Indonesia · 1 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

Malang City

28 March 2017

theres a lot mountains hereeeee ⛰🏕 (imma mountain person). Bromo Buthak Penanggungan Semeru + Ranu Kumbolo
Everyday Smart Hotel Swiss Bell-in Hotel Ijen Hotel Atria Hotel
Rumah Makan Madinah Laboré Coffee and Eatery Nomu 9 Bits and Beverages Djati Lounge Pizza Combi Jank2 Wing Lovers Sate Pak Sabar (Mr. Sabar's Satay) Panties Pizza Bubur Ayam Abah Odil (porridge) Chick n Roll Brother's Chicken and Shake Mamahsum Dakgalbi OTW Food Street Ketan Susu Legenda Batu Bakso Bakar Presiden Kedai Wak Edoy Ayam Lesehan Yogyakarta Ayam Penyet Suroboyo
Hi. I'm ghina. 19 yo girl, currently living in Malang, East Java, Indonesia to pursuing my Bachelor degree in Economics. Hm so I'm gonna tell you about my daily life here in Malang lol. Fyi, Malang isn't a big city. You can rarely find entertainment spots and dining here, the weather is unstable (sometimes it gets too cold and windy, sometimes sunny...) and peoples speak Javanese here instead of Bahasa. Basically it has a huge difference than Jakarta. Daily, I wake up at 05.00 AM & start my morning routine work out. I do some planks and crunches. Then I take a bath and sometimes I do the laundry. At 9 AM I usually look for breakfast outside my indekos. But sometimes I only have whole wheat bread and banana for breakfast in my room without putting too much effort to walk outside. Then I'll watch my fav kdramas all day long and skip lunch if I thought I had enough breakfast. And I go to the gym in the evening.