Indonesia, Australia · 11 Days · 29 Moments · January 2017

Grace's adventure in Bali, Indonesia

11 February 2017

Currently watching the thunder and lightening outside whilst the others sleep

10 February 2017

Had a outdoor shower this evening before leaving for the airport as it was hot today. Yes I did just say outdoor shower... needs must and all that. Hotel ordered us a Blue Bird to Denpasar airport costing 100,000 rp which included 20,000 rp ticket for the taxi to enter the airport. Overall thoughts on Bali... •Cannot fault the food, haven't had a bad meal once • Weather has been a massive let down • Hostels aren't great • cannot comment on the beaches as didn't make in down to Gilli T as boats aren't running as bad weather effecting getting onto the island • Great choice of shops • Lovely beach clubs Thanks Bali it's been a blast but it time to take on Australia 🇦🇺
One thing I personally have loved about Bali is their love for signs. Everyone I have visited here has those cute little signs with meaning on like the ones that mum has at home. I have taken photos of the ones I have liked the most.
Last day before leaving for Cairns tonight. Went back to Glo this morning for a manicure as cheaper here than Aus. Nice shiny red colour which goes well with a tan 💅 Finished off the day with all 4 of us going shopping. Last minute bits before flying out. Obviously had lunch too... Ate at Sisterfields near Seminyak square. Safe to say I had the nicest burger since being in Bali. Australian run restaurant who knows how to do it right!! Decent size potions as well. I had the sorry sisters burger for 100,000 rp along with a strawberry milkshake for 36,000 rp

9 February 2017

Stayed at Savvoya Hotel just off of Sunset Road back in Seminyak. Had George back as Cian flew home tonight. We had his last meal here back in Meja, the first restaurant went ate in Bali. George was feeling upset as Cian had gone home and she was initially thinking she would leave and go back with him but decided against it and stayed. Tried to cheer her up with a couple of wines at Potato head. Jack Master was playing again with Disclosure as his special guests. Wasn't as good as the other night we went as Disclosure didn't end up playing any of their songs.
Lovely breakfast at Daily Baguette. Lauren & I had our years worth of cake in 1 morning 😂 Almond croissant 35,000 rp Chocolate Croissant 26,000 rp

8 February 2017

Stayed at Wanderlust hostel in Ubud. Very hippified. Mixed 8 bed dorm for 100,000 rp a night. Smelly room though as there was boys in it 😑 Good location as down a quaint little cobbled street just off the main road where all the shops & restaurants were. There was also a small school at the top of the road which was interesting to see. The girls all wore their hair in pigtails or 2 plaits with blue ribbon. They had long over the knee skirts & white shirts with a small blue pattern on it. I couldn't quite make out what the pattern was of though. When school finished they all go picked up by their families on mopeds. One thing I dislike is that a lot of parents ride with their children on the back/front of the mopeds. Sometimes more than one child too. Surprisingly they tend to have helmets for themselves but none for the children. It's so shocking to see as the roads are so busy I also met the scariest spider in the hostels just before leaving (photo doesn't do it justice) 🕷 🙋?

