Australia · 156 Days · 29 Moments · September 2016

Gina's adventure through Australia

3 March 2017

That's it! My half-year adventure is already over and I'm waiting for my flight back home! Unbelievable how the time flew by, it seems as I would have left Switzerland yesterday!😃 It was definitely the best time of my life and these memories will last forever!😊 Fully packed with happiness and satisfaction I look back on a period of great experiences, astonishing impressions and lots of learnings. I'll keep all those lovely people I've met and the stunning places I've visited in my heart forever❤️ Extremely spontaneously I've decided to spend my last week in Perth - the place where everything started and where I've met my very close friends Michi, Jasmin and Patrick. Apart from the Adele concert, I went to all those beautiful places and beaches which Perth offers and underwent the time I had there again☺ Totally emotional! With deepest gratitude and joy I'm remembering every part of my perfectly ending journey and can't wait to see my beloved ones again!😍😍 Thank you Australia! 🇦🇺?

22 February 2017

After some hiking in the Blue Mountains we headed through remoted areas to Melbourne. I really liked this charming city!😊 Moreover, we visited Australia's capital Canberra and did the Great Ocean Road, a coastal road which offers a stunning landscape!😍 The last bit we spent on Kangoroo Island where I had a perfect end of the trip with Michi and Patrick (Jasmin stayed in Adelaide)☺ The Island is totally overwhelming and it was good fun to explore it with the boys. Now it's time for the boys to go home and I'm looking forward to spending my last few days in Sydney for myself😊 See you soon!

16 February 2017

Yes I'm still alive!✌️ The last weeks have passed so quickly and I enjoyed the time with my friends while we were driving to Adelaide. Camping is very different to travelling by bus and staying in hostels as it's a lot more comfortable and relaxed. We literally just drove, stopped for lunch and some landmarks and chilled on the campground😅. Since the first part of my journey was quite exhausting I could therefore recharge my batteries and chill out in the campervan 😊 On the other hand, we were mostly on our own which wasn't easy all the time. Unfortunately, we had some challenging situations and discussions. All in all we've managed it very well and everybody has learnt pretty much about themselves and their behavior in a group. Even though I have wished not to have any arguments during my journey, I believe it's a normal progress and it was an important experience :-) But in general we had an unforgettable time together!😊

27 January 2017

Back in Sydney I had a great reunion with Jasmin, Michi and Patrick! We are all crazy in the same way and can laugh until our bellies hurt - that's why I'm glad to have them back!☺ After a bit of sightseeing we went to the Darling Harbour Bridge since there was a beautiful firework due to Australia Day🇦🇺Fortunately, we had the great opportunity to spend the following day on a yacht (thanks to family Thommen for your connections😃). We enjoyed one day full of luxury and relaxing moments in Sydney's bays. It was a completely different world as I'm used to the backpacker's lifestyle now but so nice to experience! (imagine sitting on a 1.5 mio. boat while eating prawns and drinking a glass of wine... I hardly knew how to behave appropriate😬). After another day of exploring the city we picked up our campervan today. It's a modern and comfortable one and we're all looking forward to travel our last part of the journey in this camper!🚍🗺 A new adventure has started!☺

22 January 2017

I am impressed, overwhelmed and completely happy!😍 The last five days I spent on a tour through Tasmania with the best group I could have imagined! After a difficult start alone in such a different place I had the best and most satisfying days since I'm here. We experienced different weather conditions (hell 6 degrees are fucking cold even if I should be used to it😳), hiked up to the most stunning lookouts I've ever seen and just had so many interesting conversations. Very soon I acted like a family, a team which helped each other in every situation. During those days I've learnt so many things about myself and other people and enjoyed each day a bit more travelling on my own. Tassie's landscape is just breathtaking and most of the time I couldn't find words - I just had to inhale the moment for myself. Fully packed with this happiness and unforgettable memories I fly back to Sydney this afternoon where I'm gonna meet my Swiss friends again - looking forward to seeing my beloved ones

17 January 2017

Wow - I'm still overwhelmed and therefore pretty sad that I had to leave lovely Byron Bay! Surfing, sunbathing and relaxing were scheduled and I totally enjoyed every single minute in my favourite place so far!😊 I mean, dancing on the beach while watching the stars and the moonrise, that's what freedom is like!😍 Beside the inviting atmosphere Byron also has such a stunning landscape which you best marvel from the lighthouse. After the exhausting but amazing walk up you're able to see all the beautiful bays and even stand on the most easterly point of Australia! Byron offers perfect surfing conditions and that's why it's really popular to ride the waves there. I took lessons for three days and as I managed to stand up on almost every wave I caught it was just fantastic!🤙 I'll definitely miss this sport, it's so much fun!😍 Now I arrived in Tasmania where I'll do a 5-day tour around the whole island - I'm really excited and looking forward to share my experience with you soon😊

