New Zealand · 35 Days · 54 Moments · April 2017

Grace's adventure in New Zealand

22 May 2017

Uber, munch and fly.
Auckland we baccccck for one night only! Obviously we visited our fab Auckland restaurant down the Quay called Jack Tar. Pizza galore!

20 May 2017

Our last point of our trip a night Christchurch! The oldest city in NZ. A strange City and felt very airy with still a lot of buildings and area torn down from he earthquake that happened 7 years ago. Stayed in YMCA for night with Tammy who was also leaving for Hamilton the next day just after us.

19 May 2017

Lake Tekapo stayed at WaterFront lodges. Loz and I went for a walk up MT John which was harder than we expected! It was freezing out and I wore 4 layers! I immediately regretted this πŸ˜‚ I don't have any photos of the view from the top because both our phones died because it was too cold up there 😭 The church you can see in the photo is just up the road from the lodge and was beautiful.

17 May 2017

17th & 18th we were back at Queenstown! Tonight we headed out for our last night. 😭 Decided to go to Ice Bar absolutely great shout! The night ended with 20 chicken nuggets and ketchup in my hair πŸ˜‚ Thanks Lauren 😘
1st Stop: World's Steepest Street in Dunedin Up close it didn't look very steep but the further way you went for it the more you could tell. I would not like to live on that road and walk up that hill everyday πŸ˜‚ Long drive back to QT!
Ready for bus at 10.15 to take us back up to Queenstown. If you were to visit the Deep South then to make sure you get more than a night stop over in each place that way you can really venture round and see what the places have to offer. It was a long trip for us as we felt like we was on the small mini bus most of the trip. For Hade and I this was quite uncomfortable as we have such long legs!! πŸ˜–
Stayed at On Top Backpackers last night in Dunedin. Down stairs was pretty cool with lots of pool tables, free wifi and the rooms weren't too bad. They were pretty cold though and the heater didn't really work :/ but for $24 it was good.

16 May 2017

Visited some friendly Sea lions yesterday on Cannibal Beach. The group were all males and fought all day long. There was a lot of rough sand and marks surrounding them from the fights they have had during the day.
Some gorgeous views at Nugget Point too
Bluff, Deep South. Furthest point away from Cape Reinga.

15 May 2017

Milford Sound, Deep South. Very cold but extremely beautiful!! Lauren went back to Queenstown as she was only doing Milford Sound and Myself, Jade, Nat, Caz and Tan went on to Invercargill to stay the night ready to travel into Deep South more tomorrow. The accommodation tonight wasn't great and a little scary lol the room were cold and the stairs leading up to it was eire. There was a lift but if was extremely old and if it was to break down when you was in it you would be fined $500 😱 Us girls stayed in the lounge room for most of the night and chilled out using the wifi. For dinner we went to Hell Kitchen for pizza πŸ• I had the Mayhem one and it was far better than Dominoes!!

14 May 2017

Never a dull moment with these girls. Face timing in the same room πŸ˜‚

12 May 2017

One of the scariest afternoons of my trip so far doing the Nevis Swing Worlds highest!! All but Rach did today as it wasn't something she wanted to do. Nice day out with the girls but extremely scary.

10 May 2017

QUEENSTOWN BABY. All 8 girls all still altogether and having THE best time πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Staying here for 5 nights before moving onto the Deep South for 2 nights.
Left Wanaka for Queenstown this morning. Exciting πŸ˜ƒ Wasn't the nicest of mornings with a little shower of rain but was made fun when we stopped off at a Maze.

9 May 2017

Wanaka! Lovely lovely lovely place. Would definitely visit it again on holiday. It was like a small ski town with a gorgeous lake on its side. We only stayed here for 1 night at Base Hostel. The afternoon we arrived Jade, Lauren, Caz and I decided to go watch the film Lion! We had been wanting to watch since we left last year. The cinema was so cute and homely. There was sofas and only 2 other ladies watching it. Was the nicest little afternoon and the film was so good! So good it all made us cry a little πŸ˜‚ I'm not usually a crier especially over films but it was so worth the wait! In the evening we went out for a couple of drinks first downstairs in the hostel bar and then an Irish bar round the corner and finished off with a bar located opposite of the lake with warms electric fires outside.

