United States of America · 11 Days · 34 Moments · July 2017

Glenn's adventure in Yosemite Valley, CA

20 July 2017

Headed home, too much smoke and stuff... kiddos are pooped!
Love me some camping breakfast!
Campfire cinnamon rolls!
Campfire breakfast, coffee and hit chocolate included!

19 July 2017

Kebabs on the grill! I promise, no local wildlife was harmed in the making of these kebabs!
Dinner and dessert! Lukas was sharing his Smores with his new bug friends haha!
Smoke and ash from the Mariposa fire hit us today!
Smoke and ash from Mariposa fire hit us today.
Red sun white ash snow. Lots of smoke
Woke up to smoke filled skies and ash falling like snow...

18 July 2017

Kiddos roasting sticks and marshmallows! Chocolate was too melted for Smores so those will have to wait until tomorrow.
Dinnertime! Chili cheese dog French fry foil packets! SO YUM!
Teaching the kids classic card games!
More wildlife (Lukas freaked out at the prey mantis haha), beers for all (805 for the adults and root for the kiddos lol) and some cool decor!
Indigenous wild life, or it used to be!
Iron Door Saloon!
This campers favorite tools of trade!
Morning coffee!

17 July 2017

Out the back o the camper! LOL!
Getting all settled!
We have arrived at Yosemite Pines RV site!
On the road!
Picking RV in Clovis

15 July 2017

Today we watched a mentally motivating movie. Robin William's RV! Awesome.

10 July 2017

9 July 2017

Recon to RV site!