Thailand · 1 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Georgina's voyage in Thailand

2 April 2017

Chiang Mai #2 Just one day, printed out Myanmar visas etc in the morning and then in the afternoon went to the cat cafe again. Got bus to Bangkok in the evening. Arrived at Bangkok, said goodbye to Emma before she flew home and then just chilled in our hostel and got take away pizza before flight to Myanmar.
Pai (Common Grounds) - bus 4 hours - hostel quiz, really enjoyed the riddle section - water park in a lake with inflatables and we had the whole place to ourselves practically and all went down the slide at the same time. - street food is amazing 😍 (sweet potato with pesto, fresh vegetable wrap,chicken swarma) - shroom shakes - white Buddha - hour long foot massage - food party at hostel (fried chicken, maceroni cheese and lasagne, garlic mayo and amazing brownies) - day tour of lod cave where we went bamboo rafting. Giant fish and loads of bats and bat shit and one pooed on me. Also went to hot springs and the man sat under the waterfally bit. Canyon for sunset and if you fell off path you'd die, joe ran about loads. - Next day we went to fluid and it was a bit gross green and really windy. Had middle eastern buffet dinner at the hostel. - the final full day we went back to the water park again which was fun. - in the evening Jordin the hostel guy told us really crazy stories
Chiang Mai (Hug Hostel) - drinks with Soph's friend, Olivia and her boyfriend Matt (The Unirish bar is v. cute). Had a really nice cocktail with ice cream called the Pink Addict and they brought us rounds - Happy Elephants Sanctuary / baby Milo and baby Mila - fed elephants pumpkins - played with elephants in lake - elephants played in mud - made our own Pho - night out to amazing French lebistrot restaurant (lasagne😍), oasis rooftop bar, Zoe yellow and then spicys
Bangkok #2: nornyai (really nice and had private room) Really tired arrived at about 4am and left at 6am to get Joe from airport. Met joe and we chilled for the morning In the afternoon we went to the two main temples (Wat Arun and Wat Pho) Nice curry at Curry Queen the next day we went to Jim Thompson's house finally! Then had a nice macdonalds and Krispy Kreme our Bangkok tradition
Koh Tao - 5 nights, good dream hostel (beach less nice) - knocked over a big pot of street food on the way to the bus Koh Tao - paddle boarding in the evening really fun - chilling on the beach reading pride and prejudice - Climbing over rocks on nearby beach to see the sunset with Laura and Cat but cat chickened out. - really nice Duck from duck 995 - really good burgers from hippo burger - hippo grill for massive burgers and chips - fizz bar (pina colada) - I got bitten by a crab on the shore - pub crawl (4 bars and Thai lady boy show). Emma called on stage to do the lap dance. Cat fell in sea and I went in to save her & cuttoe - had to match cards (dancing Queen) and I won, with my friend Henry who refused to even hug me on stage lolz had to collect at the Thai lady boy show. - bunk mates = boy who shouted in his sleep with the bloody flip flop and serial killer book (sat on his bed after pub crawl and asked if he talks in his sleep), old man who said he doesn't do acid anymore
Bangkok day 4: slept in as travelling to Koh Tao in evening. Had lunch in the food court by Tesco. Lost £30 of baht :( Bus to Koh Tao in evening
Day 3: went to china down it was disappointing I only enjoyed watching the Chinese chestnuts get roasted. In the evening we went to sky bar but left straight away because it was too expensive.
Day 2: went to Central mall. Had a Mac Donald's and Krispy Kreme and went shopping in western shops- brought a skirt (real suede!) In evening we went to Koh San Road and got free scorpions and grass hoppers and it was fun.
Travelling to Thailand, Bangkok Changed bus several time, saw people get rejected at border and crying, queued for an hour, emma stole a fork and the man saw and came over and started shouting at her in Cambodian and everyone was staring :) cat in uncomfortable seat in last minibus. Got to the bus station and the other three got a taxi and cat and I were going to get the next one but no one spoke English at all so we had to to navigate the tube system ourself but a nice Thai man helped us and wrote instructions in Thai. Arrived at hostel and met Malta, the German boy in our room. All went for dinner.