New Zealand · 49 Days · 154 Moments · September 2014

Charlotte Glaze

Going Around the World 2014

21 October 2014

Last Hawaiian sunset, on our way home!

20 October 2014

Yogurt time!
We visited the Hilton resort to look at the dolphins, and we got to see birds and waterfalls too. It looks like a great hotel for families.

19 October 2014

Looking at some fish in the pond at the shopping center.

18 October 2014

Enjoying a snowcone.
The hurricane didn't hit us, but there were still big waves and rain for a couple of days. We lucked out with that, and got to enjoy Hawaii.

17 October 2014

Lily loved watching a group of hula dancers. She wanted to join in.

15 October 2014

Making friends on the airplane.
Lily on another airplane ride. She got her own seat to play on for the 12 hour flight, thankfully, since we couldn't sleep through this one.

15 October 2014

Lily made new friends while we waited for our flight. We were delayed for about an hour because of the plane's intercom not working.

14 October 2014

This morning we went for a walk by the lake behind our hotel. Brrrr! It's freezing! We didn't do anything exciting today. We went into Queenstown for lunch and washed our laundry. Then Josh had to go to the dentist to get a filling fixed that had come out several days ago. Lily and I walked around the shops until he was done, then we went back to the hotel.

13 October 2014

Playing at the Queenstown park playground.
Josh found another geocache! We found three in the Queenstown Gardens.
Sitting by the lake. We went on a short hike around by the waterfront here.
Drove out of town to try and track down The Lord of the Rings sight where Sam and Frodo and Gollum camped and made coneys and taters. It was not that thrilling. Just some random campground area.
Tried FergBurger for lunch. Don't understand the hype, but it was a fine burger.
We decided to give geocaching a try, after our plane and boat ride got cancelled for the second day in a row. We wanted to go to Milford Sound and see the fiords, but that didn't work out. We found one cache by the river dam near our hotel.

12 October 2014

Playing at the park in Wanaka. They had a lot of equipment we had never seen before. A lot of spinning things, and Josh fell off one and scraped his elbow. I tried one and almost flew across the playground.
We drove to a lookout point for another fabulous view.
Walking by the lakeshore in Wanaka.
Driving to Wanaka

11 October 2014

On our farm tour we saw beautiful gardens, fed sheep and deer, enjoyed tea and scones, and watched sheep herding and shearing. Fun for everyone!
Today we rode on a steamboat to Walter's Peak, to visit a sheep farm. The steamboat was fun, beautiful scenery and a pleasant ride.

10 October 2014

We went up the Skyline Gondola today. It was cloudy today, but the view was still amazing. We went on a hike through the woods up there, and also watched a Maori cultural show. Even Lily liked their singing and dancing. And there was a time that Lily and I danced on stage, and then later, Josh danced on stage. Haha. It was fun.

9 October 2014

Our view during dinner.
We walked around Queenstown and took a nice walk through their gardens. Lily played at the park and swings. It is so beautiful here. New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world. For some reason, the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and the mountains higher here.

8 October 2014

The minute we walked into our hotel in New Zealand, Lily grabbed the free food. First an apple, then a kiwi in Kiwi-land.
The view coming into the Queenstown airport.
Our plane to New Zealand. Lily slept most of the flight again, which was nice.
Lily's been busy: she started saying Mama, got another tooth, and is trying hard to walk. She can do about 4 steps in a row now. It also looks like she's using her imagination.
We drove for about an hour and a half to Jenolan Caves, through narrow, twisty mountain roads. We went on one cave tour - Imperial cave. We planned on doing two tours, but Lily threw a fit during our tour, she was hungry and tired, so we only did one tour and the free cave. It was a really cool cave, with different formations than I have seen before.

7 October 2014

Busy little stinker, playing with the telephone.

