Indonesia, Malaysia · 14 Days · 10 Moments · April 2017

Georgina's voyage in Indonesia

4 May 2017

Ubud #2 Horrible ferry from Lombok back to Ubud, took all day and the first one was too full and the ferry was like a market. It was about 12 hours in total. Clear cafe for dinner, women next to us were being ott hippie and one said a light came out her vagina and a dragon encased her. Soph, yas and I went evening swimming after. Ubud full day - we went shopping lots in the market, then to the vegan buffet, then more shopping. Cat yas and I swam in the rain. We went for dinner at the cheap place and Soph and yas had a really shit gado gado and chips. Got drinks from supermarket and drank with boys in room next door in the evening. Walked the streets at like 1am looking for food. Yas guessed my card correctly twice In a row- 5 of clubs and 7 of hearts. Before we left the next day we went back to the market, had lunch and then amazing ice cream.
Kuta Lombok Spent the morning sunbathing on Gili Meno then travelled to Lombok. Mimi homestay- really nice rooms with duvets! And welcome drink. Went to dinner to a vege place, had curry and veg spaghetti. The next day we sunbathed on the beach. There were really strong waves which dragged you out to sea and then pushed you back up to shore- collided into soph's legs it was really funny. Had lunch and fried ice cream and we all decided to go back to Ubud the next day. Went back to the beach after lunch and had a photo shoot, found Augustus the crab, and went swimming. it was a really nice time of day. Horrible pizza and pineapple juice for dinner, and then drinks.
Gili Meno- Arrived to Nobi bungalows, cute rooms. Walked to a nicer area of beach, past baby turtle sanctuary. Sea really clear. Slept on beach but suddenly stared raining loads. Went to a local cafe for coffee while it thundered and lightning (v loud). Saw lots f people in the sea being saved by boats. Evening went to a nice seafood restaurant and had really good fish and chips. Then went for a drink and there was a band there and we danced a bit then two of them started talk to us (John and the guy with no teeth). We made up lots of lies about ourselves e.g Sophie is bob marleys daughter, then he sang us a song. Hugged me twice and touched Yas boob lols.
Gili T Second and Third days Really hung over, we went to a vegan place for lunch but I had to leave without eating what I ordered because I felt sick. In the afternoon Yas arrived and we went to the Roast House in the evening - had a really good burger. We tried to book sub winging but the boat was full. Third day= The next day we did a snorkelling trip around the three Gili Islands. Got sunburnt but swam with turtles, saw amazing fish, stung by tiny jellyfish In the evening we went back to the vegan place and I had nice moussaka. We went to Sama-sama for the reggae night and I danced with a local man. We also went to jiggy and got rice in a bag at the end of the night. Made pancakes back at La Boheme sister and met a funny English guy and a cute cat.
Gili T First full day= realised I left behind my swimming costume :( we got bikes and cycled a bit. Really clear sea but most beaches quite grubby. Spent most the day by the pool in a nicer hotel and had lunch here. Soph and I went in the sea and one of my flip flops floated to us and we hunted a bit to find the other - I swam deep out as we thought we saw it but it was a stick. Cycled around island with cat. We went to Casa Vintage for dinner, quaint cute white shabby chic decor, hanging pineapples, with Jamaican beef chilli. Watched the sunset - beautiful pink orange hue from sunset In the evening we went for a night out and had a vodka joss which is a shot with sachet in, 5 red bulls ? Speed?

25 April 2017

Gili T Left Ubud and bus to Gili T. When we arrived in Gili T we were originally put in a horrible shack but we asked to move and we got a better room for free. We went for a walk to the sunset point where the swings in the sea are (there was a queue). We had a drink and played rummy before it started pissing it down so we trudged to an Italian and I had nice spag bol.
Ubud day 3: There was a tiny kitten that a man abandoned with some girls at the hostel. We played with him in the morning and he fell asleep on me. He was then taken to an animal centre. For lunch we went to clear cafe which had a really nice interior and was tasty. After Soph had a massage and cat and I went shopping in ubud market. I got a sarong, ear rings, sunglasses and a play suit which required lots of bartering. In the evening we went to dinner in really cheap place with cute nina, a girl from Austria and a pcso from reading. There was a power cut half way through so we just had a candle, and they closed it to other guests so it was just us. Was surprisingly nice food - chicken satay and Oreo ice cream.
Ubud day 2: We woke up at 2am to trek up Mount Battur, an active volcano. We were amazing stars, sunrise in a group with two girls (Chloe and Miranda from London). We stopped for banana pancakes and horrid coffee before we started. tour guide- Annie. When we started the stars were amazing and you could see the galaxy. The hike up was hard but rewarding, hip about sore. At the top they gave us warm banana sandwiches and a boiled egg which were both terrible. You could see lightning from the top of the mountain really far away. We watched the sunrise over the lake and the clouds were below us. The walk back was slippy and Catriona was really tentative. When we got back it was still only about 10am. We napped for a bit and then went for a vegan buffet which was average. Cat and I then went for a really nice massage (except nipple out for a bit), then we all had dinner at the place u have to reserve (chicken coconut curry). Had reallly nice ice cream after- snickers and salted caramel
Ubud day of arrival Arrived to Bali airport (after a 3am start) which was really nice. Organised a taxi to take us to Ubud and the taxi driver was really friendly. Dropped off at Wayan's Hostel which was half temple and soo nice. Had the best pool in a hostel of the trip so far in it. Spent the afternoon chilling in the pool talking to Nina (cute older woman) and Shanade (Irish). In the evening we went for Balinese tapas which wasn't amazing but good to try. When we got back Soph and cat went swimming at night and I sat on the edge with my legs in.

21 April 2017

Ubud First full day: we went to a water temple and dipped our heads in different taps that meant different things, but we didn't know what.. the fourth girl in our room Amy said she felt born again, we did not. We then went to the Tengalalang rice terrace which was pretty but busy and regular 'donation' huts. We walked further over to a more deserted one. On the way back we stopped at a coffee plantation and saw the animals that make the poo coffee which made me sad. In the afternoon we went back to the hostel and it started raining loads. Cat and I went swimming in the pool in the rain. Evening- Paradiso, the first vegan cinema to watch moonlight. We got vegan dessert and a bottle of wine but they forgot to charge us for the wine hehe. Really enjoyed this evening.