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Philip's gnome's trip east with philip

29 August 2016

Well well Interesting timing to Close the trip it with this ! You and your burro have made it too...
Je me Souviens - I know we have had good times here in Quebec my friend - we will be back - I can feel it !

27 August 2016

Ego trip.....I wonder if Bones realizes that this trip is about him, about the self, And since the ego is the self, then this is an ego trip. From a song he likes: You're a strong letter I, with your feet on the ground and your head held high Now and then you can bend it's OK to lean over lean over lean over my way The Blow Parentheses Just sayin....

26 August 2016

I am not denying my involvement in this hole thing So I have a shovel...lots of gnomes have shovels

24 August 2016

Hands of Bones are full. He carries us - we carry him
Someone said Gnoman was involved making this hole I plead the 5th
No they do not have a beer !!! That's us !!?? Had a great boat visit to the mythical and magical Perce Rock. It is the equivalent to Stonehenge to us gnomes. One of the things is that it makes gnomes look younger. I'm not holding my breath... Remember we are related to those druids, so not surprising its importance. So just like the druids didn't reveal how stonehenge was built, we gnomes can't tell you the secret symbols of Perce Rock or how we got it here, amd why here - except that it is worthy of a pilgrimage.
So Norman hitched a ride. I will call him by his nickname digger, since Gnoman and Norman sould a lot alike. Can't blame him really. He got the itch by escaping to a world outside Snow White's diamond mine - sitting on the stairs at La Gîte Normande for years (very short in gnome time), he plotted his escape after we met. How he managed to hide in the travel bag he hasn't told me yet.
Gnoman - The quest to reach Rocher Percé is in sight
This morning as I was leaving the Gîte - I met a gnome from over the mountain. He said he had worked with the seven dwarves - it is where he learned to dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig dig the whole day through he said did the grunt work but kept in the dark - and never saw Snow White - so he left - I wonder if that means those diamond mines are actually real and somewhere near in the Gaspé

23 August 2016

Also why these trips are important Sung this Song of Peace many times at school over the yes you probably didn't know Gnoman was a Wally waaaaayyyy back in Rudolph's day (not the reindeer silly) read the lyrics about other lands This is my song, O God of all the nations, a song of peace for lands afar and mine; this is my home, the country where my heart is; here are my hopes, my dreams, my holy shrine: but other hearts in other lands are beating with hopes and dreams as true and high as mine. My country's skies are bluer than the ocean, and sunlight beams on cloverleaf and pine; but other lands have sunlight too, and clover, and skies are everywhere as blue as mine: O hear my song, thou God of all the nations, a song of peace for their land and for mine.
perhaps deeper there is "She'll be coming round the mountain" one of the best reasons if you think about it...
why go ? A timeless tradition of millenia the walkabout in this case - just following where Gnoman has gone before
Why comes back to Mozart's The magic flute - deep inside Bones yes. Papageno the bird catcher, Tamino the Prince, Pamina the princess, and of course the Dragon to slay. A journey of discovery of the self. So Papageno says incredulously to Prince Tamino you mean there are other people and other lands beyond the mountains ?!?! that is also why one must go
reverse of Dante's inferno (or Steve Miller) this time you got to go through heaven before you went through hell... hopefully more heaven to come
Gnoman has been to Forillon National Park !
lighthouse - strong resemblance is not a coincidence
Finally some time at the seaside to chill
In most traps there is a way out

22 August 2016

Yes there are logging trucks racing by.. We all race around - it is learned and rewarded. My friend Camilo says to unlearn.... Permission to slow down from your internal driver especially - needs to be acquired. On the hills, that internal driver has lost all power, the slower the wheel the further you go - so permission granted to re-learn.
Finding zen cycling uphill Permission to slow down By taking a bike one has social/internal voice permission to go slow. When you're on a hill you have permission to go to slowly, even walk the bike if that is what it takes. So what ? Well when you slow down, everything slows down including time. Pretty amazing really and you understand that going slow when you give yourself the permission to go slowly, the noise disappears even from your bike and head all you have is your breath and your steps and it's what gets you through everything

20 August 2016

Bones has progressed along the road a bit, with rush of the flight with the groundedness of a wheelchair and life of paralysis from one decision that changes a life and realistically all comparable problems that Bones has are absolutely miniscule and don't forget it ! Keep doing all those things while you can Don't say oh well
And yes there are people doing the trek on foot ...
Finally some flat to look forward to after many ups amd downs (I remember the ups) Into the Wild - well the Gaspé....
Bones has been connected to work the last couple od days,breaking the link....