6 October 2014

We went on another hike down to the Leura Cascades waterfall. It was a very nice hike, beside the river the whole time.
Flowerpot scones and tea.
We went hiking by The Three Sisters and Echo Point. It was a nice little walk to directly behind the first rock spire. We could have gone down a lot of stairs and over a bridge to go onto the rock, but we didn't want to climb back up again.
Some pretty spring flowers in Leura, Australia.
In the morning we went to church at Hillsong, then we had lunch and visited Featherdale Wildlife Park. It was a fun afternoon. Lily got to pet a lot of different animals, like Koalas.

5 October 2014

Visiting Hillsong Church.
Beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia.
Riding the scenic railway down an old mining shaft train route at Scenic World.

3 October 2014

Lily's not sure what to make of the ball pit in the kids play area at our hotel.
Oh yes. Back to yummy yummy breakfast. I can't tell you how much I don't miss buffet runny scrambled eggs and un-toasted toast.

2 October 2014

The A380 (double decker all the way to the back!), and the second one is our plane to Sydney.
Playing in the kids room at the Osaka Airport. It was really nice and clean and Lily loved it.
Sleeping on the train to the airport.

1 October 2014

Tofukuji Temple: we visited this temple mostly because it was close by our morning temple. It was beautiful though, and like many others we've visited, would be breathtaking in a couple more weeks when all the leaves change colors. I really liked this temple. It had both gardens and rock gardens. It was also very peaceful, other than Lily squealing. Haha.
Fushimi Inari Temple: this is a cool area. There are hundreds and hundreds of orange gates that lead up the mountain. The trails lead through beautiful forest and beside streams. We walked to the first major shrine point, but turned back there because there were tons of mosquitoes and the terrain became more rough.
Art at the subway station.

30 September 2014

In the afternoon we went to the Kyoto zoo. They had tigers and lions and monkeys and penguins and elephants and giraffes. The tigers were very big and walked 2 feet away from you. Lily loved the zoo.
Chapel Grace at our hotel.
We went for a hike up the bird watching trail at our hotel this morning. It was supposed to have a scenic viewpoint at the top, but the best viewpoint was actually near the start of the trail. There were lots of stairs. There were also a lot of mosquitoes.

29 September 2014

Cultural Show at Gion Corner: we went to this show to see the traditional dances and music of Japan. They did a tea ceremony, played musical instruments, even had a puppet show. I can't say I care for their traditional music, and I didn't understand a lot of what was happening still, but it was fun to go to.
Kodai-ji Temple: up a long staircase is this temple. There were a lot of graves here as well. This was the first forest garden of the day, so we liked that. There was a bamboo forest section, too.
Kennin-ji Temple: this temple had zen gardens and in one temple the twin dragons painted on the ceiling and a huge Buddah that we could take pictures of. A lot of the temples say no pictures of the main idols, or the idols are hidden behind screens.
We wandered through the historical area. There are lots of expensive restaurants there.
We looked at some cute shops.
Yasaka Shrine - I didn't care much for this one. There were no gardens. This is on the edge of the old Gion district, where there are old historical buildings and the largest Geisha (or Geiko) houses.

28 September 2014

Eating Mexican food in Japan
Riding in the cab back.
Ninnaji Temple - we didn't have much time here, so we hurried to see the big building.
Ryoanji (dry rock garden, UNESCO world heritage site). This is the famous Buddist temple rock garden.
Kinkakuji (gold pavilion, world heritage site)

27 September 2014

Our dinner was a bit exciting. We didn't realize that our restaurant didn't have chairs until we went in. Lily was free to move about the bench we were sitting cross legged on, which wasn't good. She did pretty well, considering. Josh's legs went to sleep. We will look for chairs in the future.
Heian-jingu Shrine: this shrine had a beautiful garden area around the outside of it, with a lake and a large bridge where we sat and watched the fish and turtles swim. Lily missed them though, she was napping.
Shoren-in Temple: the gardens at this temple are really nice. There is a nice forest loop, and rivers and waterfalls. Lily thought the waterfalls were amazing, which of course, they were.
Chion-in Temple: this temple seems well used. There was a monk chanting and playing a drum in one of the buildings. The main temple is under construction right now, and another large temple as well, but there were still several buildings in use, with people praying and having memorial services.
Maruyama-koen Park. It was not anything special, but apparently it's really nice at cherry blossom time.

