Greece · 5 Days · 12 Moments · July 2014

S'agapoun tin Ellada!

4 August 2014

Doing the Acropolis pass in two days! Wonderful host family, amazing food, beautiful trip with my adventure friend. Can't ask for more! Greece will be always in my mind.
So the Santorini trip is done! Now let's go to Athens

3 August 2014

Third stop Vlichada Beach, just amazing sand walls everywhere with different design! Super surprise, just love it.
Second stop The Red Beach. Super nice place with out tourists, cause of curse you have to hike and hike all around red rocks to get there.
This is how start the beaches trip, my friend and I didn't have a license, so what should we do to go on the coast? Easy let's rent a bike! First stop sunrise at Perissa beach.

2 August 2014

Third stop The Caldera. Let's have some lunch and Just follow the stairs to the end, you will see how it worth it! Falling in love in every single place of this island.
Second stop of the tour. The hotsprings! Amazing place, water of 32 degrees, have to jump from the boat and swim about 5 min to get there. You can even paint yourself with the minerals and put your hand on rocks! If you see a little hand with "CR" next to it, it's mine 💃
Day 2: Time to walk again. Let's go to the highest point of the island. Yep the volcano!

1 August 2014

The sunset at Oia city! Every single step of those 5h walking worth it. Where is the best place to see the sunset? Here it is, so lucky to be on time.
Day 1: Save and sound arrived at Santorini, now is time to eat. Get energy cause 5h walking from Fira to Oia are waiting for me. Just an amazing experience on a sunny day in a magical place, perfect view of the blue sea all over around.

31 July 2014

Everyone on board? Here we gooooo!!!
This is how my trip start. Arrive in Athens on the morning, now I have to run as fast as I can to take my ferry to the beautiful island of Santorini.