Europe, Asia, Africa · 25 Days · 129 Moments · July 2018

German Scouts in South Africa

7 August 2018

Our luggage arrived really quick. The weather in Germany is really warm and even though we just came back from Southafrica it was really hot. Our ways parted from here. Some went back by train and some by car. We were together for over three weeks! Three weeks of new impressions, new friends, a new country and new habits. We are all really glad to have made all these new experiences and I hope you enjoyed following us on the way.
On the flight from Abu Dhabi to Düsseldorf a lot of seats were empty so some of us had two seats to sleep. The time passed really fast before we finally landed back in Germany.
Stop in Abu Dhabi with a beautiful sunrise 🌅

6 August 2018

Off we go to the airplane...
Arrived at the airport! After buying lunch we checked in and dropped our luggage of.
On our way to the airport we stopped at the FNB stadium or also called Soccer city, where the opening game for the World Cup 2010 was played. They have around 95 thousand seats.
We woke up late this morning and finished packing. After breakfast we gathered our things and played some cards before giving our host family our guest presents.

5 August 2018

Last dinner in South Africa was the same restaurant as the first one! We went to a mall and our host parents talked to the people there and they opened up the upper floor just for us so we had a private dinner! It was really tasty and everyone was happy!
Our host family tuned this car a little... when you put on the music the base is really loud and you can feel it three blocks away.
Before going back home we went to the towers. If the weather would have been a little better we could have gone climbing, bungee jumping, paintball or do other cool things! We were allowed to look around little.
After lunch, which we bought at Woolworths, we went to a traditional African arts and crafts market before driving to another mall where we went to the Hard Rock Cafe!
Today we drove to the rosewood mall and spend nearly the whole day there. On the upper deck of the car park there was a market. Every Sunday at the rooftop market there are lots of small artists, food stands, clothes and typical African things.

4 August 2018

Later on we had a little walk through the township of Soweto. Thereby we found a beautiful bar area, which is designed like a beach-bar. Unfortunately there was no party going on so we just used this possibility to take some pictures.
For lunch we decided to try something typical for the living in the townships: Kota. Kota is a quarter of white bread, filled with chips, an egg, a burger and a slice of cheese. We liked it very much.
We visited the Hector Pietersen Museum, which is stationed in the center of Soweto. Thereby we got to know about the students’ struggle against Afrikaans in schools, because it was seen as a consequence of the colonialisation, which took place in 1976. Thereby the police fought back the peaceful protest using pistols, killing hundreds of people. The most famous victim is The 13 year old Hector Pietersen. Later on we visited Nelson Mandela’s old house. We felt a little like the “normal” white tourists, but were happy to see this other side of South Africa as well.
Since public transport via buses or taxis is too expensive for the poorest of the poor, trains are available in the township of Soweto as well. We crossed the railways on an old bridge, thereby seeing one of the trains, which are in a very bad condition: Some of the doors are not closing due to the lack of money that is spent in public transport, people took the train by standing outside or between two wagons.
Nearby the small shacks, which are an example of South Africa’s civil poverty, the monument of the freedom Charta of 1955 was built. A local tour guide quickly showed us around the place, explaining the meaning of the different buildings and houses. Inside one of those was the freedom Charta presented in big letters, the ground was split in 9 boxes, representing the 9 districts of South Africa.

3 August 2018

The house our host Bobo and his family owns is amazing! It’s really big and the guys have a big room with two big mattresses on the ground. The girls room had a strong smell of massage oil but still it was really big, with a big bed in the middle of the room. After Mthe and Anni arrived we talked about the plan for the next days and went shopping for dinner and breakfast. Today was the first meal that we cooked for just ourselves! And we just made 1kg Nudeln with 800g cheese! Best scout dinner😍. The rest of the night we spend with playing cards and massaging each other!
Today we woke up around 8am. After breakfast we finished packing and the first three had to say goodbye. The man drove us to the bus stop where we waited for our bus. Sadly our bus wasn’t on time so we had to wait over an hour... Rose, Yolandas mom suddenly greeted us and said that she wanted to say goodbye again before we would leave. Then the bus finally arrived and we drove around 4 hours and arrived in Johannesburg around 16.30. Mthe and Anni picked us up at the bus stop in Johannesburg and we drove to our next host family. Our first impression of being back in Joberg was... dirty... everything is really dirty and there is trash laying around everywhere.
Zitat: Beim Arschloch spielen legt Frieder zwei Zehnen... Einstein: „Leg doch mal was normales!“ Frieder: „Das sind doch wenigstens Buchstaben.“