7 May 2017

Fans Joseph stop off for 2 nights. These are our chill days enjoying some downtime as we have been on and off the bus pretty much everyday since we started the bus trip. Lozza went of on the Helly Hike across the Franz Joseph Glacier and really enjoyed it. It was $300 per person and I thought it was a little expensive. I'm sure I would of enjoyed it but I would rather go to Iceland and hike there. The accommodation was lodges of 4 and our girls room were right next to each other and as we had upgraded we go TVs in our rooms too! Bonus! The Rainforest Retreat had a sauna and hot tub which we used and a lovely restaurant were we have Pizza night on our 2nd evening. Funny moment was when Rach, Jade and I ended up playing IT through the car park. We was feeling abit restless!

6 May 2017

The official fancy dress nightπŸ’ƒπŸ»This was one of the funniest nights of my trip. The theme for the night was inanimate objects chosen by Caz! It had never been done before and Luke thought it was a great idea. We stopped off in a town to grab materials to make our costumes. Didn't have long but no fear we made it work πŸ’ͺ Everyone rushed to the nearest Warehouse store where all the best probs/materials could be found. I would recommend if you need cardboard then to ask in this store too as they have a recycling bin full of it! My idea was to go as a lamp so naturally I bought a lamp shade! Jade was struggling but managed to think of something last minute. So i then end she went as a photo frame and Hun a frame round her neck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Lauren went as a self tanning bottle which is hilarious as we are always ripping her for looking orange! Haha Everyone made such a good effort and it was a great night!! Everyone (and I mean everyone) had a fab time and got a little to worse for wear!

5 May 2017

Basils Hostel tonight approx $31 dollars each night. Stayed in a room with all the girls and I love it! It's so nice being with these girls it's like the friendship group I've always wanted! πŸ’›
Next stop is Lake Nelson!! I have seen so many photos of this Lake throughout my travels and couldn't wait to see it myself!! The bus stop and we got just under an hour here to relax, ate lunch and jump in if you were brave enough! Our bus driver Luke (Honey Badger) was the 1st to jump in and not so long pretty much everyone else followed! Jade, Lauren, Nat, Anny, Caz and I built up the courage to jump in!! We knew it was going to be bloody freezing but didn't realise how much. Not to mention the 10 ft eels that were in the lake waiting for us!! πŸ˜‚ We managed to get a wicked photo of us being crazy and jumping in. So glad we all did it because I would of had to do it by myself otherwise! Lol After drying off we got back on the bus and headed to Westport, Basils Hostel!
Jade, Lauren & myself woke up early on this crisp morning to go kayaking! There was only one other girl that was with us which was actually quite nice it being a small group! We met our guide who was going to take us on the water, his name was Brad (typical Kiwi name lol) He was nice and had a lot of knowledge about the area. I went in a kayak with Jade, she was in the back steering (not sure if that was the best idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰) and I was in the front pointing where to go haha We saw one of the most visited rocks in the Southern Hemisphere called Split Apple Rock. People travel half way round the world just to visit this iconic place! We had just over 2 hours out to sea and luckily no one fell in! πŸ‘ After heading back to the hostel we got the last shuttle back to the Kiwi.m bus that was parked up the hill because it was to dangerous to come down the road where there was road works. We was on our way to Lake Nelson!