7 February 2017

Last but not least...Jungle Fish 🐟 A plush beach club situated in Ubud. Was recommended to visit by a number of friends. Sun was shining for most of the time we was there until the end when it starting spitting. Nice pool, lovely food (had the steak sandwich) and good sunbeds. No fee to get into the beach club but had to pay 100,000 for sunbeds and a towel.
The Rice Padi was our next stop... 10,000 rp each to go have a look around. By this point we was all pretty worn out so had a look from the view point over the Padi instead.
Holy Water Temple cont... The whole idea is to create positivity and to rid any negative spirits or thoughts. There was lots of fountains we had to worship and each one had a meaning. We was advised to miss out 3 of them as they were for cremation purposes. 1st we had to pray to the fountain and hum 3 times. 2nd splash our face with water 3 times 3rd rinse the water in our mouth and spit 3 times Finally put our head all under the water so we rinse any negative spirits. We did they all along the fountains until we reached the end. I personally missed out the spitting part as I had seen how many people had been in that water 😂 The idea of the incense is so the smoke binds he negative from your heart and takes it up out of your into the air. So interesting to watch and see and also perform myself. Glad we did this today. Highly recommend.
Next up was the Holy Water Temple. Tude dropped is off and in we went. We had to borrow traditional sarong to cover up our legs as both men and women aren't allowed to show their legs as a mark of respect. The shoulders were fine put it was just the legs. Walking around the temples was lovely and we could see all the traditional markings and creations which must of taken such along time to complete!! The main reason for visiting the time was to experience the Holy Water ritual the Balinese perform. Again we had to change into appropriate traditional wear to enter the water. There was a large changing area where both men and women were changing. There was a 10,000 rp charge for the water sarong (dress) and for the locker to keep your belongings safe. There were guides inside the temple gates who showed us how to perform the ritual and gave us the offerings before. The offerings are for the God, holy water, sun and our ancestors. It is to thank them for everything they have done.
Big culture day for us. Visited 4 places altogether today in Ubud. We had a taxi man called Tude (pronounced today) take us around for 500,000 rp altogether. Picked us up at 8.30 am after our free breakfast in the hostel. Was a nice way to do it as we got air con in the car! First of all we saw the Tegenungan Waterfall in all its glory. It was a hot morning and we had to walk down and up 200 steps. Talk about sweaty 😂 The Waterfall was very powerful but a little murky as it rainy season in Bali so the water is always a little browner apparently. We wasn't brave enough to take a dip as we had to get around the other sites and didn't want to make the car seats wet. Nice time to visit too as wasn't busy at all. The charge to get in was 10,000 rp which equivalates to 60 odd pence.

6 February 2017

Checked in at Dormy Inn eventually after our taxi driver had no bloody clue where he was going and even asking us for directions as if we know the area!?! The hostel was not what we expected. • No aircon in the room just a small fan • Very small rooms with 2 bunk beds • No door to our room just a small curtain (not very safe) • our shower & toilet was out in the reception area • Wifi was pretty much non existent • Pool was ok • Location not bad - short taxi ride to get in the main strip £5/6 a night
Monkey Forest this afternoon 👀 The. And pretty much explains what it is. Didn't take long to get around it 20 mins max!!
Travelled up to Ubud today by taxi which costed around 250,000 rp. Was advised by one of Lauren's friends to only get the blue Bird taxis and these are the trust worthy ones and do trips by the meter. Therefore, don't tend to rip you off. I have found taxis to be extremely annoying here they beep at you non stop!! Constantly asking if you want a lift, shouting out the window at you even if clearly you do not want one! A little tip if you ever travel here - do not accept Uber's or grabs as these are not allowed. The mafia has advised that these are not to be used and only the usual form of taxis.

5 February 2017

Caught up with a touch of Balinese culture today. Went to visit Uluwatu Temple. Fee to get in was 30,000 rp. Not an overly large temple and it was all outside. I have found that the temples in Bali are more outside than the ones in Thailand. Had lunch in a little bohemian restaurant in the middle of nowhere that we was recommended my Chris the guy we met in Koh Lanta. Went on to visit Padang Padang Beach after lunch. Well I say a beach it was more like a collective of large rocks. Bit of a trek to get down to it but only had to pay 10,000 rp to go have a look. No rain today but humid instead.

4 February 2017

Ku De Ta beach club this evening. Lovely spot on the beach, very posh and didn't need to pay to get in (bonus). However, it was extremely windy as was right on the beach but not good as all 3 of us were wearing floaty skirts!! Stormy weather tonight with only a little sunset.
Glow spa day. Treated ourselves to a pedicure after all the trekking we have been doing over the last 6 weeks. Think Jade found her pedicure very relaxing ha ha

3 February 2017

Still at M Boutique tonight. Ate at a lovely little cafe called Pison. Had the nicest cheesy chips with bolgnase which we all shared. Was raining hard his morning so treated ourselves to some fatty food. Visited potato Head tonight as Jack Master was playing a special set. 100,000 rp to get in. Meet a group of lads on a stag do from Camberra in Australia. Fun group of lads, all very chatty and found our accents highly amusing. Night ended in La Favela again.