11 January 2017

Byron Bay is a cute village with charme that represents the original hippie and surfer lifestyle. It teaches you about freedom, happiness and joy. I've never experienced an atmosphere as relaxed and cheerful as this - and that's why Byron is one of my favourite places so far! Honestly, I can't imagine one single reason for being sad surrounded by a vibe like this😎 The numerous street musicians do definitely support the sense of lightness and I just feel like: here I'm gonna stay forever!😍 To extend my knowledge about the hippie culture I did a tour to Nimbin today - a small hippie village in the hinterland where literally no rules exist. Yes, you've read right, smoking a joint and eating space cakes aren't prohibited there, conversely, it's even a must do! Therefore the whole tourbus smoked pot or ate some cookies and fuck, we've all been really stoned and enjoyed a funny and chilled day without any worries... 🌈🤙😬

8 January 2017

Four days in the glamorous and well-known clubbing destination Surfers Paradise are already over. I stayed in a relaxed hostel (for a change I once took a female room only😬) where I met Sherry, a German girl with whom I spent the first two days. Together with Patrick we went to a theme park called Dreamworld and to the crowded beach (well, it's really strange chilling at the beach next to all those skyscrapers😅). In the evening we met Jasmin and took part in a pub-crawl tour - clubbing like Australians: start at 6 o'clock with your first shot...🙈🍹 It was pretty funny and we had the chance to see different clubs. On my last day I've booked a kajak and snorkling tour to the Stradbroke Island. After paddling to the island and having breakfast there, we had the opportunity to snorkle. Apart from several fishes I saw a dolphin with her child and a sea turtle😍 The way back was quite exhausting but worth doing because of the stunning view on the skyline of Surfers! See you in Byron Bay🤙

6 January 2017

Sitting in the bus heading to Surfers Paradise I just got the message that I've passed the Advanced Certificate with a pretty good grade, which I've never expected!!😍🥂🎉🤙☀️👍☺ I'm definitely overwhelmed and really happy😊 (I'd love to hug everybody in this bus right now😬) So, I certainly have to celebrate this result tonight - even if it's by myself... 😅🍾☺

3 January 2017

The first destination of my solo journey was Brisbane. To be honest, I was pretty shocked and didn't feel comfortable when I arrived in my hostel. I shared a room with five multicultural party guys who had the intention of playing drinking games in our room the whole night👍 I really had difficulties feeling happy and therefore I got homesick for the first time since I'm in Australia! Even though I was surrounded by lots of people I felt so lonely... And beside the strange feeling of being alone the weather was rainy and cloudy all the time, which matched with my mood🙈. However, I've tried my best and went to the Modern Art Gallery (despite not being interested in art😆) and to the cinema (have you ever been to the cinema on your own?!😂). I've also been to the Koala Sanctuary and chilled in the city centre observing interesting people walking by😬 Brisbane is a nice city but unfortunately, under bad weather conditions there aren't many things to do. See you!

31 December 2016

Jasmin, Patrick and I spent the last three days in Mooloolaba, this is a town at the Sunshine Coast. Whereas Noosa was more like a village, Mooloolaba is similar to a city as there are lots of skyscrapers directly at the beach and hotel resorts. For New Year's Eve they've organised an event at the esplanade with live bands, lots of drink- and food stalls and a big firework on the ocean at midnight. I couldn't have started the new year better than sitting at the beach and watching it with my beloved friends!☺ It's funny, but alcohol seems to be stronger here 😬 and the hangover (thanks for that, cheap white wine🥂) is definitely worse by 30 degrees and a hotelroom without aircon... 😳🙈 Now I'm heading to Brisbane after having said goodbye again. A new part of my journey has just begun - for the next 4 weeks I'm travelling on my own☺ I feel a mixture between nervousness, excitement and joy - so let a new adventure start! 🌏🤙