26 September 2014

We made it! 27 hours later.
Riding the train from Osaka to Kyoto. Lily loved looking out the window at the river.
Another airplane!
Long line at check in at the Shanghai airport. What a hassle! We had to go through security and check in and the whole works twice. Thanks a lot, China. We did get to skip to shorter lines because of Lily a couple of time, thank God. I also threw up at the passport control. It was so hot in there, and long flights, I guess.

25 September 2014

Getting ready for our LONG long travel day. Athens to Amsterdam to Shanghai to Osaka to Kyoto.
Getting onto our plane in Amsterdam.

24 September 2014

Some yummy food. I've been neglecting the food photos. So sorry. We have loved our Greek food, but were disappointed with a lot of the Italian food we are.
Today we took a train to the top of a mountain right by our hotel. At the top was a lovely viewpoint and restaurant.

23 September 2014

The statue outside our hotel. It looks very cool when it sparkles in the lights at night.
Wandering around Athens. We went to Plaka, a pedestrian shopping area - for tourists. It's been very hot in Athens, we walk around for a little while and then we go swimming at our hotel. The Hilton has a wonderful indoor pool that is just the right temperature for Lily and we can walk around in it. It also has a lot of little fountains on the walls that she loves.

22 September 2014

Oh my. We wanted to get a waffle with ice cream... And this is what we got. It was really good, just more than we anticipated!
We had lunch on the shore.
Today we took a ferry to Aegina and spent most of the day on the beach. The weather was perfect, the water was clear, calm, and just the right temperature, and we loved it! We rented an umbrella and chairs for 6 euros. Josh and I burned ourselves a little, but we're good parents and kept Lily from the sun.
We bought some pistachios. They are famous for pistachios here. They lightly salt them and put lemon on them as well. Yum.
After our beach fun, we took a horse drawn carriage ride around town.

21 September 2014

Today we just rested in the morning, Lily had a runny nose, so we wanted to make sure she had a good nap. When she woke up we went to the Acropolis. That was a long hike up the hill with a baby, but it wasn't crowded, surprisingly. We took our photos and then went down again, and walked back to the market for the metro stop. There was a delicious gelato shop right at the square to refresh us after our hike.
Wandering around while waiting for lunch.

20 September 2014

And ended up at the original modern Olympics stadium. Then we headed back to the hotel.
We walked through the National Gardens.
We stopped by Syntagma Square. Lily loved the big fountain.
We took it easy the first full day. We visited a large market/flea market, then we walked through a huge meat market. Yuck! I'm glad our meat is already cut and packaged for us. It would take a lot of getting used to to buy meat while the animals heads are sitting there looking at me. Sorry, no meat market pictures, we were walking quickly because it smelled bad.

19 September 2014

Off we go from Rome to Athens!

18 September 2014

Next stop the Vatican Museum. It is really huge, and not stroller friendly. We should have stuck to the places where elevators were because once we carried her up one flight of stairs we had to continue up and down stairs everywhere. We were exhausted and I didn't even enjoy it.
After the catacombs, we went to St. Peter's Cathedral in Vatican City. Our pictures inside were taken with our other camera. The way to get in is very complicated for people with strollers. You wait in line, go through the metal detectors, go to a stroller check area, then get back into line to go through the doors and finally get inside. Lily was hungry and we had to leave the line for a while so I could feed her. Then we had to carry her around inside. It was very fancy and beautiful inside.
We spent the morning at The Catacombs of St. Callixus. They take you on a half-hour tour through the second level of the catacombs. All the bones have been removed to the lower levels or to basilicas, but there used to be a lot of martyrs and several Popes buried there.
Lily thought this was an awesome hotel because it had a built in shelf between a glass wall of the bathroom and the bed headboards. She climbed up and played there. She also loved climbing up and diving over the headboard onto the bed.