4 May 2017

Up early to catch the ferry to the South Island Sailing through to Picton

3 May 2017

Climbed up Mt Victoria

2 May 2017

Museum during the day Basement and Establishment with the boys in the evening

1 May 2017

Back onto the Kiwi bus heading South to Wellington. The capital city of New Zealand. Lauren and I was meant to do the famous white water rafting this morning in River Valley but was cancelled due to lack of numbers. Gutted as it was a grade 5 spot and would of been so much fun! Was $159 but I was happy to pay as I know it is worth it.

30 April 2017

Cont... a table without touching the floor or the poles. Caroline tried her hardest but unfortunately didn't succeed but she sure is a tryer! Our friend Matt did it first go and won himself a jug of beer! Very impressive I wouldn't of even been able to hold my own body weight let own alone climb around a table haha
Stayed in River Valley last night I the middle of absolutely no where!! No service or wifi haha Great stay though we was spoiled with Roast beef and most of the trimmings all bar stuffing :( costed $16 but was needed as I'm sure half the girls haven't eaten vegetables in months! The dorm was very interesting as it was 16 beds. The mattress was divided into 4 and had two levels! Luckily us girls are in a group of 8 so 4 could go on top and 4 on the bottom so we didn't have to share with any ransoms. The toilets and showers were outside which was fun as was raining for the most part of last night! We played games after dinner and had a few ciders. Everyone was split into their own groups and us girls stayed in ours but a few people mingled. Rach A.K.A husky taught us a good game called shimmay and Caroline A.K.A Y'all taught us a game called shoulders. To finish off the night the lodge had a traditional game they played each night where u had to try and climb round underneath...

29 April 2017

Tammy came back to Base this morning and we moved over to Hanka Lodge where we stayed for the next night. We did absolutely nothing today except try and cure my cold today. :( Hanka lodge was cool and the room suited us as a group of 8! Was $30 per night which is pretty average.

28 April 2017

Cont... I think she had pushed herself to much on the hike and her caused extreme exhaustion. I'm not sure she overly knows how to deal with her fluent and diary allergies and ME. During he day she didn't have a drop of water and not much food. One of the boys Sam called 111 who came pretty fast to take her to hospital. I had to speak with the lady over he phone until the emergency services reached us and gave Tammy details over the phone. Anny went with Tammy to hospital and got her burn looked at too (which wasn't in the best of conditions either as it was looking black :/) Nat and I went up to the hospital later on to bring the girls their passports so they got free healthcare otherwise it would of costed Tammy over Β£2000 for her over night stay.
Did one of the hardest hikes today!! 19km through the Tongariro Crossing. Started at 7am and finished 1.15pm in the afternoon! Had to pay $65 to do this hike as we had to pay the National Park fee. Seriously hard but was such an achievement. Unfortunately Jade couldn't do it today as she has tonsillitis so best she didn't but she was missed. Anny didn't do it either as she was nursing her burn on her leg better! After we got back to the hostel and chilled out for a bit and rest our aching muscles!! In the evening we thought we would treat ourselves to a curry so popped over the road to Indian Affair for a Korma. I 100% rate going there as the food was lovely and reasonable priced. Jess joined us for the meal too before she moved onto to her next stop the following day. It wasn't the best of evenings though as our friend Tammy had called in and we found her lying on the bathroom floor. She has the first stage of MS called ME and a lot of allergies she has to deal with.

27 April 2017

Night out tonight with the boys and the Peterpan bar crawl! Started off at Sobar bar where we played a couple of games and then finished off at our Hostel bar called Lava Bar. Was a hilarious night and one of the gunner I've had since being away!

26 April 2017

Today was Luge day!! The photos says it all...

