Europe · 8 Days · 63 Moments · May 2019

Ginger's adventure in Germany

22 May 2019

The horses were cute wearing their Gore-tex blankets in Saltzburg. Also saw more painted eggs than I have ever seen in my life at the Christmas store.

21 May 2019

The gardens at Schonbrunn Palace.
Outside of palace, garden and maze of Schonbrunn Palace.
Map of Schonbrunn Palace.

20 May 2019

The first 4 pics are of the nicest hotel we were at. It was the Renaissance Hotel in Vienna, Austria. Then the itinerary and the plaque for the last hotel we were at, the Novotel in Budapest
Photos of scenery on the way to it next stop

19 May 2019

Roman aqua forum in Budapest, we saw as we traveled to our dinner at the winery.
Best dessert in Prague. It's a very tasty pastry cooked on a rotisserie over wood coals with cinnamon sugar on it. It is called a Trdlenik.

18 May 2019

Had an incredible dinner cruise in the Danube with a full moon. We had great food and lots of beautiful buildings all lit up at night. It was loads of fun. This was in Budapest. I had Hungarian goulash and gnocchi and watermelon. The sights were amazing, the highlight of the trip so far.
Had an awesome lunch in Botaslava. Rachel and I had jerk chicken and Elaine and Mom had steak. Then we had gelato and then a traditional Slovak gingerbread cookie.
Legend has it if you rub his head and make a wish then your wish will come true, so I did.

17 May 2019

16 May 2019

Dinner in Prague at ucisare restaurant.
One of the many churches in the trip, a very unique door handle in Regensburg, Germany and the outside of a church.
Plaques in the hall at the hotel in Munich.

15 May 2019

This is the first 2 days itinerary.
I had fried cod fish with potatoes and salad and apple strudel. The dinner was ok but the strudel was incredible. We also had live entertainment from German musicians, they were great.