30 December 2016

Noosa is definitely a place worth visiting! Actually, I didn't expect it being so appealing to me☺ Apart from the villas, which are directly located next to the Noosa River (each house has its own landing stage and a boat in front of it...), there are lots of nice little quarters and shops in the streets. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and due to public holiday the whole city is lively. In the early morning we went for a swim in the river - it was beautiful!😍 After the dentist (you cannot imagine how much I paid 😬) we did the Coastal Walk. A walk along the coast and above several bays of Noosa, including a bath in a natural pool. The pretty bays with plenty of surfers and the colours of the sea are astonishing! I think I'll come back here once again😊 Now we're on the way to Sunshine Coast where we're going to celebrate New Year's Eve tonight 🍾🎉 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY 🎊😘

29 December 2016

During the night some "very funny" drunken guys knocked on our door, screamed around and tried to open our window. Suddenly one guy stood in our room but happily Jasmin is such a brave girl and managed to banish these stupid men😅 As I mentioned before, some people here are quite crazy... Anyway, today we headed down to Noosa, where we met our travelbuddy Patrick again😊 I was really impressed by this city as it seems to be a rich and luxury but also a typical surfer one. We've booked a chilled and idyllic hostel and after the check-in we made our way to the famous Hasting Street and the beach. From there we walked up to a lookout, where you have a stunning view over the Noosa River and all the villas with their boats. Having watched the sunset up there we had dinner and I certainly ate the world's best gluten free burger!!😍 Since the wire of my retainer has broken last night I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow morning😅 So you can see, my adventure never gets boring...😃

28 December 2016

Until we arrived in Hervey Bay I thought I'm in another world and felt very badly. I just slept the whole day and came down with the flu. Man, I will definitely never take any drugs😳 Despite being a bit weak I was able to join the Fraser Island tour on the next day!😊 We drove with a big 4WD bus through the rainforest - the only place on planet where rainforest grows on sand - and along the beach (which is Fraser's highway...) and visited the stunning freshwater lake McKenzie, a rusty ship wreck and the well-known Eli Creek. I've explored so many new landmarks and fell in love with its beautiful nature!😍However, the major drawback of the island is its excessive tourism! It was just crowded with people and personally that made it less sympathetic to me... Nevertheless, I was happy that I've been to the world's largest sand island☺

26 December 2016

Having the intention of catching up sleep and feeling not very well I took a sleeping pill (something really harmless😳). At around 1am I woke up because I thought I have to throw up. So I shook Jasmin but I almost couldn't move my body and open my eyes! Suddenly I realised that I'm gonna lose my consciousness what then really happenend. After "falling asleep" for three times Jasmin informed our bus driver and I can just remember many strangers who tried to wake me up. Then I heard a woman saying that I must have taken drugs🙈! Since we've been driving through the middle of nowhere it was impossible stop. Therefore the helpers laid me on the floor until we've reached the next fuel station where the ambulance was already waiting for me. After a few checks they told me that I'm okay and I don't necessarily need to go to hospital. They guessed that the pill combined with the sun (which I probably had too much this day) had caused the same reaction as LSD - I must have looked very high..?

25 December 2016

The next two days Jasmin and I spent with my lovely friends Mario and Reto from Switerland. I was really looking forward to seeing them as they're also travelling through Australia☺ We were just hanging around at the Lagoon, taking a sunbath and had lots of funny talks. After having a christmas dinner (steak and chips - almost comparable to Fondue Chinoise...😞) we had an absolutely unforgettable night out (we even skyped with my family at 3am while they were celebrating christmas🙄🍾). This reminded me of many good times in my hometown and for that reason I've started missing my Swiss friends even more! In the evening we caught the next bus to Hervey Bay. In order to save money (we had to compensate our shopping tour😬) we took an overnight bus which took 14 hours. Honestly, it was the worst night I've ever had! I'll explain it in the next blog :-)

