Singapore · 79 Days · 3 Moments · November 2018

Good Food is Good Mood

10 February 2019

Crunchy Beans Salads... Kind of snacks in Myanmar. (Mixture of crunchy beans, onion, slices of garlic, chilies, lemon and mint leaves) It’s perfect for afternoon tea chit-chat πŸ˜‰

30 November 2018

Another version of my favorite Shan noodles 🍝, dried prawn and tomato paste. We call it Khal Ka Law (in Shan).I can eat all days, morning, noon and dinner. Most of my weekdays dinner are noodles πŸ˜†. Ya, I’m a kind of noodles lover... never get bored of eating that... #noodles #shannoodles #alltimemyfavourite

24 November 2018

Shan noodles with minced pork and tomato paste. We usually eat as a breakfast in our Shan State. My favorite food πŸ‘πŸ»