2 August 2018

Before going to sleep we gave some presents to our host family and had a nice evening together with the family. Our presents during our trips were Haribos, BVB scarfs and jerseys, for some scouts we even had a german scout scarf and sometimes we wrote a little letter or a Dortmund postcard. The little boy on the picture is the youngest son of the family and it’s great to see a child so happy! We are very thankful to have met this family and seeing all the great things that do at the good hope center!
Tonight was really special! Khonzaphi the head of Mpumalanga, his family, our current host family and some other scouts had a farewell dinner together with us. As goodbye present we received the traditional Mpumalanga scout scarf which is only given to you in really special situations and you have to visit Southafrica to get one of these! Additionally each one of the guys got a traditional kind of crown which is usually given to princes (or special guests / in special occasions) and the girls received a really colorful necklace. We are really thankful for the great hospitality and we really felt like part of the scouting family here in Mpumalanga!
In the afternoon we took a taxi to Nelspruit and when we finally arrived at the scout center the first thing we asked was, if we could take a shower! In a lot of families they don’t have a shower or just have a freezing cold shower. They usually take a bucket and cook water to poor inside. And then that’s their shower. After the shower we helped prepare the dinner for tonight.
Today we had a really relaxing morning. We got up and ate breakfast. Afterwards we played some cards and played with the cute dogs Rexy and Wolf. The house is still in construction so we slept in a room without a ceiling.

1 August 2018

Tonight we had a barbecue all together with our host family and a nice fire!
During the day our host Promise showed us what they do in the organization called CID. They do a lot of work in helping kids and all of the responsible people are pastors. We visited a garden and later on we also went to a hospital and had to pray with them. Religion here in Southafrica is totally different than you know it in Germany. Here sometimes their belief in god is their most powerful source of hope for a better life.

31 July 2018

Later that day we had the chance to relax a little before Promise picked us up to take to his place for some days. It was little more than an hour drive and we were all really happy about his kind and warm welcome in his home.
Today we continued helping in the good hope center and afterwards we went to a mall and did a little shopping. There was an ice ring, gamecenter, Cinema and lots of other shops in the mall so we had a lot to see. Outside of the mall were some benches... while we waited we had a little fun and dared each other to climb through them.

30 July 2018

The rest of the day we helped in the Good hope center. They started with renovating an old hall so homeless or children in need can go there and get something to eat and little education. Now they have three different classes with kids from 1 1/2 years to 5 years. They learn traditional dances, reading some simple words, coloring pictures or just play games and have fun. We helped cooking breakfast and lunch for the kids nd started coloring the fence outside. We also helped with little tasks like cleaning and playing with the kids.
Zitat: Frieder: "Ich nehme nach Rumänien kein Essbesteck mit." Mira: "Aber dann musst du Suppe trinken." Frieder & Tarzan: "Na und?!" Mira: "Ich kann essen nicht trinken."
This morning we met Mam who we got to know in Germany last year and she showed us her school. Every kid has to pay around 205€ per schoolyear to be able to attend this school. They have a football pitch and a garden in their school!

29 July 2018

Einstein & Frieder: After we came back from the panorama route we climbed the mountain behind house. The sun was behind the hills but there was a little light and we were able to see the hole township. It was awesome. Later we cooked dinner for our host family. We decided to made oven vegetables. The South Africans don't have the same stuff like Germany so we had to mix the sour creme by our self. The mother wished that we show her daughter how to cook this because it was really tasty. They all liked it.
„Mac Mac Pools“ the water was freezing cold but it was a real refreshment and the sound of the water and wind was so peaceful that you could just lay down and listen to the nature of this place all day and night.
„Berlin waterfalls“ where sitting on a cliff was a feeling of freedom and peace!
Our plan for today was the panorama route! We drove along a really long street up and down one hill after the other. Our first stop was „God’s window“. We climbed up and down rocks and had a gorgeous view!

