Taiwan · 8 Days · 8 Moments · May 2017

Georgina's voyage in Taiwan

25 May 2017

Taipei final day
Taipei day 5: - hot springs 40-45 degrees -played rummy
Taipei day 4: - Museum of contemporary art / weird exhibitions and drawing room/ Georgie dancing in her bat costume - Museum for miniatures
Taipei day 3: - National Palace Museum / interactive art section, calligraphy and quiz by Georgie - Ferris wheel / could see Taipei 101 - massive piece of fried chicken from street food - Shadin Night Market / massive cheesecake brownie and cream crepe
Taipei day 2: - Elephant Hill / man carried down on stretcher by firemen - craft market and students architecture design showcase
Taipei First day: Went to sushi express, wasn't a huge fan but was ok. Had cheese cake that tasted like cream cheese. Went to science museum but mostly Shillin night market / extremely busy. Went to the katsu place for dinner. - National Science Museum / earthquake stimulator - Sushi King - Chinese lady asked to turn off light and Georgie said 'nice, have fun' / had to suffocate myself in the duvet to stop myself from laughing

19 May 2017

Juifen, first stop backpackers: We arrived (had to get up at 5.30am for first train) and the lady checking us in spent ages telling us about all the different activities we could do. We had a nap and then walked up the many stairs to the three main roads (dark street etc). We had pork and rice for lunch and walked around the artist lanes and markets. Had ice cream and peanut spring roll. Went back to our room before coming back up for dinner and tea. Tea expensive but nice. Amazing view from hostel. Day 2: Had traditional Taiwanese breakfast. Walked back up to have a last look around. Train to Taipei.

18 May 2017

Hualien day 1: - landed in Taipei and then got a bus to the train station and a train to Hualien. Arrived at travel charger hostel late afternoon so just unpacked and had dinner which was a really cheesy pasta. Also a good looking guy in our dorm room - odds on. Day 2: Went to Taroko Gorge using hop on hop off bus. Did the shakadan trail (beautiful clear water), swallow grotto and a shrine. Impressive views, rainy. Cat punched me in the stomach to see if I could block it as I said I could. Met an Italian guy here working for Accenture. Got given a present of a dangly bead thing by a cute Taiwanese lady. When we got back we went straight for dinner at a vegetarian buffet which was really nice. In the evening the Italian guy came over for beers and we played cards and games. (Wikiwow and boomshakalaka) day 3- chilled, played on the grabber machines, got really nice cheap dumplings (corn and pork), got a chocolate donut and played monopoly. Danced to throwback thurs song with Soph.