Vietnam · 22 Days · 20 Moments · February 2017

Georgina's voyage in Vietnam

1 March 2017

Ho Chi Minh day 4 Hung over so got up late, had lunch at a pizza place and got my passport pics done. They were just a snap in front of a blue sheet in front of some washing machines. We had a nap until 7pm then went to Royal Saigon for dinner (we went here lots and liked it).
Ho Chi Minh day 3 Went on a Cu Chi tunnels tour. The tunnels used by Vietnamese during the US war. The tour guide (Mr Long) could not pronounce English words well but was cute and called us all 'my family'. We got in a tiny hole in the ground that was even bigger than they used and got leaves on us. There was a poor fat lady who went in and got stuck in the tunnel and cried. Walked through the tunnels and could barely stand up, hot. We climbed on and in old US tanks, and lifted cannon bit. After this Laura and I shot AK47s and I was really good and some funny middle aged Australian men called me Rambo. In the evening we went clubbing. First we pred in the room on probably fake Smirnoff, then went to a club where an old man kept stroking Sophie. We met some Trump supports and gun supporters who got us drinks - moved to another club called Apocalypse Now. - let and met some Kiwi's in Burger King and played ring of fire with them. One was really fit with glasses (Lochy and Scott)
Ho Chi Minh day 2 (Thanh Ha Guesthouse) - War Remnants Museum-very harrowing. Particularly picture of two shot young boys older brother protecting the younger, the US war veteran giving medals back - got a chocolate twist from a bakery in the food hall - Skye Bar - Laura had to wear tiny sandals given to her by the bar as her flip flops too under dressed. Had a nice pina colada and prosecco but staff a bit snobby.

26 February 2017

Ho Chi Min day 1 - Thanh Ha guesthouse Arrived at 5am but not allowed in hostel until 12. Had to sit around having coffee for ages. - went to the secret garden, cute roof top restaurant
Dalat day 2 Pancakes for breakfast at Tays Went canyoning - don't be lazy let's go crazy! Tin Tin, Banana and Tree were our tour guides. Learned to abseil on slope, then steep concrete, then first abseil down next to a waterfall. Next it was a steeper abseil, then a head first slide that me Soph and Laura went down together (nasty comment big girl u go 1st) I goland then the 'washing machine' aka abseil into the bottom of a waterfall. On the slide one we did together Laura walked along the slippy rocks next to a rapid rather than through the ankle length water. I tried to ask her what she was doing but she told me to stop distracting her. She fell and bruised her leg- v funny. Also did a cliff jump, there was a 7m, 9m and 11m and you had to prove you could do the 11m. It required a run up over rocks. I was the only one of us to do it. Dinner at Artists Alley - had a nice Dalat red wine, garlic bread and bolognase. Live guitar and all his own artwork. Played rumi ('Jim rumi'-Laura

25 February 2017

Dalat final day - went to a super market in the morning and got over excited. A Vietnamese man followed Emma around. - Got a pedalo on the lake - went for a walk and some lunch had pasta for first time in ages. - went to Rooftop 100 - quirky, maze bar with all trees inside and amazing view of Da Lat at night - two annoying American men talking to us and one was old, the other was fit but extra weird. They pretended to leave then followed us upstairs and jumped out at us and made me scream. Got out my rape alarm 🚨 Cupid chat up line on emma

23 February 2017

Dalat - Tay's Backpacker Hostel Didn't arrive until lunch time. Hit a pig on the way there in bus and I cried. Nearly hit a dog too and driver snotted out the window the whole way along perilous cliffs. Went for lunch at the cafe with swinging chairs and had a good chocobanana shake. Went and got 6,000 dong cake and ate it by the lake Went to canyon booking place (Highland Sport Travel) and booked canyoning for next day. Emma Ill. Had a free family dinner at Tays, made spring rolls and boy told me too much filling.
Hoi An final day Cycled to beach- An Bang Beach Vietnamese ladies from two diff restaurants had screaming argument as we chose to go to the second one. Got sunburned Got stung by a jelly fish Sea nice as sandy floor 15 hour bus ride to Da Lat in evening - I was scared of falling off cliffs
Hoi An Day 4 Got an easy rider to marble mountain on motor bike - really fun I was the only one told to hug my driver instead of hold the back Marble mountain played music and too touristy, but good cave with carved in Buddha. Moped was funner. Tried to go Kebab shack again but it was shut so we went somewhere opposite and I had fried ginger chicken. We played cards all evening and I ate loads of dried sugar coconut.

