United Kingdom, India · 83 Days · 23 Moments · October 2017


14 January 2018

29 November 2017

28 November 2017

27 November 2017

Twelve hour train journey from Udaipur to Delhi - with a Russian and an Indian sleeping in the bunks above us!!!
Sorry the Blog was not kept up! Wifi in India almost non existent where we were most of the time, will follow up with over 1,000 pictures tho’ !!

25 November 2017

19 November 2017

Off to ANWAR this morning - I seem to post things here and when I look later, poof they have gone!

18 November 2017

Wonderful day at City Palace in Jaipur, hangovers or no hangovers! Decided to go all out and buy tickets to go to the Royal apartments - what a treat! Soooo opulant !

17 November 2017

Met these two girls at Jas Villas, they joined us for dinner - not a good idea! We got on so well and were eventually asked to leave the restaurant as too much jollity! Hasn’t happened to us since school let alone in our 70’s!!!

16 November 2017

Had a busy morning at Alwar Fort then on to City Palace, now back having a beer at the most enormous pool - life is worth living!!!!! Ps Vikki had curry for breakfast!!! Help she’s gone native.......

15 November 2017

Taking tea in the courtyard of Kesroli Hill Fort Hotel, India - very Colonial!
Well here we are in the middle of nowhere in this wonderful 14thC Fort where I did in fact stay with Ross some 10 years ago. As my blog is to be silly/funny things that happen on this trip and Vikki’s is to be more serious - well here’s something to make you laugh!!! We got woken at 1.20 UK time for breakfast, ugh! And eventually landed to be met by a lovely Indian ‘maiden’ organised by Christina, Jimmys wife, from Diamond Air, her Company and she whisked us through customs i wish she hadn’t whisked us so quickly as shhhhh!!!!!! Vikki was NOT impressed when we realised I had lost my Visa!!!!!!!!Bag turned upside down Vikki so calm for once! contents of bag all over the floor, hundreds of people waiting their turn. ‘If she can’t find it what will happen’ asked Vikki of the Diamond Air maiden, ‘she will have to return back to UK’ came the reply..........eeeeeeek!!!!! Me not in good books!!! BOTTOM LINE - I eventually found it, sweat pouring down my back and forehead, all forgiven now!

14 November 2017

Vikki packed T BAGS !!
Ps having just checked the temperature in India, I have found out the temperature is 87 degrees f !!! And it was 90 last week, I suppose a Puffa and a pair of track suit trousers and a sweater is a bit silly!
Laugh!!! First part of journey, David dropped me off at Vikki’s, I walked in and she collapsed laughing saying I looked like I was dressed for the Arctic!

13 November 2017

All packed (I think) Fiona has told me to unpack by half!! I did take out a scarf! Off tomorrow!

11 November 2017

Packing!!! Eeek!
FANTASTIC news Vikki spoken with Christina Lawford Potter and she has arranged for Diamond Air her Company to Meet and Greet us at each airport we visit, she kindly organised this on our last trip to Uganda too and it was wonderful, especially when we were very late for a flight in Entebbe - we were met by George who whizzed us through carrying all our luggage - wonderful... thank you again Christina xx

30 October 2017

MONDAY 30th October, 2017 Bag out of loft Malaria tablets bought (thank you David) phew expensive VISA organised, what a palaver !! Passport in order Ethnic clothes bought !!! Well I can’t wear a sari - can I?? Must blend! Can’t take rupees in or out of India only pounds Stirling Written a list of instructions for David as long as your arm re dogs, fish, parrot, budgies, chickens - HE PROMPTLY TORE IT UP! Oh well My room looks like a bomb has hit it! Clothes hanging up everywhere Onwards and upwards.......
Things are hotting up now! Just received our final itinery from Shanane our contact in India: Sunday October 29th 2017 Nov 15: arrive Delhi - drive to Kesroli Fort Nov 16: tour Akwar Nov 17: drive through Sariska en route to Jaipur Nov 18: Jaipur tour Nov 19: Khewra Fort to stay Nov 20: tour Ajmer Nov 21: REGGIES CAMP-Camel Safari Nov 22: REGGIES CAMP-visit rural places Nov 23: REGGIES CAMP-touring around Nov 24: drive to Jog Niwars for lunch with Shanane. Drive to Raj Mahal Bhindar, to stay Nov 25: riding Marwari horses, Palace visit Nov 26: Sita Mata, jungle Safari Nov 27 Drive to Udaipur, tour around, overnight train to Delhi Nov 28: day if leisure at Marriott Aerocity having spa treatment and a bit of luxury before check in to India Gandhi International Airport Nov 29: 11.05am flight home Nov 29: ARRIVE HOME! Shattered!!!!!!

24 October 2017

At this precise moment three weeks before take off with my sister Vikki to Delhi, I have packed and unpacked a thousand times in my head! Don’t know what image to portray yet! Intrepid traveller, rucksack, camera(s), solar tepee, stick, binoculars, whistle, long sox, walking boots ! The mind boggles at the thought! All I can say is - we are both very excited about this new adventure, a total change from last year when we tracked gorillas in Uganda!!!!