25 April 2017

Arrived at X Base Hostel in Rotorua. Walked around the town and visited the local supermarket for food. Nothing opened until 1pm as was Anzac day. In the evening Jade, Tammy, Natalie and myself went to the Lava bar where it was so quiet! Literally the quietest bar we have been in. We played a couple of card games and Nat and I won a round of pool! In bed by 10pm πŸ’€

24 April 2017

The Hobbiton Experience €95 for couple of hours.
After the Hobbiton Movie Set it was time to finish the day off with the Tamaki Maori Village experience where we stayed with a local tribe. We got to the Village around 3pm where we was greeted by Mike one of the members of the Tribe. One of the best nights I've had since I've been away. It costed €179 and was well worth the money. If you were to do the experience it's definitely better to stay over the night. We got to play traditional games, toast marshmallows by the fire, chill in hot tubs in the evening after dinner, watched a traditional Tribe show including all the songs and dancing.

23 April 2017

Guess what up early again today πŸ’€ Visited the Gold mine caves on our way to Waitamo. Black Labrynth Glo Warm Cave experience and then Curlys Bar for dinner. $115 for the afternoon. Stayed in Kiwi Paka.

22 April 2017

In the evening was the Hot Water Beach experience. The best time to go was between 7pm to Midnight. This is when the water gets hot and I mean scorching! It was so dark getting down there and Lauren gave me her head torch to use which was hilarious and not flattering but did the trick haha It was soooo difficult to dig a whole with spades we borrowed as the water would fill up and then the sides would cave in. The boys did well and managed to make a little pool and a couple of the girls jumped in. I chickened out and stayed warm in my coat and jeans.
Left Auckland this morning early, little bit of a rough start as Lauren twisted her ankle running down the stairs! Not to fear though all is ok now it was just sore at the time! Drove south to a supermarket to collect food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are a couple of major supermarkets out here; Countdown, Pack n Save and Four Square. Coutdown isn't obviously cheap but there are a lot more of them. After a couple of hours drive we reached The Top 10 Holiday Park at Hot Water Beach. The place was lovely and I can see why it was voted in the Top 10. It was very new and clean. Similar to a caravan park at home but with lodges & dorms instead. Lauren, Jade and myself was in a room with Liam, Henry, Yestin and Toby. Some friends we met on the Kiwi bus 🚌 Jade stayed back at home as she wasn't feeling well while we all went to see Catherdal Cove. Another little hike but was a lovely beach and the cove was amazing.

21 April 2017

Back in Auckland and us girls had planned to go out so headed for a bite to eat first in Fort Inn next to the hostel and then to Habanas Joe for a cheap (ish) drink. Had a lovely pizza in there but service wasnt great and the Ciders were so expensive at $11 each (daylight robbery). Anny and Caroline meet Sam and Ben aswell. Left Habanas and tried out Cassette 9 down the road. It was very reggae and not what everyone was into πŸ˜‚ Went to bed about 1 as had to be up for 8 to catch the next bus for Hot Water Beach.
Our first stop off the boat was a sight seeing spot. It was a little claim but so worth it. We had to claim out of the boat and through the water to get into to shore so ended up climbing in bare feet like some sort of cave women haha Half of the Island was privately owned and was worth millions. It was a beautiful property but very isolated and Paihai being the closest Island with shops. So no popping down the local corner shop for them. Our 2nd stop was a mandatory 6K hike on Urupukapuka Island up through the hills and forest to Otehei Bay. We started on Akeake Pensinsula and all the way over to the other side as you can see on the map. The boat met us the other side 2 hours later! Not going to lie it was tough as I'm a walking carb at the moment but the views were amazing!! Back on boat and back to shore for 1pm ready to get the Kiwi bus at 2pm back down to Auckland.
Up and out for 8am...Off for a cliffs and tour of the Bay of Islands today πŸ€— Caught a speed boat from pier 8 this morning with Great Sights Tours. The 2 guides we had took us around the different islands within the area and explained the different histories behind them. There is 144 Islands altogether! The map attached shows the islands that we either passed or stopped on. Currently there is a Project Island Song going on which means that the Government is trying their best to keep all the islands pest free e.g cats, dogs, mice/rats, stoats and Argentine Ants. They want to keep the birdsong alive and have put extinct birds back on them hoping for the birds to mate and expand once again. We also passed the Black rocks on the way which is where an underwater volcano has erupted and the lava has Rose out of the sea and formed large rocks. Birds tend to leave their eggs here because the rock attracts the sun and stays warm meaning a great nesting area.