17 September 2014

We were going to go to the Vatican today, but we had trouble buying the print ahead tickets so instead we visited a large park. We walked for a while until we reached a nice playground and some gelato. Lily enjoyed the swings and met a little boy her age named Jacobo. We also saw some ponies.
Chilling in our hotel room.

16 September 2014

Visiting the Pantheon, which is really awesome in the dome area, but other than that, not much to see.
Lily loves pasta and pizza and bread. She sure is a mess though!
Looking at fountains in Piazza Navona.
We visited Castel Sant'Angelo this morning. It was originally built as Emperor Hadrian's tomb, but grew into a large fortress over time. The Pope lived there for a time, when it was dangerous and people were trying to kill him.

15 September 2014

Josh photos from the Roman Forum.
Next we visited the Roman Forum/Palatine, since it is included on the same ticket as the Colosseum. I would not recommend a stroller there, though. We made it fine though because when it was really rough I wore her in her carrier.
We traveled to Rome on the high speed train, then after lunch we headed to the Colosseum. Lily was so tired, she slept through most of it. Some guys tried to skip the whole line and jump in front of the group ahead of us straight to the ticket booth. A man ahead of us got mad and told them to go back and get in line. They instead jumped in front of us. I got mad and told them, "All the way to the back, man!" And then laughed. Josh looked at his shoes.
Josh photos from the Colosseum.

14 September 2014

Cute Lily at the cafe.
Our visit to Uffizi. We were going go to Palazzo Vecchio too, but Uffizi took long enough and we were tired if looking at art all day.

13 September 2014

We went to Palazzo Pitti and Boboli Gardens all day today. It was beautiful, and reminded us of Versailles. Napoleon lived there for a little while. The gardens are very hilly, so we didn't go all the way through them. We did see a good chunk of them though, including the Neptune Fountain with ducks and fish for Lily. One of the strange collections that they had were a large collection of reliquaries, including one whole body of a saint. They were very interesting. There was a LOT of art. I'm exhausted from looking at it now. It was a good day, tiring, but bueno.

12 September 2014

Gelato Festival in Piazza Michelangelo. Oh so many desserts... We had 4 little cups of gelato each, plus a nice cream sandwich taco. Oh my.
Lots of people checking out the bridge with shops on it - we detoured.
Visited Basilica Santa Croce: saw the tombs of Michelangelo, Galileo, Dante, Machiavelli, and other people. It's beautiful inside this church as well.
Listening to street musicians after lunch.
Visited Museo Nazionale del Bargello. Lots of statues and other art. Lily even liked the art. She got really excited about a lion statue.
Visited El Duomo, inside the church this time, no climbing up the endless staircases to the roof this time!

11 September 2014

Piazzale Michelangelo - beautiful views of the city. It was supposed to rain today, but as you can see it is gorgeous.
We went to Galleria dell’Accademia and saw a lot of art. It took us about an hour to get in, but Lily did great, and she did pretty well inside until she just got too tired.
Walking through Florence. This is Medici Chapel, I think.

10 September 2014

After a lovely pasta and pizza dinner, we rode on the carousel. Lily liked the horses, but I don't know if she liked the movement.
We made it to Florence!
Hanging out in the Air France Lounge.

9 September 2014

On our plane to Paris. We didn't know if we were even going to get on. Air France decided our tickets we had for Lily were unacceptable. They made us buy her another ticket, at triple the price we had paid before. Ridiculous. I hate Air France. They always give us problems! At least they let us get on the plane this trip, unlike the last RTW.
Flying! Lily did a wonderful job on our longest flight of the trip. She behaved herself and only cried as much as she normally does when it was bedtime and she didn't want to sleep yet. Otherwise, a happy flyer. She also enjoyed the food: baby food applesauce, and some of Mommy and Daddy's food.
At the airport. Waiting to check in. Off we go to Florence, Italy. Hooray!
Lily loves fountains. Every time we see one she gets excited and her face lights up with excitement.

