North America, Europe · 6 Days · 12 Moments · July 2017

Girlon's adventure in Norway

2 August 2017

The park surrounding The Palace in central Oslo. Just beautiful.amd Eva got to chatting with the locals...
Jet lag, stocking with the essentials (chocolate imcluded), and getting out on the Trikk!
More Ellingsons charm...we did love this central, easy spot so so much.
The Palace in Oslo. Sunny, beautiful afternoon. We staggered around still short on sleep, but wanting to explore more than anything!!!

1 August 2017

Amsterdam airport...dazed and confused. Eva tagged behind me looking at everything. I found cognac, duty free, AND chocolate! ;)

31 July 2017

Ellingsons! Beautiful city accommodation! Warm, charming and a wonderful European breakfast each morning.
Coming into Oslo...over the countryside...was green and lush. My heart leapt a bit, and I began to feel my energy kick in for hopes for a beautiful trip.
View over Iceland. No filter.
A sleepy morning and late breakfast...then off to the airport and gate, passing some time until we board. Then FINALLY... Eva could not wait to get on the plane for a 10 hour flight. :)

30 July 2017

Trip was a long long long long long flight. I don't even think I was fully grasping that we were on our way to a place that my grandmother called home. Eva was so ready...marching down to the plane all smiles.

28 July 2017

Final few summer days in the Pacific Northwest. A date night at John's Bistro and some biking with Dad in Issaquah. Gonna miss this guy.

27 July 2017

We are packed, leaving in 3 days, and rolling softly into this holiday. Much to bid farewell to for Eva, and for myself as well; a shift of energy and a smidge of hope for the future, both abroad and at home.