28 July 2018

Mira & Ann: Our plan was going to a mall in Nelspruit so when we woke up we got ready and relaxed a little before starting our tour. First we drove through a lot of different townships before driving up a really crazy street to visit our hosts uncle. He joined us and because we were driving with a pickup we didn’t have enough seats so we were sitting on the back and driving for around 40min. Somewhere on this trip we met Tarzan, Soccer and Mam on a Petrol Station. Still not going to the mall... instead we visited her mom at her work and ate something, went shopping and talked to lots of people before driving to the mall. We arrived at the mall around 5.30pm. There were hundreds of insane cars! Oldtimers, Jaguar for example.. later we found out that they just finished school and today was their prom night. In the mall we grabbed some ice cream and went into a gaming hall! It was really fun when we drove 4D Roller coaster, drove a car race and other cool things before going back home.
Einstein & Frieder: Our host family said we would drive to a traditional ceremony called labola. This ceremony is before a wedding, when the elders of the both families sit together and negotiate about the traditions etc. While they discuss the hostfamily had to prepare the food. The guest family had to wait in front of the house. They have to stand in the sun until all the food and drinks are ready. Our host family was part of the labola host family so we were allowed to go in. Khonzaphi introduced us to everybody of his family, after that we went to sit in a taxi with his son and some other boys. In the taxi were standing 3 ice boxes full of beer. The brother of Khonzaphi asked the boys what beer they had. It was the wrong one so we had to drive to a liqueur shop. We saw little bit of this township and later they said, the elders discussed 3 to 4 hours. All of them said that's normal.

27 July 2018

Einstein & Frieder: We were picked up by Khensanies' dad, we drove to the "drive through" from McDonald's. We had to wait on the parkingplace. While we were waiting we were listening to music but the engine was turned of. After that the car was not working so we had to push the car, 20 meters later the car worked again so we could drive home. After 20 minutes driving we were home. Later that evening we saw the blood moon.
After the campfire we all went to different host families. Mira & Ann: We got picked up by Yolanda’s parents and went to a restaurant called coyote. Mira got some salad and Ann tried some traditional food (cow head). The people working there were really cool and the music was really loud. One of the ladies working there always came dancing to our table until Mira finally danced with her. The drive to their place was rather long and we slept a little. When we arrived at the house we were speechless! It was a complete different world then the houses we’ve been to before. The house was big and designed really nice! We were both really tired so they showed us our room and we went to sleep a little later.
After taking a hot shower we drove to a scout meeting point where we had a campfire with songs, games and lots of fun! It was the last night for the guys to be here in Southafrica because tomorrow they are going to visit Germany for two weeks.
Then we arrived at the famous Mpumalanga provincial scout center 🎉
Last night we had a little farewell party because today we drove to Nelspruit!

26 July 2018

Before going back down we gave Ino a German scout scarf as a present and he was really happy! Then we went straight down...
Then we started backwood cooking. So we cooked over open fire and without frying pan or cooking pots just with foil and wooden sticks! It was really cool because we had mushrooms, sausages, bread on a sick, marshmallows and other cool things!
After around an hour of climbing we finally arrived at the top and the view was gorgeous!!
When we continued the climbing started... it was really exhausting but fun at the same time! The South African guys made a little fun of us cause they climbed up there already more than once!
Also a big thanks to Thobi who always manages to make us smile because of her happy personality ❤️ After we said our goodbyes to everyone we went with some of the South African scouts to a town close to a mountain. First part was just walking along a road and stopping at a pretty place in the forest!
Our first farewell... today we are leaving Kamhlushwa-A and we were so happy that we had the honor to meet all those nice people! Thank you for your kindness, great cooking skills and an unforgettable time!
This place was our home for the past days! Such a loving family and so many great people we had around us! Thank you to BJ and his family for letting us stay at his home! ☺️

25 July 2018

Vincents sister owns a little hairdressing shop so we went to her place and Tarzan got a new haircut!
Tarzan, Soccer, Lindiwe and Ann walked around the township later on and tried some freshly made chicken.
Plan for today was chilling, washing and nothing more. After breakfast we washed our clothes and did a little planning for the next days. Later Siphila came and we left for a resort to go swimming. We had the whole place for ourselves but it was reeeeally freezing!! Still we had a lot of fun and all of us were in the water at least once!

24 July 2018

After spending some hours in a little city and enjoying Swasiland we went back in another taxi. At the street people were selling freshly grilled corn 🌽 It was really fresh and really yummy!
Off to Swasiland today! First we took a taxi to the border and when we got in to Swasiland we took another one and drove for little over an hour. We were so many people in the taxi that we were really happy when we finally arrived at our final destination!

