Portugal, Spain · 13 Days · 32 Moments · August 2017

Camino time....this time on the Portugues

2 September 2017

.......and finally back to the sea..... 😊

31 August 2017

.......we're in the last section. It's like Picadilly Circus !!

30 August 2017

Hot foot spas in Caldas das Reis

29 August 2017

.......and then the weather changed ....... not sure about the turigrinos who carried their sleeping bags outside their rucksacks though !!

28 August 2017

They have a more developed kind me of scarecrow here.....
It was one of those "soak your yoga top in water and wrap it round your head" kind of days....'

27 August 2017

Crossing the border from Portugal into Spain ...
Lovely paths taking us to over half way.....

26 August 2017

Piggy-Wiggy !!
That was a bit of a rocky climb .... out of Ponte diLima is quite tough. Muscles and toes suffered. The blister queen came into her own today ...... Struggled but recovered.

25 August 2017

Municipal Albergue...... good place to stay. Sadly ( for those who know the Camino and municipals ) we have the lights out a 8pm bunch who then keep everyone else awake snoring very loudly. I expect they'll be the up at 4am bunch too ...: And I'd forgotten about plastic mattresses. Ughhhhhh
Ponte da Lima ....... a bit of sophistication
Me and my shadow .....
Finally the cobbles seem to be disappearing and there were some lovely paths today.
Breakfast plus an interloper ....... see photo two. Stevie Wonder the dog !!! 😂

24 August 2017

Casa Fernanda - half way from Barcelo to Ponte du Lima. Pilgrim paradise. Fernanda is the best hospitalero you could ask for. Warm and friendly and lovely. Make a point of stopping here.
From Barcelo to Casa Fernanda

23 August 2017

This was a looooooong day. Feel quite pleased though 😃
Walking to Barcelo.... Irish Gary and New Zealand Kate

22 August 2017

Cool map .... !! 😀
Never seen so many different types of cobbles !! Just how long can they go on for ? They hurt !!!
The fisherman houses and thriving fishing village on the way to Vila do Conde. It was a gorgeous misty day .....
Arrows and shells.....
The board walk. It goes for miles along the coast over the dunes. A lovely slightly misty day.......

21 August 2017

I know it speaks for itself - but if you can't drink good Port in Porto - then where can you drink it !!!
Porto Cathedral and sello number one 😀
The walk out of Porto along the coast is really lovely. Atlantic waves ...... Quite a tourist feel on this stretch.
First yellow arrow.......
Cobbles - miles and miles of cobbles and stairs.
These boots were made for walking .......