2 February 2017

La Favela you did not disappoint tonight. Met the lovebirds in this restaurant down the road to The Library. It's a restaurant turned nightclub/bar in the evening. Very posh but cool. Lots of people and different age ranges tonight. Drinks were very expensive at around £6 for a vodka, lemonade and lime (London prices). Cian paid for most of our drinks tonight which was so thoughtful of him. He said that we had a lot of other things to pay for and wanted to buy them for us. Had such a good night especially as the music was brilliant! The DJ even played Luther Van Dross to mine and Jade excitement! Reminded me of home when we go out with the other cousins :) Night ended with Tequila and Lauren and I practising our Kung fo fighting (don't ask) 😂
Dinner at The Library which was another recommendation. Had my favourite drink a strawberry milkshake 🍓with dinner. Costed between 35k to 45K. The actual restaurant is fairly small with a small seating area upstairs. We sat outside the front so we could people watch everyone walking past. Menu wasn't overly large but abit of something for everyone. I feel like it's a better coffee shop than a restaurant however the girls enjoyed their choices too so again another decent meal. Well done Bali 👏
Moved to M Boutique hostel for the next couple of nights which is opposite George and Cian's 5 ⭐️ hotel. Just to make ourselves jealous lol On arrival the receptionist wasn't great but showed us to our 6 bed female dorm. Beds were large cubby holes in the shape of bunk beds. The room smelt as there were already 3 girls in he room that clearly didn't know anything about cleanliness 😤 We tidied up their mess abit and put all the rubbish they had left on the floor in the bin. (Currently wishing we were staying across the road) Bathroom could be cleaner and smells a little. There was small insect type things all over the walls in the showers too. Not a clue what they were 🤔 getting very used to this now so wasn't too fazed. £7/8 for this hostel per night. Prefer Umahku hostel to this one.

1 February 2017

Caught up with George in the evening for dinner before she met Cian. Ate at Ginger Moon 🌙 Chic little restaurant were Jade & I had shredded pork with goats cheese and caramelised onion pizza. Not too expensive and service not bad. Noticed in Bali that 98% of restaurants you pay tax and service charge. When you work out to see how in it is in sterling its not a lot most of the time but a little annoying especially when you are budgeting.
Spot of shopping after grub. Took all after as there was a lot of shops to get through.
Drawing outside of the Revolver Cafe
1st of Feb 😳Where did January go? Had a good night sleep and was feeling hungry this morning so headed over to revolver Cafe down the road. Asked for a table for 3 on arrival which was very strange but only because George's boyfriend Cian was flying into Bali late this evening so she was off pampering herself ready. Thoughts on here was all good! If you ever visit Seminyak in Bali please go here. I had the fruit bowl for breakfast which came with honey and granola. I also tried a iced espresso coffee. My initial thought was that I didn't like it but I wanted to give it ago and slowly came around to it. Not badly priced in here for what you get. Jade ordered the steak sandwich but was overly pleased with the meat as REALLY tough. Lauren had smashed avocado and egg on soda bread and absolutely loved it.

31 January 2017

Popped out for diner to a lovely restaurant called Meja which was connected to IZE hotel. This was the hotel George and Cian was meant to be stay in but they change it last minute to one slightly off the strip so wasn't as noisy. Had an amazing meal! I was being good and had a Caesar salad with extra mayonnaise (maybe not that good 😉) Cocktails were buy 2 get 1 free so how could we refuse! I had the vanilla and pomegranate mojito...bit too much ice for my liking as it watered it down but was good 👍🏼 Meja had 2 Balinese guys singing some hit songs whilst we ate dinner. Visited Motel Mexicolla after dinner as it was recommended to us to try it out. A very funky bar, Mexican themed (hence the name) situated just off the main road. Was playing some decent music which ticked off a box on my checklist. Had a cocktail in here too... be rude not to wouldn't it?
Checked into Umahku Hostel for 2 nights. • Approx £7 a night • Very close to Seminyak square and the little clothes boutiques • Toilets could be better as no windows so when it rained the toilets seats were drenched and when the wind blew the doors flew open (its very hard to squat and with one hand on the door 😂) • 6 bed dorm • Comfy beds • Decent cupboards to store our bags • Pool • Small coffee shop underneath
I have been a bit slack and started my Bali blog very late (apologies).I am currently sat on a flight to Cairns waiting for take off thinking back on everything we have achieved here in Indonesia. Bali has been fab for food, shopping and beach clubs. For us it has been 10 days of eating and hostel hopping. We started our Bali Journey on the 31st Jan when we arrived at Depensar airport and it was raining 🙄 (it's not a shock to write it anymore). The photos above are from the flight leaving Bangkok...