Germany · 9 Days · 4 Moments · July 2018

19 July 2018

Last day in Munich!!! Went to the Dachau concentration camp. It was so sad to see all the things that happened but very cool experience!! We took the subway and buses to get there. And lemme tell you, never again. Some german kid was saving a seat and I took it bc the bus was over crowded and I wanted to sit so I did. And then him and his german friends were all staring and talking about me. I kept my cool and didn’t say anything but I was on my last straw. We then went back and relaxed for a little before dinner. Don’t remember the name of the dish but it was good!! After we took the subway to the Olympic Park of 1972. It was a good adventure seeing it and riding the trains lol. BUT YET AGAIN another mean german man (most likely cursing at me in german) was mad bc I was gonna take his seat again. Ya snooze ya loose germans sorry. Guess us Americans gotta teach them some things. But overall a good day!!! Switzerland tmrw!!! Can’t wait

18 July 2018

First day in Munich!! Started off amazing bc my sunburn/rash thing was MUCH BETTER. Hopefully I didn’t jinx it lol. We got here around 12 and the walk from the train to the hotel was deadly. I was sweating. We then went out for lunch and I had pizza (yes Italian food again in Germany). After, we walked to the palace about 30min away (yes you heard me right, more walking). It was beautiful inside. The tour guide wasn’t that great but the rooms were so pretty. It was also 4738° inside so that made it a little miserable. After that we went to the Hofbrauhaus. It was so fun in there, live music and huge glasses of beer and ginormous pretzels. It was also extremely hot in there as well. I’ve noticed Europe likes to save energy considering all the hotels you need your room key to turn on the lights. For dinner I ate the sauerbraten. It was good surprisingly (thx dad). We then walked back and obvi got ice cream, it’s a tradition now. Came home earlier than usual and got to relax yay!!!

12 July 2018

Second/last day in Berlin!!!! Got up and ate bfast. They had sandwiches out for breakfast, very weird lol but I had watermelon and a croissant. Then we went on a bus and boat tour of Berlin. Saw the Berlin Wall (only parts of it), Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, etc. It was raining sadly but it was still so cool to see all the places. We then walked the streets to find the topography of terrors museum. Which is about the nazis, hitler, and the building of the Berlin Wall. After that we walked to dinner which is what the pic with the sausage is. It was curryworst. I personally don’t recommend but it wasn’t bad. After dinner, we walked to the Berlin mall. It was HUGE. We got ice cream and walked around the stores. Mixture of American and German stores. I bought a top and they don’t give you bags. You have to pay for one lol no thanks. After the mall we walked back to the hotel to rest up for Italy tomorrow!! Super excited for Venice. Berlin has been good to us, till next time.

11 July 2018

First day in Berlin!!!! Got here around 2:30 and checked into the hotel. Rested up before going to dinner. Went to a cute little Italian place (lol yes Italian food in Germany and idk the name of it bc idk German so yeah). Anyways the pizza and pasta was good. Then went and just walked the streets a little. And let me tell you, watch out for bikers. I swear I almost got hit by everyone I saw, it’s crazy how many people bike. We saw where Checkpoint Charlie was and info about the Berlin Wall. Didn’t do much today considering we were soooo tired from the plane rides but took a few pics of the streets we walked on. Exploring Berlin more tomorrow!!!