24 December 2016

On 24th december we've booked a tour to the Whitsunday Islands - where the rainforest meets the reef! A bit hangovered but very excited we arrived at the port where we met our good-tempered and humorous guides (when you do a job like this, there's absolutely no reason to be unhappy I guess...) We embarked a speedboat (yes, I am an adrenalin junky😎) and drove to the first bay where I could snorkle with a few fishes and even with three huge sea turtles!😍 It was just breathtaking! After that we reached another snorkel spot and there I swam literally in the middle of a fish swarm (I felt like a member of their family😎). This feeling was so cool - I couldn't stop my amazament! As it was quite windy this day the waves caused a pretty bumpy ride with the boat and as you know me, I had fun as fuck!😊 Then we had lunch on the world famous Whitehaven Island - there are no words needed, it's just a paradise!😍 Although we had bad luck with the weather it was a day full of overwhelming impressi
Hi there, I'm back again👋😬 So many things had happened in the last few days, therefore I'm going to write some moments down. In the early morning we caught the bus in Townsville further down to Airlie Beach. It was quite a relaxing drive including a luxury breakfast (untoasted bread with butter which we spread with my Swiss pocket knife, I'm already used to the "traveller's life"☺). Airlie Beach is a small village with lots of bars, restaurants and shops in one street. There's also a beautiful chill-out Lagoon next to the beach. Man, I really liked this popular place!! On our first afternoon we've got a pedicure (sometimes you have to take a break for your beauty💅🏻). In the evening we cooked dinner with Cécile, who was in the same class in Perth and Lucia, a Swiss girl who I met some days before. I definitely enjoyed spending a club night with those crazy party-girls! 🎉

22 December 2016

Today was a very special day: a big childhood dream came true - as a christmas gift to myself I've booked a horse ride through the jungle, along the beach and even into the ocean!😍 Oh my gosh it was ridiculously amazing, I couldn't stop smiling the whole ride! When we reached the beach we made a stop and while the horses got unsaddled, we had to put on a (very bodyhugging😬) suit because of the jellyfishes in the sea. I've ridden "Kitaboy" - a mature man who must be a real Aussie as he had a chill and relax-mode on!😅 After the ride we took the ferry back to Townsville where we stay for one night. For the first time I'm not feeling very comfortable at the hostel since it's quite shabby, but I'm flexible.. Jasmin and I cooked dinner (gluten free pasta, I really missed them!!!) in a typically chaotic hostel kitchen🙈 Anyway, tonight we're going to share our room with an English hooligan (at least he looks like that😳) and an Icelandic weedhead... yeah, this will be fun✌️😂 good night!

21 December 2016

Day 2: As I woke up early (the British girls left our room quite noisy at 6 o'clock) I went for a morning run and swim at the beach. After this refreshing workout we were waiting for our pick-up when I saw a friend from Switzerland - the world is so small!Anyway, today we hired a 4WD open-topped car with which we've explored the island! To get the ultimate "beach-girls-on-a-island-feeling" we also bought a CD with the latest summer hits😉 Here we go: two girls, wearing the bikini, sunglasses on, laughing and singing, are on tour! I can tell you, I literally had goosebumps because this feeling of freedom was undescribable!😍 So, we drove from bay to bay, stopped for snorkeling and feeding wallabies. After we managed (with the help of 3 other girls) to pull our car out of a sandbump (yes, it was me who drove in there✌️) we were stopped by the police and I had to do an alcohol test for the first time in my life (it was negative of course😉) Seldom had I spent such a satisfying and happy d
Welcome to Magnetic Island! Hell yeah, this island is such a wonderful place and we've experienced so many things that I'm going to split the days. After catching the ferry in Townsville we arrived at the special Bungalow Hostel, which is located in the middle of the jungle! Apart from lovely roommates we welcomed some animals like cockroaches and lizards in our bungalow😅 On the first evening we did a 90-minutes walk up to a lookout where we watched the sunset. Magnetic Island, which is surrounded by turquoise water, is tropical and therefore beautifully vegetated! We were really impressed and glad that we stopped at this amazing place!😊

19 December 2016

Today I arrived in a small village called Mission Beach, where we stay for one night. It's just a long but beautiful beach, lots of palms and some wooden houses. Honestly, I've never seen an accommodation as idyllic and cosy as this, it seemed as the guests and the staff were one big family! Despite being in such a small place, we managed to get lost as we had the intention of finding a restaurant. It was pretty much fun and something which probably just happens to women! After 2 hours of walking along the beach and remoted streets, we found a supermarket. On our way back (which took actually 10 minutes!!!) an elderly postman stopped and carried our cooling bag back to the hostel (we must have looked extremly exhausted I guess😳) For a short moment I felt like a city girl who has never been somewhere else😂 In the evening we joined an Australian "Barbie" and got in touch with other travellers.