18 August 2016

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe Pools of sorrow, waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind Possessing and caressing me Jai Guru Deva OM John Lennon Across the Universe

17 August 2016

Gnoman says when you come to a fork in the road - take it
Gnoman agrees
say yes, says Gnoman
I tried to talk to these sheep but only baaaaaa baaaaaaa hmmm no sheep paaaaaannnnss
Another windmill ! and a jeep both go round and are old
Another windmill ! and a jeep both go round and are old

16 August 2016

Gnoman is captain of his own ship - that side profile is so serious captain
Gnoman is an island
I got to know seaweed as the slippery character it is. First your friend, then the relationship is consuming
massage observation.. that ocean sound makes me zone out.

15 August 2016

Finally friends my size (Bones must have slipped me a tab of acid...) wow the colours....
beautiful windmill to tilt at
Gnoman - this is part of why we came - soak it in... the Gulf of St Lawrence at St.Jean-Port-Joli

13 August 2016

Gnoman likes this circular cord-wood fort built by my Airbnb host Marc for his kids about 12" logs woth cement in between in last 9 years he built ALL the rock walls along the road too !
Nicole and i talked about Parkinson's and that over the 16 yrs it is all making tye most of thentime we have... She mentioned pélerinages - pilgrimages. And that Bones was on one - very different than a quest for solitude. Quebec and the Gaspé to him serves a similar purpose to the one to Compostella. i will talk to Bones about it...
The artist Nicole has this piece she painted years ago after she split up with her husband She says she downsized the boat twice For her it was about Continue de ramer (Keep on rowing) Mène ta barque (lead your boat - be the captain of your ship, interesting the difference of scale between the English and French expressions)
Bones is coming around with that post about the window part of Airbnb As Nicole said Toiles de tête, Toiles de coeur Some art is from the head other from the heart You can't help but express both

12 August 2016

I have been quiet but that quip about the fence not being there shows Bones has watched The Matrix too many times. The fence separates those in the fast lane and those in the slow lane, and that one cannot have a foot in both or you get a wedgie at best, or become a soprano at worse - or not if considering re-gendering. Pics Bones has taken on this trip would tell you he is considering at least a wedgie - I would not stand in the way of some humble pie.

11 August 2016

Contrecoeur's windmill
So Sid - your horses and dragons are also quest archetypes ! Welcome my son...
Lo and behold a windmill Turns up....
So in 1692, this 14 year old girl and 2 younger brothers held the for for 8 days of attacks... Beautiful bronze statue !

