Canada · 1 Days · 5 Moments · July 2017

Canada's Wonderland

21 July 2017

Our final plunge was the longest line of the day. Leviathan! It was an absolute joy, this ride. Everyone at this point was exhausted, we've been here for around 9 hours. We're dead. But we have room for one more! Ending off the trip with holly having an attack moments before lift off. THEN the announcer orgasming as we buckled up! And finally. Holly losing my 2nd pair of sunglasses HAHAHHA what an amazing adventure ! Many more to come!
We then ventured towards more coasters and more thrills!! We went to the amazing Stunt Coaster and ashlee head got jammed, holly was laughing uncontrollably during it. Then to Time Warp where you lay down and fly around these twists and turns, jon and I almost flew out but that's aside the point. Then onward to Top Gun!!
Then, after jamming our clothes into a locker and waiting in too long of lines for super quick water rides. We eventually made it to kids land and for pizza at this cartoon building ! This was Holly's land! She could easily move in some time here !
After wondering the lands off this wonderland! We got into our swim suits and then hooped onto the newest ride! The SkyHawk! But just as we were about to take off... the ride broke. So knowing us and how scary that is. We immediately left ahah. Went to the water park after for tons of splashing FUN!
Just waiting in our first line at Canada's wonderland for Thunder Run! Holly's fav! "I could ride on this all day" - Holly Pace