20 April 2017

Sand boarding down the Sand dunes on 90 Mile Beach!!
Cape Reinga Where the Pacific and the Tasman Sea meet.
7am start and half the guys were still asleep lol Day trip today and off to Cape Reinga. First stop on the route is Manginangina Forest which is 420 metres above sea level. The trees are 450/500 years old and can live up to 2000 years so they are pretty young at the moment. (Koney trees) 🌳

19 April 2017

When we arrived out Pipi Patch Base Hostel we checked in dropped our bags off and went for a little wonder. We met a group of lovely girls who joined us for lunch...Caroline,Annie,Sarah and Natalia. It was Caroline's birthday today (25th) so after we grabbed something to eat we went to the local liquor store and bought a code each (only one as budgeting obviously haha). We was advised that there isn't anywhere you can sit and drink unlike you can at home in a park or on the beach etc. So we found a hidden spot down on the beach that had a little jetty. The sun was nice and hot still which was really nice for Caroline on her b'day. Finished off the night with the $12 BBQ at the hostel and a serious game of puck off lol Jade & I teamed up and ended up winning the game and a $50 bar tab!! 😎We made a pac with the girls (including new friends Jess & Ruth) if we did win we would buy all of us a round of Jaeger bombs! We never win anything so went to bed feeling chuffed with ourselves πŸ˜‚
Stop number one was Whangarai Waterfall which was beautiful and free to see (always a bonus!!) Photos to follow... Then continued on to our final destination for the next 2 nights.
Kiwi Experience Day 1: Met the bus on Queen St for 7 this morning ready for it to take us up to Paihai. The bus wasn't full only around 20 ppl on there but that can change Day to day. It was clean and fairly spacious (however, no toilet available which was tricky for Jade I'm sure πŸ˜‚). Took us roughly 3 hours to get up to our destination including a couple of stops on the way...

18 April 2017

Had such a lovely time at Andy and Anna's tonight. Met Jack, Tara and Stella again and they have all grown so much since I last saw them. We had a nice dinner of fish, Kumara (yellow sweet potato) & salad! Feeling very healthy after that and yes mum I ate ALL the fish!!! πŸ˜‹ They moved house back in February so they showed us around and it was very homely 🏑 Andy picked us up and took us home again which was so kind of him! Came home finished off our washing ready to hit the road tomorrow! 7am start! 😴
Amazing views at Mt Eden and great to met Andy after so long! Andy went back to work for the rest of the day so us girls went for a walk down near the harbour for lunch. Ended up having pizza πŸ• in a lovely bar along the front. Popping round Andy's to see Anna and the kids later on too.
Bad night sleep last night. Our room was so noisy and a group of girls and boys were up drinking until 2ish :/ On the plus side we had arranged to meet our cousin Andy in the City and ended up visiting Mt Eden.

17 April 2017

Popped out for a quick drink in Habanas Joe last night after our nap! Met some nice people from England/America at the bar. Got chatting about what's good to do in NZ and they mentioned that the Kiwi experience is best the best thing to do here. Got a lot of expectations about this tour!!
Nomads was $50 dollars for the 2 nights and we leave Wednesday morning at 7am to start our Kiwi Experience. Dorm is 10 bed and pretty basic. The strong odour of cheesy feet is apparent, a little extra more than we paid for πŸ˜‚
Arrived safely into New Zealand this afternoon! Nice flight on Emirates even though we was delayed. Little cloudy but turnt sunny for the rest of the afternoon! Have been up since 4am so headed for a bite to eat at Nando's and then off to Nomads (Hostel) for some sleep. FYI- Nando's at homes beats NZ's hands down. What type of Nando's doesn't offer pitta and humous??