Europe, North America · 60 Days · 53 Moments · April 2018

Going to the Eastern States of the USA

19 June 2018

Back in Germany.... another pleasant stay in my second homelands.... will be back

18 June 2018

Spent the last few hours in New York .... what an overcrowded city... don’t like it.... it’s too much.... flying back to Germany later on. But, we’ll be back in August! Can’t await for 💕💕💕🇺🇸

17 June 2018

Used the last night in NYC for a longer walk from downtown to uptown and back. Had a delicious dinner at Brooklyn’s diner and a couple of beers in different places... today we’ll fly back to Germany. Thank goodness- I’ll be back in 8 weeks....
Just entering NYC again, facing heavy traffic jams.... stupid and awful.... looking for a beer later on...

16 June 2018

Funny and relaxed day yesterday on the beach and boardwalk in Atlantic City. But honestly to say, this city has faced better times... years ago.... a lot of hotels and casinos are closed and it looks dirty almost everywhere.
Currently I’m sitting in my hotel room on the 36th floor in Atlantic City. Preparing for a walk outside and to the sea side. After a couple of miles during the last almost 3 weeks, AC is just for lazy leisure...

14 June 2018

Sitting in Chambersburg right now. A long ride from Ohio trough Pittsburgh, but after almost 3.500 km of driving I aim for relaxed days over the weekend... before we’ll leave.... Tomorrow we want to visit the historical site of Gettysburg..... the civil war story continues, I’ve been here, four years ago.... Curious about, if I’ll find something new...
Just passing Pittsburgh, PA on our way to Dutch Pennsylvania....
Refreshing start into the new day

13 June 2018

Oh my gosh, what an incredible day in Cedar Point, Ohio.... plenty of hell rides with different roller coasters at the home of roller coasters... definitely!!!! Now, I’m laying in my hotel room... tired....! Tomorrow we’ll drive to Pittsburg and later on to Dutch Pennsylvania.... Looking for a two nights stay in a comfortable hotel at the beaches of New Jersey or somewhere else in that area...

12 June 2018

A long day with visits of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana and the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio ends now in an Outback Steakhouse in “Flag City” Findlay, Ohio.... going straight to bed later on, because we’ll visit Cedar Point tomorrow... the home of Roller coasters....

11 June 2018

This morning was bad .... but what has to be, that must .... but otherwise today was very cool. Corvette Museum and Jim Beam .... then steak and beer .... can a man ask for more ????
Had an awesome afternoon at the CMA-Festival in Nashville... YIHAAH-it’s the Music City.... met different people, nice talks, ice cold beers, delicious southern food.... couldn’t be better!

9 June 2018

Had a very pleasant day while traveling from Charlottesville, VA to Knoxville, TN... visited Monticello, the residence of Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the USA, later on we walked for a while throughout Charlottesville, obviously one of the prettiest towns in the US. After that, we started our trip to Knoxville-approx. 600 km in total... after a quick dinner at Wendy’s I’m laying now in my bed. Preparing the trip to “Music city” tomorrow....

8 June 2018

Sitting in front of our rooms after a long day. Passed the Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive and Georgetown today. Pretty good, including a delicious Chinese dinner tonight, we’ll see, what happens tomorrow in Charlottesville....
Just visiting Georgetown, the older part of DC. Pretty nice place... good to be here and sitting on the waterfront

7 June 2018

Puuuuh, another day of input, input and input.... love it! Visited three different museums, the National Museum of American History, the National Museum of Air and Space and finally the National Archive (incl. Declaration of Independence, the constitution and the bill of rights. After that long day it was time for taking a bath in the pool, enjoyed some delicious chicken with salad and last but not least a couple of Bud’s! Another great day in my beloved states....

6 June 2018

What a nice day in DC - ok, hell of a distance to walk from Arlington Cemetery to the Capitol and back, but again very interesting and full of informations/impressions. Funny story of the day. We went to Target to buy some beers.... two men, mid of the 40s’ and beginning of the 50s’.... but they didn’t want to accept our ID’s, only the passports were accepted... So, we went back to the hotel, only to pick up the passports there. So tell me, where’s the difference between these official documents? Nowhere....🤮

5 June 2018

Arrived to Alexandria for entering DC.... quite interesting to feel power and lobbyism....
What an awesome day in Philly..... saw so many different things like the historical congress, the old terminal market including delicious and fresh food and last but not least - ROCKY!!!!!! I ran up the 72 steps and did not forget to call Adrian ....

4 June 2018

A day full of impressions, sightseeing of different landmarks in this beautiful city, combined with studies about the American history (Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States have their origin here), visiting again the home of the current champion in American football - FLY EAGLES, FLY..., followed by an exploration of the largest battleship in the world - the USS New Jersey. Finalized with an awesome Philly Chillisteak from „Talk of the town“ and watching the Stanley Cup finals... great day!
as always, exactly what I like....

3 June 2018

Just arrived in Philly, got a delightful dinner at Longhorns Steak House.... time to go to bed now.... want to visit again the home of „brotherly love“....
Last day in NYC, visiting Little Italy, Chinatown, Brooklyn and the bridges....
Good start to another exciting day in NYC

2 June 2018

It’s boring, isn’t it?
It’s my third baseball game in the USA over the years, but still a miracle
Now on our way to Queens, watching baseball with the Mets vs Cubs.... Had a lot of fun while riding THE BEAST... on the Hudson... strictly recommended for NYC.... Ate something from HELLS KITCHEN on the upper west side.. Funny day in Big 🍎
A day of different impressions... fun and serious moments in a row
Entering the big 🍏

1 June 2018

That was tasty
Picked up our “monster” for the next few days, bought some items at Walmart for our trip and tried to visit the METLIFE stadium.... pity, without any success, we didn’t get in, depending on a country concert will happen there tomorrow... now, I’m sitting in my hotel room, try to solve a sudoku riddle... later on, we‘ll enjoy a Dinner in an Irish pub in the neighborhood-called „the Shannon rose“.... check this out!
Jetlag hits me a bit this morning, have used the time ... nothing is coming from nothing

31 May 2018

Had a pleasant evening at Rutt’s Hut.... Home of the Ripper (Hot dogs).... Tired from a long day. Going to sleep now... tomorrow can come....
just arrived in NYC, the city that never sleeps
Goodbye Europe 👋🏻
Breakfast at the airport. Prepared for a pleasant trip

30 May 2018

Two guys ready for take-off.... America the beautiful....
The trip has just begun...

29 May 2018

Preparing some ostrich steaks with asparagus and fried potatoes.... last evening together with my beloved ones.... first time ever, that I’ll be alone for more than a few days.... curious about...

26 May 2018

Round trip will start in NYC, marked with orange pins. From there then down to the southern states. Turning point will be Nashville. Can’t await for

28 April 2018

Doesn’t it look great.... round trip is finalized.... awesome landmarks.... Good mixture between interesting cities and great landscapes...

21 April 2018

That could it be... still needs to be optimized ... but very cool
After a big personal disappointment, I can’t await for to travel to my beloved USA again. Together with one of my best friends, I’ll try to relax, to reset myself and to find a new motivation for my business future. Follow us to the Eastern States of this fabulous country!