United States of America · 8 Days · 5 Moments · May 2016

My Summer in New York City

31 May 2016

Life is good! I am all settled in. Sitting in Weinstein, NYU's dining hall. Food is nothing like UMass lol. The bananas are sweating and brown haha. I am munching on some yogurt and bacon. Champions meal for my first day of my internship. After this, I'm off to find my internship on broadway. It shall be fun. I am a little nervous. Yesterday was a blast, my mom left us after we settled kirstin into Astoria, NY. We then headed into the city to have dinner and drinks in Times Square. It was Kirstin's first Times Square experience. It was awesome! So much action in one place. We then went out separate ways and I went back to my dorm room to hang with my roomie, Jenna. All in all, a great first two days. More to come! For now, I'm off to my internship! Xoxox

30 May 2016

Day 2

29 May 2016

I have officially arrived in the big apple!! Today is a beautiful sunny day, and here I sit with my mother and Kirstin. My dorm room is adorable, a small but functional space, with a walk in closet and separate bathroom. I, of course, over packed and have enough clothes to clothe a hundred teenagers. But, everything has a place and I am officially all settled in. Time for a strong beverage 🍾 I am in love with this city. Its constantly busy, bustling with life. My mom is staying in The Standard East Village hotel, which has a bar on the rooftop. Our plan for tonight is to have some yummy dinner and enjoy some gorgeous views! Tomorrow shall be an early day. Kirstin is about to settle into her sublet in Astoria! I will then be roaming this city to find my internship and explore. Cheers to my first day in NYC!!
Here are some photos from our first day!

23 May 2016

I am so unbelievably excited to start my summer in New York City! Ever since September of 2015, I have been planning this journey. Now, I am six days away from uplifting myself from my small town into the bustling streets of NYC! I cannot believe it and I am so excited to blog about my experience and trip through this cute little app. I will be living in Manhattan, 35 5th avenue in NYU's summer internship housing. My best friend's Alex and Kirstin will be following me into the city, to hopefully have the time of our lives. I will additionally be interning at Apostle Pictures INC on Broadway. A mere ten minute walk from my dorm housing. I will be working in development and production! I will try to update my trip's blog as often as I can. For now, I am stocking up and packing! My journey soon awaits!! Cheers. Xo