17 December 2016

Finally we've reached the East Coast and I'm back in civilisation. Honestly, these climate and temperature changes are quite exhausting but exciting at the same time. As soon as we arrived, we recognised the difference between the West and the East: Cairns almost seems to have more travellers, and therefore it's more multicultural, than indigenous people. Being still tired due to our tour we've decided to spend some easy-going days by visiting the Botanic Garden and chilling at the Cairns Esplanade / Lagoon, which is a public place with a huge pool directly next to the ocean. Now it's time to say goodbye to our travelmate Patrick as he is going to do the next part on his own. Jasmin and I are heading down to Mission Beach, Townsville / Magnetic Island and Whitsundays. Let the girls-trip start😊

15 December 2016

Patrick, Jasmin and I flew to Alice Springs, a nice town in the centre of Australia. It was a huge change from the tropical Bali to the dry and hot desert. We have booked a three-day Outback Adventure Tour through the middle of nowhere. Apart from visiting the popular Uluru and Kings Canyon, I've learnt so many facts about the aboriginal culture and their history. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked by some information our tour guide Deon (a handsome Australian bush man with a perfect sense of humour) gave us. We slept in camps where we had to make a fire for hot water and could sit around the bonfire while listening to our guide playing the didjeridoo. The most heartwarming moment was when we got up at 3 o'clock, climbed the Kings Canyon and watched the sunrise from the top of the mountains! Holy shit, I've never thought about how amazing it is to observe how nature wakes up! The red centre was definitely worth travelling!

2 December 2016

After the emotional farewell, Jasmin, Patrick, Michi and I made a holiday during our holiday and flew to Bali. It was quite a cultural shock and it took a bit until we got used to the Indonesian culture, their busy driving style and their offensive try to sell you things on the street. We stayed in a luxury hotel in the middle of Kuta. Our motto was to relax, enjoy the deilicious food and visit the spiritual temples. After a week full of inspiring impressions (and lots of beneficial massages) we travelled back to our "hometown" Perth where we catched the next flight to the Northern Territory.

27 November 2016

In the last 3 months I've learnt so many things about life and myself, it was a fantastic experience which I'll never forget! I'm deeply thankful to everybody who made this time unforgettable - Perth you've stolen my heart and I would never got sick of your astonishing sunsets, a walk along your beautiful beach or the sight of your blessing skyline! I couldn't have imagined a better end of this period than celebrating my 20th birthday as well as our exams with the whole "Lexis School Family" in the well-known Mustang Bar - thank you Australia❤️

7 November 2016

We twice organised a road trip: one up to the north and the other down to the south. I really enjoyed these little adventures and it was a lot of fun. Apart from learning how to drive on the left we've visited lots of stunning places and breathtaking landscapes and coasts. A big highlight in Perth was skydiving: there's no such thing as jumping out of an airplane in 5'000 metres height and landing directly next to the sea in the sand! Some other great memories are our surfing lessons, it was so fun riding the waves and it's definitely more exhausting as I thought it was! In addition to this I'll always keep in mind the moment when we visited Monkey Mia (a small place northern of Perth) on our first roadtrip and our whole group took a blanket and a glass of red wine (yes, it was kind of a ritual to drink our tetra-pack wine), lay down on the beach and starred up to the sky while interpreting all the stars and the milky way, which I've never seen in a clear and stunning way like this!

25 October 2016

As I finished school at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I had the possibility to relax at the beach or to have a cappuccino in one of the several beach cafés 2 minutes away from the school (oh man, I really got addicted to coffee since I'm here). When it comes to the uncountable club nights I've spent I just have to laugh and better remember all those great moments for myself than share it... ;-) But I can reveal one thing: I probably had some of the best nights I've ever had and people here are fucking crazy as soon as they go out! During these 3 months I lived at Lesley's house, my lovely hostmum. Lesley soon turned out to be a glamorous as well as sporty lady with a passion for cooking (and in all likelihood she is in love with onions and garlic...). Her house was perfectly located and it was a pleasure for me to stay with her! Happily, I had no difficulties making new friends and it soon felt like I've known my closest friends since forever.

29 September 2016

The first part of my adventure is already over and it seems as time has run so quickly! Doing the CAE course was not fun and easy-going all the time but in the end it paid off and I'm quite excited how my exam turned out. Perth is definitely a wonderful city and I've fallen in love with it! I couldn't have stayed in a better place for doing the language course. Perth is the perfect combination of a city with all its lovely suburbs and the relaxed beach life. Since it is an isolated city in Western Australia, it's not that touristic and for that reason I soon got used to the real Aussie-Lifestyle, and I promise: it absolutely appeals to me! The feeling of waking up in the morning by the shafts of sunlight, putting on a bikini and walking to school with a view of the ocean is incredible! Those moments have filled my heart and soul with joy and happiness and I realised, that's how life should be!😍