Germany · 5 Days · 14 Moments · September 2016

Berlin, Germany

27 September 2016

For our final afternoon in Germany we ventured to Potsdam. There is a square of beautiful buildings there but not much else to do so it was a short trip. We have really enjoyed our time in Berlin and the surrounding areas and have learned and seen so much!
Today we went to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. We took a 6 hour guided tour and it was a very sobering experience. The history is horrific and so interesting. It was long but very informative and our guide Mike was excellent!

26 September 2016

Hostel life at its finest! This hostel isn't bad but isn't great either. There is no oven (we didn't know this when we went shopping) so we have had to get pretty creative. This may have been one of the worst pizzas ever. We had two British roommates who were running the marathon. They were nice and respectful. We also had two Italian guys in our room who were also nice but talked loudly on the phone nonstop all day! Overall this place was an average hostel experience. Luckily the city offers so much to do and we are rarely in the room.
Yesterday we went to the East Side Gallery which featured tasteful graffiti along the longest remaining section of the Berlin Wall. We then had lunch on the Spree river with this beautiful bridge as our afternoon view!

25 September 2016

Late lunch in the woods
A beautiful walk and drinks by the lake in Gruenwald Forest 🌲

24 September 2016

Today we walked to checkpoint Charlie and the Topographie des Terrors picture museum at the Berlin Wall. The history of this country is unbelievable and I have really enjoyed learning all about it!
Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie
The best chai I have ever had ☕️😍 (elephant vanilla)

23 September 2016

Drinking in the streets of Berlin just because we can 🍻
Just toured the DDR museum and learned what life was like in East Berlin.
Raw meat and onions for breakfast. It was actually pretty good!

22 September 2016

Off to Berlin! My bag was too heavy for Ryanair so we had to buy another small bag. Garrett was nice enough to carry it for me :) My backpack feels much better now! Ryanair is most definitely a budget airline! Garrett barely fits, but hey what's new? Excited for our late night arrival!!