23 July 2018

...until we exited the National Park and wanted to cross the bridge.. There were three lions laying on the bridge and blocking it for a long time! One after the other ran away but the last one just stayed there with no motion of leaving any time soon. 🦁 Everyone took pictures and we thought about what name it might have. Suddenly Tarzan said really loud “Buru” and the lion got up looked in our direction and also ran away.
Zitat: Wir reden über drei Löwen am Krüger... Einstein: „Die haben auf Papa gewartet.“ Soccer: „Das waren alles Weibchen.“ Tarzan: „Lesbische Löwen.“ Einstein: „Mädelsabend!“
Before leaving the Krüger we took went to a place called Hippo Pools. Sadly we didn’t see any Hippos here but it was still a beautiful last memory of the Krüger! At least that’s what we thought...
We drove along a gravel road and suddenly there was an elephant standing right next to us! We took the picture without zoom! As we continued driving there was a baby cheetah running across the road!! 🐆
Rhinozeros 🦏 It was really far away and the picture didn’t turn out that good, but we actually saw a rhino!
Driving up a big hill with a gorgeous view we found a place where we were allowed to leave the car!
Buffalo 🐃
This was our stay for the last night: Lodge Skukuza
Hippopotamus 🐾
Woke up at 5.50am and took a three hour drive looking at the sunrise.!

22 July 2018

Sunset in the Krüger 🌅
We wanted to make a little stop to stand up and walk a little but these crazy monkeys didn’t want us to be there... so we just stayed in the car and continued driving.
Little cute monkeys were just running up and down their trees! 🐒
Giraffes 🦒
Zebras 🦓
Finally a spot where we could leave the car and take some pictures!
Right next to the lions we saw there were hyenas. Sadly the pictures of the lions didn’t turn out good. And it’s true that hyenas are as ugly as everyone says.
We were just driving along the road and tried to keep our eyes open when we saw some Wildebeest (Gnu)
Zitat: Im Krüger... Einstein: „Elefant auf 9 Uhr, 6 Uhr, 3 Uhr, Digitaluhr!“
First thing to see were these cuties! 🐘
Welcome to Krüger 😍🎉

21 July 2018

Zitat: Mira: „Tarzan sieht voll friedlich aus wenn er schläft.“
When all the tournament games were done we played! 💪🏾
Zitat: Einstein hatte BJ‘s Cap auf. Frieder: „Damit siehst du aus wie ein Hinterweltler.“ Mira: „Wie ein Ossi!“
After our break the soccer games started.
Handing over the jerseys to some of the scout center team members.
In the break between the workshops and the games we had a little entertainment. Traditional dancers came with huge drums and sang some songs while dancing.
Zitat: Wir reden über Sehstärken. Soccer zu Einstein: „Kannst du nah gut sehen oder schlecht gut sehen“
Our morning started with the workshops. We had topics like human trafficking and climate change combined with sport activities.

20 July 2018

Zitat: Frieder: “Guck mal Tarzan, da sind Kühe” Tarzan: “Boah geil, lass mal versuchen die zu fangen.” Soccer: “Ne, die hat Stacheln auf dem Kopf”
After a relaxing evening we went to bed pretty early. The next morning we were supposed to have no program but BJ woke us to tell us that we were spontaneously invited into another school to play some games with kids.

19 July 2018

Later that day, after relaxing a little we drove to Malelane. Ann was driving the car with BJ and Soccer. Frieder, Tarzan and Vincent took a taxi. Ann, BJ & Soccer: We drove towards Malelane when BJ said we are going to take a little stop on the way to the Malelane Gate, which is the gate into the national park! We saw elephants, hippos and Crocodiles 😍 it was really amazing just standing on the bridge before the National Park and seeing all those impressive animals! Non of us wanted to leave but at some point we continued driving to finally meet Mira and Einstein. Frieder, Tarzan & Vincent: We went to the street and Vincent wanted to hitchhike but no car stoped so we toke a taxi to the taxirank and waited there, because the taxi only drives out of the city when it’s full. The way back later we toke the bus, they pushed a lot to go in. The bus drove and all the people began to sing a song to thank for the public transport.
After breakfast, doing the dishes and washing some of our clothes BJ‘s Mom asked Ann to drive her to the supermarket. She was really confused at first but still drove her there. It was not even a minute driving off-road but still it was really weird to sit at the other side of the car while driving. Little later BJ also wanted her to drive him somewhere and this time we drove on the street. We went to a palette market to buy some pallets for building a bed.
Arrived in Johannesburg😍
Today started with BJ waking us up at 9 o‘clock. Actually yesterday we told BJ, that we would go for a run with him. So we went outside and started running through the township. It was great morning and the feeling of the sunlight and the wind on our skin were just amazing. After some time we left the street and entered a free piece of land. We were just amazed to be at this place and so we started walking around and enjoyed the landscape. Beside some bushes and big waterhole, we were surrounded by free running cows. For the next hour the BJ, Soccer an Tarzan were chasing cows, in order to ride them. We failed, but had a lot of fun. The next step will be to ask BJ‘S Grandpa if he has some tips for us. It was time to hit the road for the long way back.

