Africa · 14 Days · 9 Moments · March 2017

Travelling Africa - Grace and Kate

16 March 2017

Rwanda for the day!

12 March 2017

Today we moved to Kisumu a town on the boarder between Uganda and Rwanda. We went to the markets, the lake and visited the local Batwa people, where the men are supposedly only 4ft tall....this was not strictly true! We walked 8 km with Danielle an Italian man that was soon off into the Congo. Next stop - Rwanda for the day!

11 March 2017

Best place we've stayed! Boat out to this tiny Eco resort. Kayaking and swimming on the lake- apparently the only one without Bilharzia!

9 March 2017

After meeting Mr Antonius we talked with his helper Stella through Queen Elizabeth Park where we saw lots of baboons and Ellie's! We then got completely ripped off as the place we were going to change to a local bus was far to dangerous to get out. Ended up traveling for 7 hours to Kibale. Where we met a nice women who showed us where to stay. We stayed a couple of night and went on a great walk up the ridge over looking the whole town!

8 March 2017

Moved to Kathunguru, further South than Kasesse. Just on the edge of the Queen Elizabeth Park. We stayed in a very local place in town, with the bolt on the inside of the door! Grace had a slight sense of humour failure, but all was ok in the evening when we took a boat trip into the park where we saw elephants, hippos and buffalo. We were very welcomed by the community, the kids ran up to greet us, even the ones swimming metres from the hippos! We met an awesome guy biking the whole of Africa and tomorrow offered us a free lift through the park!

7 March 2017

Moved to Fort Portal, 6 hrs away from Kampala, on the Western boarder of Uganda. We visited the Crater lake, but had to walk 5km as they wouldn't let two grubby girls swim at the fancy lodge. Got stuck half way round, saw a snake and had a slight sense of humour failure. Travelled to Kasese that night.

5 March 2017

Moved to the capital city - Kampala. Such a crazy city, with nightmare traffic jams. 2 hrs from Entebbe. We stayed here for one night as heading to Fort Portal tomorrow. The pictures are from the rooftop of the hostel we stayed at - Fat Cats.

4 March 2017

The first full day in Africa! After months of waiting, we are finally here! Today, visited the botanical gardens and the market in Entebbe, Uganda.

3 March 2017

Arrived in Entebbe, Uganda on the 3rd March 2017.