupants. The resort we are staying on is a short walk away. The sand here is a golden and sea clear blue! On arrival we was greeted by the resort manager who welcomed us and gave us a complimentary drink. The staff are so friendly and the whole resort is very personable. The views are amazing and can only describe it as paradise! On the island there are only 3 resorts and one school were all the young ladies go to look after and cook for students. On the resort we were looked after by a lot of men in their mid 20s and older ladies. On the island it is common that you can creat a tab and pay for your purchases at the end of your stay e.g drinks from the bar. At the end of the 2 days by bill was $66 which converts into roughly $ Fact of the day: Hermit crab is the only mammal that can crack open a coconut. Saw this crab on Waya LaiLai island.
6.30am start today as got to catch the Awesome Adventures coach then boat to our first Island. Still wet this morning as the rain was coming down hard last night! Was very sticky and humid during the night and I found it really hard to sleep but the bed was fairly comfortable so at least that was good! Just got to adjust back to this sort weather for the next 2 weeks. Nadi is very similar to Indonesia but with a hint of Spain.

22 May 2017

Bambo hostel for the 1st night and it's raining :( but that's not going to stop us from going to the bar! It is $16 for the room for the night and so far a Vodka lemonade and lime is £2.60!! Cheap as chips!!! 😎 Had a few drinks and some dinner before going to bed at 10.
Touch down 😏 Bula to Bali girls πŸ‘‹
On flight watching the Trolls movie! Not a bad flight so far I'm sure the kids would love this if they haven't seen it already!
Flying from Auckland Airport this afternoon at 1.05pm. Lots of people out this morning flying abroad took us a while to get through check in. Grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast/lunch at the cafe near the terminal. Feeling like I should be on a diet as going to be in a bikini in less than 24 hrs but still couldn't resist a toasted banana cake slice 😊 We are ready for the sunshine β˜€οΈ