18 July 2018

Soccer, Frieder & Tarzan: We were laying on our bed, then somebody knocked. Vincent entered the room and told us to go out with him. We went to his place and ate some avocados from his garden. He introduced us his sister and nephew, his sister is a hair styler and has a own hair salon in the garage. After that we went to his tall friend named „King“, he is an artist and draws pictures and painted some shoes and caps. Two other guys came in the room we made some jokes and we had a nice chat. The guys wanted to take some pictures and walke around a little. It was dark outside so Vincent told them that you only see three people on this picture, we all had to laugh a lot about that. We went to his girl friend on this way we walked through a wall. On that wall there was a dog, which barked loud when we wanted pass. We all made a step back and were scared. On time Vincent sayed: „Guys we build streets so you don’t have to walk in the bushes.“ After this we went to bought some chips with
Ann: Lindiwe asked me if I want to come with her to her place to get some things to change and meet her family. Before we got into the first taxi we met Vincent who was in Germany 2013 already. We told him that Soccer, Frieder and Tarzan are at BJ‘s place and don’t have anything to do. The taxi ride was a real adventure! Before we only went in big groups but now I was the only white person in the Taxi and it stopped every two meters because someone wanted to get on or out... We had to take two taxis before arriving in Lindiwe‘s neighborhood. It was only little past 6pm and it was already completely dark! She introduced me to a friend who is like a sister to her. We spend some time at her place and had a lot of fun laughing and talking about all kind of things! After we ate something and listened to some music they introduced me to Sakihle‘s grandparents and to Lindiwe‘s mother and took lots of pictures with me! And I was allowed to hold Lindiwe‘s baby sister!
The evening we all spent a little different. Ann went with Lindiwe and the guys met with Vincent.
Los geht's :)
Zitat: Afrikanische Musik läuft und alle tanzen! Ann: „Es ist voll cool wie die sich alle bewegen beim Tanzen“ Frieder: „Ich bin Deutscher, ich hab keine Ahnung was ich hier mache.“
Zitat: Soccer: „Das ist wie, wenn du fragst was ist dein Lieblingsfußballspieler vom BVB? Oder was dein Lieblingsfamilienmitglied ist“ Ann: „Oder was dein Lieblingsessen ist“ Frieder: „KATZE!“ (Vegetarier)
Back at the school they made lunch, also with the vegetables we collected! It was really tasty! As a little thank you for the wonderful day with Thobi and the scouts form that school we gave Thobi a bag of Haribos and a badge and it’s not possible to describe how happy she was! But imagine someone dancing, screaming and hugging all of us in a short time.
The people and the kids at the Orphanage were really happy to see us! They all wanted to touch and hug us and we took a group picture after giving them the vegetables and fruits be brought with us.
When we were done working we were allowed to stay in the back of the tractor and then on the back of a pickup!! That was really cool and a great experience. We were allowed to take the fruits and vegetables we collected and donate them to a Orphanage.
Around eleven we started walking with the whole group to a farm where we helped collecting tomatoes and butternuts and made lots of kids happy cause they were allowed to hug and touch us. 😂
Back at the school, all scouts gathered and started playing games! We played South African and German games and it was so fun! The kids had as much fun as we did!! We played for over an hour all together.
After the assembly we started playing some games before Tobi showed us around the school and the shops around it. Then we walked to a health center, like a hospital only way smaller and saw how patients there are treated and how their system is working. They don’t need to pay for any treatment or medication.
We had to be ready at 7am. The Taxi driver picked us up and we started driving. On the way the whole bus was singing and playing little games so you directly were in a good mood! Then we arrived at a primary school where they had just started an assembly. We had to stand in front of the whole school (more than 100 kids) and sing South African songs. Then we introduced ourselves and the director of the school introduced every teacher to us! Tobi from yesterday, who is also a scout, said we will have some program today wird all the scouts in this school.