20 February 2017

Hoi An Day 3 Vietnamese cooking class- so good had about ten meals as got to try everything. I made BBQ pork with noodles and Sophie made beef satay. Had really good ribs too. Other highlights were spring rolls, mango salad. German woman commented that my dish was dry but she meant no sauce but Sophie pretends that it was dry pork. Her beef satay looked like diahorea. After cooking class we got donuts (for free sneaky sneaky) and sat by the sea

19 February 2017

Hoi An Day 2 Picked up emma and Lauras stuff from yellow sun and laura sat on the table and broke it. Did all the Old Quarter stuff including the amazing Japanese bridge :) Sophie said it was boring and laura said locals would be shocked and horrified if she hadn't seen it Booked easy rider to marble mountain for two days time Are at Kebab Shack - cheeseburger with a kebab as dessert 😍

18 February 2017

Hoi An Day 1 Stayed at An Hoi home stay- really nice and modern and friendly mum and daughter Really sunny and pretty with lanterns everywhere Had an earl grey at expensive mango cafe Laura and Emma got tailored bikinis from Yellow Sun Went to night market and got pictures and anklet Ate at Hi restaurant
Hue- Imperial Citadel Cycle ride on the tourist buggy things World's most horrible, painful massage Horrible market so smelly it made me wretch

16 February 2017

Bamboo Cafe- really nice peanut butter and banana milkshakes in Phong Nha
Phong Nha - Ma Da Valley - 8km hike with swim in pool and swim in cave - really muddy - trousers ripped - fell in mud - fell in river - bbq lunch spring roll things - tried machete - for a leech - in evening went clubbing and then for pizza with Emma, only paid 120 of 200 as bad pizza and woman chased us down the road - bus to Hue next day, had argument with Vietnamese people as they didn't stamp our ticket so made us get off. Little man screaming. Was thrilling hehe first travelling conflict !

13 February 2017

Phong Nha National Park - Sleeper bus to Phong Nha ($14) from Central Backpackers Hostel / 10 hr journey - I got poo (maybe human) on hand - crazy Vietnamese 'nimh binh!!!???' And waking people up with Vietnamese electro music - day 1 cute Galentines lunch at Bamboo Cafe - started out on casual cycle ride but ended up doing over 20km to botanical gardens really up hill. Saw langurs on way. Went to nice waterfall. Cycled through rural village everyone v friendly kids said hello. Bikes no brakes for down hill! - day 2 the jungle trek
Ha Long Bay (Monkey Island) - hiked up monkey island - I went to very top point but had to stand on guide's legs - private beach to see monkeys, swam in sea

12 February 2017

Cat Ba (Day Trip) - bike ride around the island to little village - hard trek to top of the mountain - Vietnamese tour guide showing us video of penis helicopter 'so wild so crazy' and making boys put their finger in lady shaped rock. - Our boat stopped close to a party boat and a guy climbed a mountain edge really high. - Bike ride around cat long, amazing view

11 February 2017

Ha Long Bay (Monkey Island) - 100 year old bus ride - Hideaway tour - Gross rep Nathan with mouth spit - The annoying girls who love everything - jumped off boat - kayaking with emma around the floating fish villages - Vietnamese dancing around a bomb fire that was spitting hot ash at us - dancing over the sticks - Dan look a like

8 February 2017

Han Noi (Central Backpackers Hostel) - walking tour through the city - giant turtle myth - egg coffee - temples - water puppet show, Laura fell asleep - blind person massage, lady, albino and non blind man. slapped head, made take underwear off, bruised arm, rearranged thong, balls on back - pub crawl with Edwardo,Joe 2.0, Daniel 'how's it going', tom, Jonny. Did first balloons, dribbled and hallucinated - Bon Chai / pork, noodle dish (New Day v.good) - Raw meat at dodgy cook your own food Korean