United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · September 2016

Giovanna's Texas Voyage!

16 September 2016

Wildlife Ranch was absolutely awesome!! You drive through and they give you a bag of food and the animals come right up to your window to eat!! So freakin cool!

15 September 2016

Ahh, the Alamo :) I remember first hearing about this place in like 3rd grade! Pretty cool to actually be standing on a little piece of history. I hitched a ride on the back of a guided tour throughout the place lol which was so worth it! They gave you insider information I never would've thought to ask about!
Tower of the Americas :))
Went on a train ride and faced death over a water fall!! 😅
Japanese Tea Garden.... So gorgeous and peaceful! Would love to have a backyard like that... All these curious butterflies everywhere and I even found a turtle in the pond :)))
Lulu's Bakery and Cafe! Tasted a great CinnaBun and wasn't even able to finish it! Nor my country fried steak and Mac and cheese! Still absolutely delicious though!!
Can't believe I'm actually in Texas..... Still surreal but probably cause I haven't traveled the city. It's also surreal to see how close I am to being able to go visit the farther west states and yet still so far lol one day, one day.... Until then, I'm Very happy to explore a new place and find out the ways of the culture! 🙌🏽😁😍
Made it to San Antonio!! Super stoked to see a new city and so far everything I see is Mexican themed lol can't wait to explore with Stephanie and do some awesome things :D Hopefully we'll even find out if everything is actually bigger in Texas.... 😁😁😁

14 September 2016

Dallas Cowboys Club!! Hanging out in Dallas, while we wait for our flight to San Antonio ... Which we end up almost missing because we were taking pictures like these 😂
Our flight to San Antonio keeps getting delayed..... But I am so excited for it to come ! Texas here we come!! :DD