17 July 2018

In the evening, after we walked and drove back to BJ’s place we ate dinner and went to bed little earlier. It’s usual here to go around with water and a bowl so everyone washes their hands before eating.
After lunch we packed out stuff and went to the taxi station. The taxis here are little busses that stop whenever someone wants to exit or join. Then we drove to a mall with some shops and a super market where we met Tobi, a woman who is head of some district here in South Africa. She is really funny and her happiness is effecting everyone around her.
Delicious lunch called chips and verkorks
Around noon we went to the primary school in the township and played games with little kids! They were really cute and had a lot of fun
When we drove back the sun was finally up! And the view was beautiful! 😍
If u are thinking, starting the day by going to the local radio station for having an interview is awkward a enough - be prepared. So BJ and Tarzan were heading to get the car an the girls went to the mall. When they started driving BJ told Tarzan that he wanted to check the newspaperoffice. When we entered we were welcomed very kindly. We had to explain who we are and what we want to do in South Africa. They told a lady about the Soccer tournament that we would like to have an article with some pictures in the local newspaper. Immediately after these phrases we got lead to the editor and Tarzan had full interview about the Sibangani Youth Exchange 2018 and the soccer project. BJ joined after calling the calling Ann, Lindiwe and Nondu. We got out of her office with a very satisfied results. We will get a big article, we should send many pictures to them and they even want to try visiting us on Saturday at our Soccer tournament. Then we went met the others and went to the mall to me
Alarm clock 5am. It was way to early to get up, but somehow we managed! BJ picked up Lindiwe before collecting Nondu, Tarzan and Ann. We drove for about 30min in the complete dark before arriving at a radio station. We tried to prepare a little structure to know who is going to talk about what. At 7am we were live in the South African radio and talked about scouts, our stay in South Africa and our plans for the next few weeks.

16 July 2018

Around 8.30pm we finally arrived at our final destination -> BJ’s Home. He introduced a to his family and gave us a quick lesson about family structure. Here in South Africa they also call their cousins, brothers or sisters and aunts also big or small mother. They prepared dinner for us and have us a warm welcome with Pub, Chakalaka and chicken.
We stopped once or twice on the way to collect some things and listened first to African music and then to ours! Party bus with a great mood! Big thank you to our friends who are helping with the organization of our trip! Here in South Africa we have the same time as in Germany but the sunset is already around 6pm and then it gets really dark!
After Lunch we started driving towards Mpumalanga which would be another long drive... At some point we stopped for a little break and found a beautiful place to take pictures!
Thanks for the Lunch! Was delicious! 😉
Well prepared for our tournament 💪🏾
Little shopping tour for our football tournament during our stay. Special thanks to the Stiftung Pfadfinden for your support and donation!
Finally arrived in Johannesburg 💪🏾🎉🇿🇦
Last hour on the plane!! A little snack was already served and now we are really excited to finally arrive in South Africa 😍

15 July 2018

While entering the transit area in Saudi Arabia we had to go through security control again. Tarzan took the knife from the airplane which was not that smart cause the security took it from him short time after 😂 The transit area was not really big and it was definitely overcrowded! We were glad to get some seats together and chilled, slept and played cards for the next 8h.
After 30min delay we started and the flight was not too rough. Just lots of kids which were screaming the whole flight... But we were able to watch some movies so the time past quickly.
After sprinting from one control to the next we made it in time for boarding and were one of the first ones on the plane 💪🏾 Departure is planned for 10.00 o’clock. Off we go! 🛫
We were all pretty messed up and mad that we didn’t have all the documents for someone under eighteen to enter South Africa. Our options were risking that he has to buy a ticket back from Jeddah or rebook his ticket and let him fly at another point. After we decided to rebook Einsteins flight to the same one Mira takes and arranging a train ticket back to Dortmund the rest of us had to hurry through security, all passport controls.
Zitat: Einstein: „Ich weiß gar nicht, ob meine Gastgeschenke reichen.“ Tarzan: „Ich auch nicht, zur Not streiche ich denen die Wohnung“
After spending the whole night at the airport we were extremely glad when the counters for our flight opened. We were really motivated and excited, until they told us that Einstein is not allowed to fly...
Arrived at the airport in Munich. Now will try to sleep for a while, good night!
Sprinted from our train to the other side of the main train station to catch the S-Bahn... after arriving we realized we have another 10min...

14 July 2018

First Part done! Now we are waiting for the next train in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe.
Zitat: Soccer: „Wann sind wir eigentlich da?“ Frieder: „10 vor 8, 8 vor 9“
Meeting at the train station in Schwerte! Now the adventure is starting 👍🏾

13 July 2018

Preparations done, off we go!