Malaysia · 587 Days · 12 Moments · December 2016


12 July 2018

3 days 2 nights in Genting

2 July 2018

In Pontian and Skulai

1 October 2017

In Pontian Caught some fishies! Cute puffer fish and a hermit crab which I failed to take photo of because of the constant scares from surrounding like people walking around.

30 September 2017

In Pontian Night walk at Kukup. Nice but too much 虫!

5 August 2017

A cat resting on the car! HUAT AH!

13 July 2017

In JB (Woodlands side) with the family We spent a total of $240SGD the whole afternoon! How?!! But got some really 值得 buy things! • 1RM McDonald's slurpee • 6.50RM Gong cha (the only one left in Singapore JB and some say Batam) • 199.99RM down feather parka from Uniqlo • 157RM 鼎泰丰 lunch • 30RM bata sneakers

4 May 2017

Mini celebration for ending my exams Went in via Woodlands and experience some jam. I thought it's my time to "shine" but why is my mum having a leg message (shiok 之 超便宜 - 30RM for 30 minutes) and the car having a bath (12RM for washing and vacuuming)!

2 May 2017

A sleeping cat spotted! Finally went past the petrol station and ventured (not really since it's a known road) further in to Gelang Petah where we ate and shopped at YSL mart. Do you know the shiok 之 我包来了全场 feeling when you are the only people shopping in the mart? And the shiok 之 免费 feeling when you can just use the trolley without putting in a coin? And most importantly the shiok 之 超便宜 feeling when you divide by 3 and see how you can actually only buy 1/3 of the same thing in Singapore?

27 April 2017

Chanyeol oppa at the petrol station 🤤

14 April 2017

In JB (Woodlands side)

17 December 2016

In Pontian

3 December 2016

In Pontian