Hong Kong S.A.R. · 1 Days · 1 Moment · August 2015

Mary Anito

Girl time, tea wares, and business lunches!

12 August 2015

While the honeymoon was AMAZING, sitting in SG while J ventured off for his first week at the office seemed much less fun than meeting my fellow Team 1-er in Hong Kong. It was time to get serious about tea, starting with the Teawares museum, so lovingly gifted to HK by the father of Soya. Great history of tea in China, with tons of artifacts and educational information on tea making. Capped off visit with first dim sum afternoon tea at Lock cha tea room. Saw some of J's classmates for a birthday dinner. Ventured to Kowloon via ferry, feeling like a local commuting home in rush hour. Got to meet up with a fellow tea start up owner, sharing tea knowledge, preferences, customer insights and business ideas - it is wonderful to pursue dreams but it gets lonely after working on teams so this was a treat. Got to catch the snazzy HK light show and got some rest before my final day. Finished off the trip with a tram to the Peak and High Tea at the Ritz from 103th floor!