8 September 2014

We had a nice, low-key day. We walked around, had a Starbucks, enjoyed some sights and parks, and headed back to our hotel. We got our laundry washed at a local laundromat. Tomorrow we need to pack for our afternoon flight to Paris, then Florence. It's a long one, so we'll see how Lily does. We will have to be awake for several hours before sleeping, so hopefully she will have nice quiet play time.
Other sights out and about Recoleta.
Metal airplane sculptures made of recycled metals.
Playing at another park, and looking at a fountain. Lily thinks fountains are awesome.
Floralis Generica: a huge flower sculpture.
Walking around Ricoleta neighborhood, we saw this huge tree.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid: a bookstore inside an historic theatre. Beautiful, but the elevator was very confusing.
Playing at the park.

7 September 2014

San Pedro Telmo market: every Sunday they set up a big market. We saw some great musicians playing, and some old people dancing. I was hoping to see some great Tango, but that didn't happen. We did buy some cute sheep slippers for Lily.
Walking by the waterfront.
Walking through a street market by the ecological reserve.
We walked in the Ecological Park in the morning. There were a lot of birds, but not really good photo opportunities.
Japanese Garden from Josh's phone.
Boy, we've been having a rough time so far. Now Lily's doing great, but Josh was sick with food poisoning last night.

6 September 2014

We visited the Japanese Garden and had lunch there as well. The gardens were beautiful, and all the asalias were blooming.
Zoo photos from Josh's phone.
Visit to the BA Zoo. We really enjoyed the tiger cubs and the bears. One bear climbed up to the top of a tree to grab some leaves. Lily also loved the ducks and the deer that came right up to the fence.

5 September 2014

Another exciting evening with Lily. She got grumpy and restless at the restaurant, then was happy at the hotel. The second I put her in the bathtub, she pooped. We took her out, cleaned it up, ran the tub again, and she pooped again as soon as I put her in. Josh then held her over the toilet for about 5 minutes to make sure we were done. Then we had our 3rd bath. She also refused to go to bed and screamed about it for probably half an hour until she gave up and slept.
Teatro Colón: we took a tour, but it was too long for Lily. She was screaming by the end. That, and it was really hot in there.
Theatre Colón from Josh's phone.
Outside of the Casa Rosada (President's House)
Casa Rosada from Josh's phone.
Visited the President's History Museum, it was interesting - but all in Spanish, so we didn't understand much.

4 September 2014

Recoleta Cemetery was interesting. There were so many beautiful mausoleums and statues, and some creepy ones. It's weird for a cemetery to be a tourist attraction, but it was really neat. We went to the mall across the street before heading back, and while we were there we had a horrible blow out with Lily. I had to take off all of her clothes and give her a bath with wipes. It was awful.
Having tea for lunch in Buenos Aires.
There was a huge line to leave the baggage area... Thankfully Josh saw a sign that said travelers with babies under 2 can go in a different line. We got through in about 5 minutes instead of 2 hours!
Flying to Argentina. Yeah, Josh took photos of us together after just waking up on the airplane. I think Lily looks better rested than I do.

3 September 2014

Lily did a great job on our long flight to Buenos Aires. She slept most of it, only waking up for about an hour in the middle of night. We walked the length of the airplane and that wore her out a bit. She slept right beside Mommy on the seat.
At the Tulsa airport, getting ready to fly!
Finishing up the bags.
Going to the doctor.
Kids make life interesting, they say. What they mean is the night before you leave on a six week trip, your baby will vomit all over her bed. And again after nursing. And a last minute doctor's visit will take the place of last minute house cleaning.