Mexico · 1 Days · 9 Moments · December 2018

Getaway in Hidalgo -Mexico

8 December 2018

🐜One anthill... 🐜two anthills.... 🐜tree anthills .... 🐜four anthills...just be careful were you walk 😰
Next stop is at Tula to see the Atlantes which belong to the tolteca culture
Our second stop was at the Basaltic prisms park, $100mxn access per car, and you can walk all the way to the hanging bridge and down to the other side of the waterfall.
One of the great things of staying at the Hacienda, is that you can see this beautiful waterfall from the bottom
First stop, at Hacienda de Santa Maria Regla, a beautiful hotel were you can stay and enjoy of the history and the legends behind this place.