10 August 2016

Are the readers ready for the peeling (PLING haha) of the next layer Bones, his steed Janis, and Gnoman, (he calls the bike Janis since it is written on it - Jamis actually) Equals Everett Ruess, his mule/muse, and his pack horse, whose Last rock etchings say NEMO 1934. Equals Don Quixote on his steed Rocinante, and Sancho Panza on donkey (Dali print). Will we too chase windmills ? Everett Ruess is a must read For seekers as his quest in nature is absolute - and he references NEMO, which in Latin means "no one or no man", from Odysseus' escape from the cyclops. "I was hurt by no man".... And what of Parzival and the Knights of the Round Table And yes, even the subversive Juan Valdez Time to dig deeper if you follow and leave Kansas and more importantly the yellow brick road... It's not too late to pick the blue pill...
Because it is beautiful
Now the leaves - such an innocent comment that the are falling. But look closer. They are moving to the future - advancing their cycle. Now look at the veins. So many ways to travel if you are a tree's nutrients (that's for another conversation), so many ways to let the physical shackles disintegrate
Hmm listening to 20000 leagues under the sea - looks familiar
The grasshopper reference came half an hour before we came across the thousands of them along the trail. The teacher and pupil I hope are clear to the reader because Bones is oblivious - "oh look at all the grasshoppers" nothing deeper. No lightbulb click that he is a grasshopper from the Kung fu world working on his outside shape like the thousands of other grasshoppers he saw scattering in the face of change. So much work to be done...
So the locks are part of what Jung calls the Shadow The baggage we collect is held back in a bag or metaphorically the water flow blocked behind each lock. Bones seems to have many locks to let flow through... That's what this journey is for.
Bones has not realized the Alchemy of locks yet He is still hands steeped in nature as a grasshopper
The REDHEAD is.....
Bones told me the fable of the tortoise and the hare. You know who won and which one we are. Florence Spirit is the tortoise who beat us to the locks which are now open - Bones has a turtle tattoo. The deeper question to ponder - Are they related ?
watching the Florence Spirit pass through... Gnoman's eyes are a bit more wide open - a giant boat minutes after the sailboat which looked big ! Much pre to see
I asked Bones to take me sailing - I think I float ?!? Not sure He said today just sailin' along
Gnoman was quiet yesterday Mostly he was scared sh*#%^less from the tunnel and the highways He is now rested and smiling - by the look on his face he has forgotten about yesterday !

9 August 2016

Gnoman continues to go where Gnoman has gone before You would expect that What a sunset in Chateauguay Heights - we start my first visit to Quebec !
I didn't rise to Bones' comment about my silence regarding the tunnels and fast roads and traffic. He was projecting of course - his own insecurities and focus on survival. No time for symbolism of journeys involving tunnels, rivers and bridges.... This journey is alchemical too.
Is the just reward getting the cone or dropping and recovering ?
Gnoman says the tide has turned and this picture of unknown origin reflects the mood now - keep calm, roll on

8 August 2016

I finish my tour of relatives with the elder who relayed some deep thoughts about watching over Bones, and the philosophy of life which I will share over this trip
A couple of notes - this picture shows the my height potential.-not that I am short... I live so long I expect to prosper and keep growing.
Call me lucky Gnoman. I fit right into a horseshoe Our trip will go well...
While I'm resting, Gnoman has been catching up with distant relatives here in Cornwall !!!

7 August 2016

Little did Gnoman know that that gnome elders were also waiting to start some kind of circle
Gnoman basking in the cool breeze as the day winds down on the Waterfront trail in Cornwall after 130km on the bike! A trail we have much followed since Toronto
Gnoman has made it to Cornwall Ontario !!!!!
Sun is pounding Stopped for the best solution possible - a banana slushie It was full Then I see that Gnoman is smiling next to it and it is an inch lower. I bet he has learned what a brain freeze is. Serves him right!
Gnoman didn't know anything about the War of 1812. Amazing you can just about wade across between the US and Canada
Gnoman remembers some history here
Gnoman admires the Lions at the gates of Brockville as well as the statue of justice and another of a soldier in the town square
Gnoman and Bones - birds of a feather
This looks like a home a gnome built

6 August 2016

No Gnoman we are not there yet... Longest ride today (day 1: 104k, day 2: 100k)...So far we are 122k out of about 140k... An hour and a bit to go.
Gnoman can resist the rolling roads to sleep
Showing Gnoman that the Collins Bay Pen in Kingston is where you go if you stray to the wrong side of the road....
As we rolled along the road, I told Bones, via the doobie brothers - without love where would you be now ? Bones had no answer
Hi My name is Gnoman. It is a silent G mostly, and sounds great when said with a Jamaican accent. And yes I am a gnome and on the road for my first travel adventure. Fortunately time waits for Gnoman. I am first mate to Captain Philip, or Bones as I call him. We share our musings about life... This ferry departure pic is a great way to start, but the beginning of the trip goes back to Markham. Enough for now I will fill you in later.

8 January 2007

Going through Kahnawà;ke territory